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  1. Dave - that was my point. Moving the weight up the hosel raises cg without adding deflection, and thus increasing spin via gear effect not deflection related dynamic loft. I don't find adding dynamic loft to be beneficial when you can have the static loft set to whatever you like and get the spin benefits from gear effect. It's just math, so if you're moving the cg back up the blade, it's going to add dynamic loft negating the desired lower launch. Having a higher cg via hosel with the same loft will launch it lower but with more (beneficial) spin via vertical gear effect. Never mind if we're talking lob shots around the greens where you intentionally hit it off the toe, you can have the most gear effect when the hosel is longer. Recall the sand wedges back in the 40's-70's those hosels were looooong. They were impressive around the greens.
  2. I've done a ton of research on cg and it's effects dynamically through the shot. The clubhead's cg location (statically) contributes to it's 3 dimensional effect dynamically. Meaning, because of loft, the higher up the face the cg is the further away from the target the cg is. Talking x-axis (towards or away from flag). the further away the cg is , the more it's going to add loft via shaft deflection coming through impact, negating any static higher cg advantages of the head. GEARs pic attached for reference - you can see on this wedge shot, the face has moved ahead of the shaft's deflection line. The best, or truest way to elevate cg, is to keep it in line with the shaft by lengthening the hosel. The dilemma there of course is you move the cg towards the heel. One example of this is Cobra golf's variable hosel length adjustment from the F7 to F8 one length set. Many wedge companies, have created "reverse muscle" backs where there is a thicker face near the topline to "lower trajectory" and it creates the opposite effect in reality because of these dynamics.
  3. 1. AGE: 41 2. SWING SPEED: 117-121 3. HANDICAP: 0 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: 50+ 5. CURRENT DRIVER: Cobra F7+ GD Tour AD-TP 8x 9.5* 43.5" + Cobra F8+ GD Tour IZ 8x 9.5* 43.5" 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: Yes 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE: 293-318 (Arccos smart range) Always glad to help MGS
  4. Michael - Connecticut - Your first name & home state/province - Cobra Utility iron 19* KBS C-Taper X .370 tip- Your current hybrid and shaft combo, with lofts Yes - Hybrid/shaft custom fit? None - Strengths/weakness of your hybrid game thank you
  5. Just wanted to let everyone know, I've got a GEARs machine at the CLAY DX Sports Labs inside CLAY Health Club + Spa right on the CT/NY border in Port Chester, NY. All MGS folks are welcome! Best, Michael
  6. We need to get the MGS crew up here and do a story
  7. Been a while since I've posted on this thread, but wanted to update everyone and let you all know of our new partnership with CLAY Health Club and Spa in creating the CLAY DX Sports Labs on the NY/CT border. We are running the first and only GEARs machine inside of a health club where we can assess and measure not only your swing, but your 3D biomechanics in pretty much any sport. Our company also gives you 'trackman numbers' for your body and does diagnostic bloodwork to measure hormones, micronutrients, allergies, and dna testing for aging. All of this information part of an integrated wellness program that we use to measure and not guess about your health, your nutrition, and your training. Here's my first instructional tip video using some of the software - Best in health and golf, Michael http://youtu.be/SAuSIchIqwQ?list=UU70VyYNEvfoJp6Fld3HwCLw
  8. I know players outside the top 75 in the world, players can make ~ $50k for a ball/shoe/glove deal. $75k/bag. Staff pros at golf clubs usually have to be at a facility that does ~$25k in orders to qualify for a staff deal. That would get about $2-7k at msrp of equipment/clothing, with playing and award incentives - $1k to qualify for an event or win a national pga award, win the club pro $20k things like that. Some companies have elevated staff statuses that actually pay the club pros quarterly to be their exclusive "guy" in the area that carries everything of that company, gets limited edition stuff, has a little bit of involvement with product development etc. Its pretty fascinating.
  9. Who's seen this club? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jim-Flood-Maxi-Bustr-Orizaba-Vintage-Fairway-Wood-Golf-Club-/390875593394?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5b02003ab2
  10. I hit it monday, 25-30yds longer than my vrs. Tested on a foresight gc2 w/Hmt AND a flightscope side by side. Numbers and accuracy were stupid good. It's as good as advertised!!!
