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  1. Does anyone know what the prizes will be?
  2. Edel golf has two certified fitters in North Texas, and I have read multiple great reviews of their process although I have heard it is expensive.
  3. I love my Hirzl trust feel glove. In my experience the five times wear claim is probably true. I typically need to change gloves every 3-4 weeks, and I have been using my first Hirzl glove for about 4.5 months now without any signs of it wearing out soon. These gloves offer amazing feel, great performance in wet conditions and outstanding longevity. Currently the best glove on the market in my opinion.
  4. Unfortunately, not offered in a left-handed version.
  5. Quoting Nic Sherman Cleveland: This one makes me a little sad to write about. Cleveland was my favorite club company when I got started in the business. When Corey Pavin won the 1995 US open with the ugly VAS clubs... I was hooked. I have played Cleveland wedges since 1990, and owned 10+ sets of irons, and 20+ different woods. The company has historically had great customer service, and good custom options. However, the recent releases from Cleveland have left me scratching my head.. I am loving the Classic series Drivers, but wonder why they are so closed. The new irons perform fine, but there is no WOW to them. The wedges are just meh. makes me sad. I find it surprising that you state that the Cleveland classic is "so closed". The Classic 270 and 290 have a sqaure face and the Classic Tour is actually 1 degree open. Perhaps it is just the way the club looks to your eyes. I feel like there has been a lot of cleveland bashing in this thread, and I have to somewhat disagree. I have always liked their wedges but hadn't really hit any other cleveland clubs in the past five years. I went to a huge demo day last weekend and hit almost all of the new drivers (glad everyone brought a good selection of LH clubs) and I was most impressed with the Classic Tour and the RAZR Fit from Callaway. I also really appreciate how cleveland uses true aftermarket shafts in their clubs as opposed to the "made for" shafts that are standard with so many of the other brands. I agree that the irons are less impressive although I would love to hit the 588 forged irons at some point.
  6. Not that I have any interest in buying a pink driver, but I think that it is very odd that they would release a Bubba Watson commemorative driver that has such limited options for left-handers (10.5 degree loft only?) and isn't even available in x-flex. At that price I would be surprised that they have much interest.
  7. This sounds great. MGS somehow just keeps getting better. Any chance any of the clubs or putters will be available in LH? If not, I'll be happy to throw my name in the hat with the shafts.
  8. I purchased the Adams a12 pro hybrid 20* with the RIP VS Proto shaft in X-flex. I really love this club. The face is very compact, and the shaft gives a nice boring medium trajectory. I like to think of my hybrids as replacement for my irons more than replacements for my fairway woods, and I can't think of a better hybrid for this purpose. I am sure that the Rocketballz hybrid is amazing based on all the other reviews, although I'm not sure why people get so caught up on the distance of hybrids. I hit my A12 pro about 230 yards which is perfect for me. I actually got rid of my 19* Tech V3 hybrid because I was hitting it about 250 which gave me a huge gap between that club and my 4 iron which I hit about 210-215. When I pick a hybrid I'm much more interested in the consistency (with respect to distance) and how it performs out of various lies.
  9. I like the looks of the black blades a lot; however, I'm not sold on the white irons.
  10. That VTS tour shaft looks excellent. Did you get to hit any with this shaft?
  11. Beautiful wedges. Wish you guys made them for lefties.
  12. It might be true that they will have a difficult time getting older golfers to switch to Cobra clubs; however, I feel that in attempting to target such a young audience they are leaving out the golfers in their late 20's to 40's which might be one of the largest groups to market to. I think the clubs (and the website) are well done, but they are a little over the top for me.
  13. This putter looks great. It's so hard to find excellent left handed belly putters. It looks to be face balanced. Is this correct?
  14. I love that half moon belly putter. Are they going to offer it in lefty?
  15. I'm in too. I'll be the fantasy golf rookie of the bunch.
  16. I like the idea of creating a composite set with more forgiving long irons and more consistant and workable scoring clubs. You will still have the issue of a gap, but this will move the gap into the longer irons instead of in the middle of your scoring clubs. Glad you found a set of clubs that work well for you.
  17. The loft of the G20 7i is 32 degrees which is very close to the 6i loft of a standard set. I wish all the OEMs would quit "jacking up" the lofts so much. I'm not sure that any amateur golfer needs to be hitting their seven iron 190-210 yards. A lot of the PGA players don't hit their seven iron that far. I had this problem with my Cobra S2s, my average drive is about 290-310 which meant that I rarely ever hit any of my irons or PW (because I hit their 42 degree PW about 160 yards). I just feel that the OEMs push distance too much. I suppose this makes sense with drivers, fairway woods and maybe even hybrids, but I would prefer to have consistency and control with my irons.
  18. Very good points. Personally, I would write the rule stating that the club cannot be anchored to the torso during any swing. Perhaps you are correct and it is not advantageous to anchor the club to your body; however, putting experts like Dave Pelz have stated that creating an anchored fulcrum is a significant advantage. (http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Long+belly+putters+give+golfers+unfair+advantage/5269350/story.html). It is possible to create a similar stroke without anchoring the putter, but Pelz believes that this takes more skill. I think this is an interesting debate, and I'm not sold 100% either way. With respect to your comment about the number of PGA tour players using a belly/long putter we will have to wait and see. Currently the number of belly/long putters on tour is increasing very rapidly, and it seems possible that in the near future this number will increase even further.
  19. I think the belly putters should be outlawed. I don't have a problem with other long putters as long as they are not anchored to the body. It IS an advantage to have a club anchored to your body as it makes your stroke much more consistent. This is very different than considering a blade putter versus a mallet. That is more of a difference with respect to feel and also swing type (most putters using an arced stroke prefer blade putters, most straight back, straight through putters prefer mallets and of course there are always exceptions). Of course, it is an advantage to use a putter that fits your stroke well (but not an unfair advantage). I believe that anchoring the club to your body provides an unfair advantage. As such, I think we will begin to see more and more PGA players switching to belly/long putters because they need every advantage that they can get (unless the USGA outlaws them).
  20. I am very jealous, but I can't wait to learn some more inside information about Miura and their fitting process. Would you ask them if they are considering making any additional left handed clubs in the future?
  21. The circle T is Scotty Cameron's "tour" logo. I agree with all the previous posts that Ian Poulter's headcover is much better. Scotty Cameron did put out a great cover for the U.S. Open this year. I just wish anyone would make a great looking headcover for a mallet putter.
  22. Are they going to be available for lefties?
  23. I loved the design of the first headcover, and I'm excited to see the 2nd. Any chance of making a headcover that will fit a mallet? Mallet putters get no love on the headcover front.
  24. Congrats on the new Titleist clubs. I have been playing with a new set of AP2s, Vokey Wedges and a 910h hybrid that were custom fit for me, and I have already shaved a few points off of my handicap (in just two months). I think one of the added bonuses of the Titleist drivers, hybrids and fairway woods is that they will adjust to your swing easily as you improve. This is probably not as much of an advantage for more experienced players, but for players like myself that still have a long way to go in developing a consistent swing, I think it really pushes the Titleist clubs over the top.
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