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  1. the senior pga championship was awesome, went to it. got kenny perrys autograph. gonna walk 36 tommorow on a hilly course. wish me luck!

  2. i dont think it will be as good as the the other drivers on the market using this because ping is still new to this technology. but who knows?? they may have struck gold to.
  3. im pretty loyal ot the big companies in golf. i only play callaway, cobra, taylormade, and titleist. all of which are in my bag. But adams may have a new customer. love these irons!!!!
  4. these brands are pathetic, they have no technology and try to look like the originals. i can almost guarantee that this driver isn't made with forged composite technology and hyperbolic face technology.
  5. im looking for a jumbo putter grip does good in all weathers. wet and soggy or dry and humid. any sugestions?

    1. Tony Covey MGS

      Tony Covey MGS

      How jumbo is jumbo. I've become a grip snob and won't buy anything but IOMIC anymore. Might be worth checking out their oversized. Regripit.com offers the best prices.

  6. theyre ugly though. maybe thats just me but they dont appeal to me...
  7. well this sucks, that will make it much harder for me to get my pga tour card. but i guess it would give you a good feel for the competition of the pga tour and the pressure.
  8. i prefer cobra for irons, callaway or cobra fro drivers, taylormade for fairway woods, titleist for wedges, odyssey, taylormade, and scotty for putters
  9. if you want more distance you need to use something like a 2-piece titleist. prov's, z-stars, and Penta's are for higher swing speeds. if you're swing isn't like 120ish or above your getting no benefit from them, you're actually losing distance.
  10. ill stick with my vokey cc. much better
  11. i prefer fairway woods, hybirds just dont seem to work for me. but thats just me, id recomend going to your local pro and finding out which best suits you
  12. id suggest the adidas clutch bag. it weighs less than 5 pounds and has a cooler, valuables pockect and two larger pockets for balls and such. the whole bag is water proof including the zippers. im currently using this bag and i love it because i play in matches and tournaments year round without carts.
  13. i just started rolliinnnggggg. that was the funniest thing ever!!! hahahahaa, ill make sure and deposit the $250. lol
  14. the weathers finnaly better and golf approved. shot a 82 last weekend, not to much to brag about but not bad for bein posted up indoors for a while tho

  15. I'd dought it, with all these young guns coming out with less expireince and a ton more game. Not a chance.
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