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  1. When he asks the starter what the course record is, the starter replies....you're about to set it, sir.
  2. I meant 650. The JV shafts made them a lot more playable.
  3. I keep trying miz drivers/fws/hybrids. Sorry but they seem not to produce. The MPs (600&650) were hard to hit. I loved the MP600 JV. The 660 was just too low spin. The EZ line was too closed and too high spin. The smaller 850 is actually more forgiving than the 600/650. Yes 9/10 Miz irons deliver unfortunately 7/10 their drivers/fw/hybrids do not because they are on the extreme ends of the spectrum.
  4. The accordion look was there already during the 850 line. IMHO the wedges look more like wider sole Callaway Jaws. The 850 driver, fw, hybrid were very underrated. In 1year I will buy an entire set of 850s driver to irons. Just waiting for prices to go down and I just bought XR Pros.
  5. xxio

    New Mizuno Driver

    Miz looks to have weights towards heel and toe area like the 850 driver.
  6. Ok I didn't realize it wasn't open in the US. It's been open here since April 22. I just won't open the thread then until it has opened in the US.
  7. Not to start anything but just like golf results, don't open the thread if you don't want spoilers. I presume the OP started a thread about it so it could be discussed. Join in when you've seen it. It would be great to hear your reviews.
  8. Cap Am fans can also look up a Bettinardi headcover. My friend has one, he was actually selling it. I'll try to get pics.
  9. Great movie. I just hope you're not comic nerds. Story doesn't stick to original marvel storylines.
  10. I have the white one that I bought 3 years ago in Singapore. I use it when I watch golf tournaments. That means I've used it maybe 8-10xs. I'm trying to figure out how to clean the inside sweat band. Any ideas?
  11. Btw why do I think it will be a slap on the wrist? it is a patent that Titleist no longer uses on current product and has not been used for quite sometime. Quite different from "seamless", which was still being used by Bridgestone when Titleist used it. Different from "mutli-layer", which Callaway (TopFlite) was still using when they filed suit. The non-use implies a certain amount of "we've now use better tech". Not really a good legal stance but it should mitigate the consequences for the ones being sued..
  12. It will depend on what the decision is. If it is a slap on the wrist, then that is a lot of free marketing. I doubt the award will be big enough to shut all these smaller companies down. Probably a fine and royalties for ball actually sold (it can't be that much). Then a cease and desist. Kick X is now a known name and can market off that visibility despite having to change their ball.
  13. Looks like it may just backfire, bringing attention to these smaller companies. Free marketing provided by Titleist.
  14. Finishing hole. Sitting on the veranda having an ice cold beer.
  15. The article talks about the 2003 ball. When did Titleist follow the non seam pattern of Bridgestone?
  16. This is my source. It's mentioned towards the end of the article. http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-tours-news/2009-09/golf_equipment_johnson_0904
  17. I tried these on. Indoors so I can't comment on lighting. My only input is that these are pretty wide. They fit my huge head. Unless they have different size models, the ones they let me try at the Philippine launch compare favorably to Oakley Asian fit sizing.
  18. Not this years model. I've only seen in person the '12 (maybe '11?) VG3s. The newer ones -'14 are supposedly closer to AP2s in playability but closer to the JPX 850 forged in design.
  19. Yup. The JDM balls are quite expensive, even if there is an equal USDM product. Tourstage balls whose tech eventually trickles down a year after to the Bridgestone line. The Tourstage tour level balls are also at around $80/doz, yet the rebadged Bridgestone balls in the 330 series (S, RX, RXS,plain B330) are less than $50 a dozen. The XXIO and PHyZ line balls which are closer to the Callaway Supersoft in performance are also $80 balls. Tour level Mizuno balls are $80/dozen as well. IIRC the GranZ balls have been replaced by the VG3 balls, also a Japan line (includes irons).
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