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  1. I implemented this is my game and beat all casting and OTT,, felt awkward at first and hit a lot of bad ones.. Getting real good now, took me 5 months. This is old school teaching compared to what is out there now..but I love old school golf Great stuff here for casters and OTT,s like I was Winter here..but I can practice this without a ball..or use my caymans when I get some bare grass. I really compress it, and hit more of a hook base shot,,with no more pull lefts,, had a 2nd half of the year with this. Maybe it might help some of u guys Mm
  2. Nice video,,I been getting this more and more with a reverse release..
  3. I play in no few charity events each year . This year I might try a few men's clubs Monday am am's. I'm sure they could care less if I use a long putter. This area never recovered after the 2007 economy crash, golf has really taken a big hit. If you pay, all that matters here
  4. Some great posts..I checked both sites out. Won't be cheap, but these are really good irons..
  5. Thanks Kenny I just offset distance loss by playing the up tees. Played a course this year that was 7800 from the back tees...and 5200 from the up. Guess what, I played the up.. More enjoyable for me, and that is what golf is supposed to be all about Great story about your wife..love hearing those
  6. Hey RP. I learned early on..in online forum golf , everyone hits it 300 plus..and are all scratch of mini tour players. I'm honest, I hit it no where.,but I still have fun playing how I play. Infact..I played my best golf ( many many moons ago) , never knowing what my swing looked like. I just went by what ball flight I had in warm up before the round,,if I faded it fine,,if hook or draw even better. If I was hitting it left and right, than I better be putting like a tour pro.. That was how we used to play ..things sure changed
  7. If u guys had pga championship golf 2000. We could design a course to play.. Stinks the new games now have no course architect,,all arcade based
  8. Almost forgot..."spin the plate of meatballs"...love that saying.
  9. Hi guys I received a set of early 1980 hogan blades, with the original grips. Any recommendations where I should check on getting clubs re grooved...re painted back of irons....replace original grips..the whole 9 yards. We have a dicks golf near by..,but for something like this..I would be more and happy to send out to get completely refurbished. Any suggesstions? Will pay and will send to anyone's recommendations. I want to "pimp" my irons..per say..lol. I want them to look original
  10. No..never been..would love to see the far north...heard it is beautiful. Have any snapshots u can share?
  11. I have everything I need..a beautiful son and family,,, I know I only play golf once a month now, but just watching my son grow and learn away around this world is like Christmas everyday for me My gift would be for the rest of the world to experience the joys of being a parent,,
  12. Agree richard...infact if you look at current teaching with trackman numbers. Tons of top teachers are now promoting " throwing" from the top ..like Austin did. No more hold lag, like a decade ago..more about adding loft and speed in the impact area, I love all mike Austin's stuff... An extraordinary man.. RIP mike
  13. Im game.you guys make the loud "squatch" cries..I will jump him when he gets close...
  14. Welcome aboard.. Season over? Beautiful part of the world where u are. I'm sure there are so many fun outdoor things to do besides this silly game we play..
  15. Those books were degraded by so many in the teaching community. I loved them..I so believe being closed at the top and closing all the way to the finish is the way to play for us casual guys. Makes it so easy to hit the ball Great books..also loved Gerry hogan book too
  16. Good stuff..actually heard a "true story" on the net the other day. Man actually saw a Bigfoot while playing golf in Northern California a few weeks ago. Was on the local tv here in Chicago... I do believe one day we will have proof they exists ... I love the strange and paranormal stuff on tv and what I read on books and the net. Hell, instead of a golf trip...I would love to take a month searching for these creatures, Here..yell like this...cart girl will come faster If u keep on making these noises..u might attract a squatch
  17. They need to bring back pga championship golf 2000 from Sierra. Golf course architect..online tourneys..and 1000''s of courses,,,man I miss that game. Anyone else play?
  18. This seems very nice here..being a long time lurker. Love reviews on new apps and clubs..top notch..and completely honest
  19. A 2 year old here...raising on my own... Talk about a lot of work guys. Golf is #10 on the list again...lol
  20. Thanks for the nice hello guys. I will do my best to post and follow up on threads. Sometimes I have no time to log in for a week or so
  21. Central illinois...snow here already,, this site is awesome , so many good topics for a casual hacker like me
  22. Hi guys New here....been doing online golf lessons/ online programs for over a year now, in hopes of getting back to golfing like I did over 2 decades ago...(not happening ). . Used to,lurk on this site..and decided to take the plunge.i have been golfing for over 30 years..last ten years handicap has risen due to major back surgery and new child in our family. In the mid 90's I was scratch or better..currently I'm just a casual golfer now. I lost 50 yards the last 5 years..and play the white or occasionally the red if need be. I'm all about just having fun with golf now..realizing I will never be able to play like I did over 2 decades ago. A little disheartening, but I'm a proud dad..and I'm blessed every time I can take a golf swing..realizing that a decade ago I had a major back surgery that almost prevented me from ever swinging a golf club again. From me to you..thanks for letting me join..look forward to learning a little and maybe I can help some along the way.. Cya guys on the forum MM Ps..I know there is a ban on the long putter..but with my back I will always use it ... (Ban me now) ..lol
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