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  1. I fell off a stool changing a bulb about 5 years ago. Slightly sprained my wrist. Played 2 days later and broke par (71) as an 8 handicap.
  2. Gulbis was Kournikova. At least semi-competitive, gets to some quarter finals. Paige can't even get on the main tour.
  3. I normally regular flex but there might be a stiff shaft in play during that round.
  4. How does it compare to the ProV?
  5. That being said I used to use a a non urethane "Tour" ball during rainy season/soft greens. Albiet a 3pc one. The Tri Speed Tour. Now I switch back and forth between the 330RX and Chrome Soft regardless of season.
  6. Actually that is where the "Tour" part of the marketing comes in. The plays 1x a month-non equipment junkie will see "Tour" on the shelf and assume it is a tour caliber/urethane ball or "what the guys on Tour use". They see the slight distance gains and will attribute the lack of spin to the fact they don't have tour swing speeds, tour wedges, or play on tour greens. Meanwhile Titleist will keep taking their money.
  7. I think Foz thinks cover material is not important. For me it is the most important for spin into greens and greenside. If cover is not important, Callaway has a Superhot 70, TM has the Aeroburner Soft but 50+ compression. These are better comparisons to the "Tour" Soft for distance and softness. Titleist has been using the term "Tour" on non urethane balls for quite awhile. Misleading? Maybe, however TM and Callaway have had 3pc non urethane balls called "pro" or "tp". Only Titleist has had the term or similar on a 2pc non urethane ball. There is probably a non-urethane ball i
  8. The Callaway Chrome Soft spins more than the Titleist DT Tru-soft
  9. To THEIR ball. So I guess Callaway was justified to reply. I would side with Titleist right to reply if Callaway called their drivers out for always being a release late in the latest technology.
  10. My take on offset. Try it with a simple experiment. Take a club with offset and set it up correctly with the hosel ahead of the entire leading edge. Check by lining up the leading edge with the lines of a tile. It will ensure your hands are ahead of the ball and the CoG is a little further behind. Now take a club with offset and line up the leading edge area of the toe with the hosel. It will feel more natural to most because the toe now looks to be in the "correct" spot or lined up with the hosel, but in reality the face is now closed. Check on the tile lines. The heel area would have
  11. I had same experience the TM Burner (non TP) ball circa 2008-2010. Very good spin for a non urethane ball on aggressive swings using good grooves but durability was terrible.
  12. Isn't the chrome soft a urethane ball? The True Soft a surlyn/ionomer/non urethane ball. That alone places them in different markets.
  13. The ion plated color from the flower band diamanas of 5-6 years ago.
  14. Not defending OP but I had a problem with a Cobra LTD driver head, Cobra told me to go through retailer. My sister had to do it for me since I am overseas. She brought it to a DSG. 3 weeks later still no word. She calls them they say someone already claimed the head. Same story a guy from the Philippines asked his sister to warranty the head. Really? After making a fuss and me calling from overseas, they took a F7+ off the rack and gave her the head. Cobra gave me an adaptor. They should've just admitted they lost it. Now my Cobra driver won't match my Cobra ltd 3w.
  15. CB vs MB wedges in terms of spin and trajectory. Same loft. Cleveland's RTX line from 2-3 years ago had wedges of same design that had CB and MB models.
  16. You mentioned non conforming to both USGA and R&A that is why my interest was piwued. There was a time when the USGA cor limit was .83 and the R&A limit was .86. The Asian Tour which follows the R&A allowed up to .86. It was never that the Asian Tour allowed non conforming equipment. Their governing body and rules were different from the USGA where you probably played under. Ernie Els when playing European Tour events would sometimes use the R300 Tour which was at the .86 limit but would use the 300 Tour when playing USGA events.
  17. From my limited dealing with local pros and rulesmen, the Asian Tour has to follow all rules set by the R&A, including equipment. I am curious to know what specific equipment is allowed on the Asian Tour that is disallowed by the R&A? I might just decide to pony up for something like that.
  18. I find the rx and rxs are sensitive to hardness of greens like most soft core urethane balls. They each have their own thresholds and once you go over that "hardness limit" their first bounce will play like a 3pc non urethane. IMHO among the soft core urethane the highest threshold for green firmness was the original Chrome Soft. I prefer the rx over the rxs because the lower ballflight actually checks more for my shortgame style of the low checker.
  19. antonio Cebu, Philippines J40DPC Px 5.5 softstepped 1x Not custom fit 145 yards That R+ looks good
  20. From an athletic viewpoint women's bodies mature earlier but have a shorter window for strength.
  21. Antonio. Cebu (Philippines) Bettinardi Queen Bee 7 33" O Works Red 7S
  22. I hope they make ones for drivers/fws/hybrids soon. It would be cool to have 1 big patch on the driver cover, 3 on the 3w, 4 on the 4hybrid, etc
  23. Antonio Cebu, Philippines Callaway Epic SZ GD Tour AD DI 6 sr 90-93mph 220yards Toby Florendo on FB Iphone 5
  24. Antonio Cebu, Philippines Queen Bee 7 Not Custom Fit Queen Bee 9, because flare neck mallets are impossible to find.
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