  11. I was 9 years old and my first summer job was caddying at Oakley CC just outside of Boston. I worked all summer and eyed that last jr set everyday walking passed the golf shop. Finally around labor day weekend i had saved enough to buy the Wilson 1200jr set - driver, spoon 5i, 7i, 9i, sw, and black bullseye looking putter with bag. I was hooked - just found it on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/WILSON-1200-JR-LEFTHAND-GOLF-SET-NEAR-FLAWLESS-COND-/220707579564?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item33633266ac
  12. Is that independent loft and face angle in the hosel? I can almost see a 11.5* and 12.5* settings
  13. Thanks for the offer revkev- i wasnt really responding to you per say as much as i wanted to just add some insight to the 20XI line. Also to inform you, the pricepoint of the 20XI has been lowered to 29.99/doz as of a few weeks ago. Quite the bargain for the ball we were selling well at $54/doz. To keep your hope alive here is what full Nike staffers used at the 2012 Masters - Casey, Paul One Tour Chappell, Kevin 20XI S Cink, Stewart One Tour D Dyson, Simon 20XI X Fisher, Ross 20XI S Glover, Lucas One Tour D Molinari, Francesco 20XI X Schwartzel, Charl One Tour D Woods, Tiger One Tour D
  14. I've been using the Nike 20XI-X for the entire season now and have found no issues with it. The lighter RZN core is less dense and there which provides more perimeter weighting for the ball. All the things they've said about the ball are true - definitely better in crosswinds, steeper spin slope, and spins longer later. What people haven't gotten yet is that acoustically its a different sounding ball. Its not mush (the 20XI-S is) and off the concept putter face its definitely a brighter sound. The fact that tiger doesnt play it means very little to why you should or should not play it. Numerous wins worldwide have occurred with this ball meaning only that it is a Tour caliber ball and that it has some great technology. also why wouldnt tiger continue playing a ball that was built strictly for him like the Tour D? he's changed so much caddy/coach/life etc, at least he can be sure that there is one constant thing in his world. on a side note, the 20XI*X (note the star) is the best of both worlds X and S, mushier cover and still low spin (no plans to release) on a secondary side note - go peruse the usga.org's website on the conforming golf balls list - you'll see 20+ flavors of tour balls with slightly different markings that all have different characteristics designed for tour players. type in 20xi or prov1 and you'll get all sorts of variations of *&+-~ boxes squares triangles diamonds etc etc http://www.usga.org/ConformingGolfBall/conforming_golf_ball.asp
  15. Wow, totally forgot about this thread. I still have my hard stepped and tipped s+ c tapers in a box. But I was able to try the x flex at the pga show. And knew that was the next set for me. I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a Nike staffer this year, and with that my new set I went with x flex tipped 1/2". My first reaction is how solid and stable to ball flight is. Secondly I don't get the odd jumper I used to get with the project x's. I'm very pleased with the clubs, and the shafts are brilliant. Ps all shafts are pureD
  16. Great stuff Phana - I was recruited this year into the Swoosh staff program and gave the rep a real hard time during our 2hr+ fitting session. The clubs he was going to fit me with HAD to be better than my last set - club for club. I've made no secret about how i never saw an driver or low iron i liked by Nike before. The VR_S line sold me. The driver is a beautiful shape, the sound is unreal. It delivers a whip like crack sound to the face and the infinity pattern underneath the face works! The real impressive #'s are the fw woods where they are hotter lower on the face due to the weld being set in on the sole not on the face. I'm getting stupid numbers and have a trackman to prove them all now. i got the VR_S 3 iron and the pro combo blades for the irons and the 20XI-X perimeter weighted ball. Super excited to be a Nike Athlete and playing an aesthetically pleasing set of clubs that out perform my tm's.
