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  1. Sorry but the GranZ is not a tour caliber-urethane multi-layer ball. It is closer to the NXT series, played like a softer feeling NXT Tour. The ERC Hot is a similar type ball with even lesser spin. The number one selling type of ball in Japan are the soft core, muli-layer balls that are not urethane but still with a softish cover. The Super Newings, PHyz, etc lead that category and the OEMs make their own versions to compete in Japan. Those are what you have.
  2. How are the length differences and the swingweight issues involved solved? Let's say between a 44 loft and a 45 loft and consequently compared to a 40 loft or a 41. because let us say I want a 45 loft "pw", then decide to go 5 degree loft differences. What are the length differences then between the 40 and the 35? My friend also gets a 45 loft "pw" but then wants 4 degree differences. what are the length differences between the 41 and 37 compared to the 45? Subsequently the headweight issues involved in that? because his 37 degree 8 iron vs my 35 degree 8iron may actually diff
  3. Not saying these guys are not good or hardworking. Just as it takes more effort to get to a 2 index from a 6, from initially starting out as a 10. It will take more sacrifice and effort to get into the top 20 from being a top 50 guy. Play more tournaments, travel, toll on your body and family life. All always with the risk of an MC. It is easier for a top 50 guy to choose what may benefit him overall, that includes career longetivity.
  4. I'm thinking the demands on winners- multiple ads/shoots for sponsors, the extra chitchat time for/with the event sponsors the year after or even throughout the year, etc may make 10 tops 20s and having control of most of your schedule seem more attractive for family time, rest/recovery, and just having less attention wherever you go.
  5. You don't realize how much damage you are doing because we're out here for an extended period of time,” said Sabbatini, who in 2010 had a squamous cell carcinoma removed from his face. I think it was very minor surgery but officially it was still diagnosed as cancer. I don't like the guy but I wouldn't wish cancer on my worst enemy.
  6. The hat is to help protect him from the sun. He has a skin condition.
  7. I'm talking about having the need to actually get a job/make money from psychology. She could even be after the degree, the knowledge, and the use of that knowledge on it's own without thinking of having it as a wage earner after. Conversely it could be argued some might go see her just for the mere fact that she was a former no1. She may even go into sports psychology and her past experiences will definitely be a selling point there.
  8. I don't think she has to worry about marketability later on. Her golf fame if she continues on her track should take care of that.
  9. Window is a lot smaller for the ladies for some reason. Maybe strength? drive? natural motherly instincts? IIRC of Paula's batch she is the only one still on tour. Even Inkster disappeared then had a resurgence. Laura Davies is another matter altogether.
  10. It will always be difficult once you include customs and really limited (less than 20?50?). The only limits there are money and imagination. My choices would all be retail or at least more than 1,000 made, meaning it would be generally available. Designed by CaptMorgan (in almost any finish) Studiostock6 QueenBee6 Fun thread though.
  11. I remember trying hollow irons as far back as the late 90s. It was a set of Tourstage irons. I think the benefit of hollow and thin face irons have changed. From being long, it it has now focused on giving more consistent distance across the face=forgiveness. Much like driver technology.
  12. Couple of drunk fans will heckle him just to get their 15secs of fame.
  13. My personal take is that Bridgestone suffers from having a Japanese lineage. Previously Bridgestone had Tourstage as a premium line in Japan, in Japanese culture they would naturally want to have the superior brother stay local (see Japanese cars). So even though Brdigestone was now available overseas the underlying tone was the Bridgestone line had to still be not as successful as to overshadow Tourstage. The marketing and distribution budgets for Bridgestone were always limited. We'll see how that changes now that it is only Bridgestone all over the world,albeit with a few different
  14. I played these wedges. Spin is unbelievable. Not that soft a feel compared to my Callaway X Tours at the time. IIRC these were 8620 steel? So probably form forged. I did find the leading edges tended to dig when the turf was wet. Just realized I had the T35s
  15. 1. Get someone who knows nothing about golf to pick up the game. 2. Take a rules seminar somewhere. 3. Spend less on equipment and more on playing.
  16. Blue Gator for me as well. Just curious which leather stands up to extreme weather conditions best? We get stuck in the middle of monsoon downpours in the middle of rounds.
  17. A while back in one of the golf equipment industry is dying threads I mentioned the possibility of OEMs trying a different model. They could just have fitting carts in local shops and do direct selling. After a fitting the shop enters a code with the OEM, the golfer gets that order code. When the golfer others online directly from the OEM the golfer has to indicate the code that credits the shop with the fitting. Shop gets a certain commission. Of course it was shot down because the "golfer wants his clubs now". The OEMs have to try new things because the current model now has to many
  18. There were pics and techno-babble about centering the sweetspot on the MMs long before release. It gave buyers the knowledge to make an informed buying decision. The MMs had the reach of the entire marketing team of Nike Golf. If anyone can get away with an unseen limited launch with a significant reservation deposit it would have been the Swoosh. I get the deposit is refundable, if the money is truly just going to sit in a bank account while production is running then it will just cause more trouble than it's worth when you do refunds. I have a feeling the money will get used, whether for
  19. At this point I just hope it lives up to the discussion that is being generated. The MM protos lived up to the hype. The Detour didn't "revolutionize putting". I hope the new Hogans belong to the former. I would have rather had a moderate build ip, the a blitzkrieg. My far out theory on the $500 based on my limited experience in sales. ...Cash is always easier to spend during the holidays. Their product rolls out when people have spent their Christmas, Boxing day, New Years money. Better to get that money in their direction now. Teaser pics of manufacturing and/or finished product wou
  20. Can someone ask why such a high reservation fee? It actually limits the amount of people that will reserve. Being out $500 for a month is not a joke to me anyway. I guess they are wanting their product to be exclusive.
  21. ^^that would be a lot better than this $500 strategy. Single demo clubs, I would get an E and probably a 6i to try. I don't mind the reservation fee strategy. I have seen it work, just not at 50% or more of what msrp would be. That is why I mentioned cash flow, it is the amount that gets me wondering. If they took off a 0 alarms would not be going off.
  22. IMHO Not a good sign when a company is asking for a "deposit" or a pre-sell/reservation. Unless they honestly think their product is so limited and will run out. Otherwise it is either a cashflow or an equity issue.
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