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  1. Antonio cebu, Philippines 10.3 XR Pro (JDM version) Strength stop everything from 7-pw on a dime Weakness I can't hit 6iron and higher consistently. I sometimes swap my 5i for a 5h x2 hot a lot
  2. AFC Patriots 28- Steelers 21 Brady 257 yards NFC Packers 31 Falcons 21 Rodgers 283 yards
  3. Balls sliced in half: A new tour/multilayer urethane ball vs a tour ball that's been hit by a 100mph swing (driver) 100xs. Also a ball that hits a tree or something solid 3-4xs. To see if those small layers still consistent.
  4. Is it using the same principle as MacGregor's DCT? That putter made the whole face go the same distance because solid putts went same distance as a mishit. They made the center unforgiving. So you just had to learn to hit everything hard and it would the same distance anywhere on the face.
  5. Newer equipment is why golf sites/forums get traffic. The golf sites that focus on non equipment are always on the threshold of dying. MGS should be thankful for equipment releases. If all golf companies were on a 2 year cycle what would drive site traffic during the lulls?
  6. He did try them out about a month ago.
  7. Antonio Florendo Jr Cebu, Philippines I've been using the Bushnell V2 since it first came out. I have really bad depth perception (right eye nearsighted, left eye farsighted). Rangefinders have been a Godsend. I no longer have to pace out short (20-40 yard shots).
  8. I still use my Steelhead III. It has taken on all comers. Yes I hit the newer fws 10-15yards further off the tee, about the same off the deck. I never called Callaway.
  9. Antonio, Cebu (Philippines) but traveling to the US in Feb Handicap 11 Driver 765 10.5 loft, Tensei Pro Blue shaft stiff 3w 765 15 loft, Tensei Pro Blue shaft stiff Hybrid 19 loft Kiyoshi Black Stiff Hybrid 22 loft Kiyoshi Black Stiff Irons 765 5-pw Modus 120 stiff RTX 3 CB 50 loft V-MG dg wedge shaft RTX 3 Tour satin 54 Loft V-MG dg wedge shaft RTX 3 Tour Satin 60 loft V-LG dg wedge shaft Putter TF 2135 Elevado CB 38" (cut down to 36.5) Already play the ZStar XV but would love to switch to the new QStar Tour ball.
  10. xxio


    They (I:)) was really Big in Japan early to late 2000s. Honma slipped when they invested in golf courses and lost a ton of money. XXIO was there to take advantage of the premium executive golfer niche which is huge in Japan. If you are a certain rank you have to play a certain level of clubs (that is why there is Gliore for TM). That is why Honma/Beres has star rankings. They were able to sustain that which was the key. I only played the "auto-focus" xxio driver way back when, however they have a forged set of irons from 4-5 years ago that are basically the miz 850 forged
  11. Basically the 51st and 52nd guy who are 14 strokes from the lead who are playing with noone watching get to go home and spend extra time for family or practice? Pretty good if they can iron out the prize money and ranking points.
  12. The 6313 is on his site. My business partner received an email about him moving and putting things up for sale. I asked for a quote on the 6313. It does have line though.
  13. My guess the one on BG site isn't wide enough. It is on sale though if you email him. Great price. I have a Japan Studio Bettinardi that is like a smaller flanged Bb16/Odessey 9/Terry McCabe design but it has a pocket cavity. I'll try to post pics with my SS6 and a BB16/34 Other than that the only slightly wider 8802 is ordering a Captain Morgan and having less material taken of the flange the adding a bullet sole so that it won't be too heavy.
  14. I don't need one but when the first one came out our store sold 8-9 in a span of 2 months and all those guys had their handicaps go down. If they could do the choke down technique with any consistency they would have been lower handicaps already. I have nothing against chippers. I went through the yips and went long/belly. Same thing you use the club that gets you that par.
  15. Toby Cebu, Philippines Low-mid 90s FlyZ GD Tour AD DI Stiff-regular (sr) flex.
  16. If anyone wants a bag pic of a pro let me know. I'll post it.
  17. Antonio- Cebu City, Philippines Callaway Big Bertha Alpha (orig) Stock Fubuki 60 stiff 96-98 swingspeed Carry 215-220
  18. Golf Style is a Japanese golf magazine. The May 2016 issue I bought has bag pics and data of about 100 PGA tour pros. This was in one of the ads.
  19. But it doesnt violate/go beyond a rule but constricts it. Much like the 1 ball rule. The RoG allow the use of different balls.
  20. Can it be made a condition of competition that you play the entire tournament with the same set?
  21. Nike marketing is always icon driven. Now that TW is no longer the dominant force in golf and Rory is not that type of personality just yet. it is interesting Nike seems to be testing the waters of the Jordan brand being a crossover to golf and making some money there.
  22. Wedge fitting is the start and lessens the trial in trial and error. For me leading edge sharpness and shape turns out to be more important than bounce. Sole width is slightly ahead of bounce as well.
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