  17. Hey everyone, hope all is well, just signed on with Nike as part of their swoosh staff. I tried their equipment at the pga show and was hooked with the woods, ball , and the whole line. Here's what I ordered up, expecting to get them sometime next month, ill upload pics as soon as I get them but here is the set up. Driver - Nike Golf VRs 8.5* Flat Neutral Set up - 46.5" Accra Z Plus M5 Tipped 1/2" 3 Wood - Nike Golf VRs 15* Diamana 'ahina 43" 70x 4 Wood - Nike Golf VRs 17* Diamana 'ahina 42.5" 70x Irons 3 - VRs Forged 4-5 VR Pro Combo Pocket Cavity 6-7 VR Pro Combo Split Cavity 8-PW VR Pro Combo Blades Wedges Nike Golf Pro Forged 52.10 56.15 60.6 Putter - Nike Method Concept Grips: Lamkin Crossline Undersized Blue Iron & Wedge Shafts - KBS C-Taper X Flex Hardstepped, Tipped 1" and +.5" overlength Iron & Wedge Lie Angles - 3 * Flat All Clubs are SST pURED
  18. Bcaa's are vital. Universal, xtend, aminocore, all make good ones you can find cheap online Nutraplanet.com has a very low.price on bsn's amino x What brands are sold at wally world? Pre workout simple caffeine found in black coffee is adequate. This whole nonsense that u need a pre workout is baloney . Post workout real food is ideal, but a protein shake with carbs can do in a pinch.
  19. More proof positive that one can play golf with muscles. also your one of the few that gets the angle of the back arm on that twisting rear double shot 0:47 correct. well done. back to your swing, you may be limited by not wanting to hit your low ceiling. as your clubs "exit wound" through your body in the follow through DTL view is exiting between your hip and shoulder instead of shoulder and neck. the drills i mentioned will get you there faster than beating your head against the wall and having your wife continue to laugh at you well at least for this hehe you mustve been a treat on a contest diet
  20. I also applaud your effort at this, even though i think your micro managing this a little bit, i'll put my two cents into this. Your backswing is good enough frame by frame. Your issues that reveal themselves in the follow through/finish are actually startdown issues that when fixed you'll look closer to Hogan than you are. What I see first is that your right side is riding high on the downswing - evident in the over the plane of the first video downswing. Your right hand at impact is released over your left hand to the left making the over the top move. Which is why your in follow through, your right shoulder is high and your club isnt matching hogans plane line. the fix i would suggest would be to start down with more of an under move with your right palm staying skyward longer. in other words if you were skipping a stone with your right hand towards the ball, the way your right hand is throwing would sink the stone - too much palm down. remember hogan wanted to play a cut/fade shot. so therefore i'd suggest you keep your right side under long swinging more towards the flag and keep your right side/shoulder under the left the entire time from downswing to finish. review hogans 5 fundamentals book where the image of throwing the medicine ball at the flag, but feel that your left palm is face down / right palm is face up at impact with that medicine ball and you'll see some huge changes in your swing. Michael
  21. Tim, you bring up a great point. If you look at all the major manufacturers who would've guessed 10,20 or even 30 years ago thats under armour would be selling skin tight clothing to golfers ? the simple fact that there are companies that believe they can make money selling fitted shirts and slacks goes a long way in proving that the fitness craze is more then just a fad. It's here to stay . all the best with moving forward in your health. Let me know if I can be of help . Michael
  22. not to move off topic, but the best part i've found about the rife putters is that their sightline, actually acts as an alignment guide to set ones eyes over the target line. i thought that was the most ingenious, simplest things to do for a putter. (not that i'm a proponent for or against putting that way, just an observation) they call it the notch
  23. welcome to the pussification of our society. Here is my favorite quote on this from arthur jones - inventor of nautilus: exercise to be of value must involve overload and if it involves overload exercise is not very pleasant its hard if it isnt hard, it has no benefit clip starting at 1:00 that is what provides the the stimulus to change! if your body can do something easily, where is the demand for change? the body is not a diplomacy - it doesnt change because of thought, or time, or mild effort. I'm a fan of the cross fit concept in this sense that it challenges the mind and the body (granted it does leave out the nutrition component). and for anyone to bash it shows that they are mentally weak to confront a challenge.
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