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  1. A little do it your self project here after trying a buddies set.He had a set that felt heavy to the extreme.His late father was a club fitter-successful golf tracher that believed in a heavy club versus a light one for his clients. His son is a great golfer but never participated in learning his fathers craft of club fitting.Through a few sources I've acquired a lie /loft machine - measuring tools- and basic club fitting equipment and knowledge.I practiced on a demo club and took the swing weight of a 3 iron from d1 to a high e rating.Used tungsten powder mixed with fine course moist limestone near the tip of the shaft by the clubhead.I than corked and regripped.Club feels amazing.The moist limestone won't rust the shaft, and once settled it turns hard. My question is what is the max weight a club can handle before it impacts a negative result to the sweet spot?My demo club is basically hook proof now.Which was a major swing flaw that I could never fix.This heavy weighted club towards the head fixed this issue for me. What issues would I have doing this to a entire set? What effect would this plugging have on a graphite shaft stress wise ? What is the max weight before a shaft becomes stressed?
  2. Will look at that book.I never judge a golfer by what clubs they have in the bag/what their swing looks like or what clothes they wear or car driven ..etc. I judge a golfer by the score on the card Played with golfers that had everything against them.But when it came to playing scoring golf they were rock freaking solid
  3. Well I tried to play the last few rounds after a lot of soul searching.Shot a 76 Friday and today I shot a 38 with 3 birdies a triple and 2 bogeys.Just can't give up on this great game,scores were actually better than I thought it would be.I can play 9 holes at least 3'times every other week. Eighteen is kinda pushing my time availability.
  4. Some great responses here.I just see practice now as futile if I'm lucky to play once a month.It will just want me to play more and make me more depressed about the situation.Enjoy reading this forum and posting occasionally to help others.But I see my days of being golfer coming to an end
  5. Good stuff.Someone told me to take golf lessons and do a big swing change.Than when I hit in the net I will have a purpose.Might even get my mind off of the game for a while
  6. Made an error , this is my 3 rd season of this.First season was real tough and I became bitter and angry all the time.Second season was more denial and hope that things would improve.This season is just frustration and a why bother attitude.My schedule allows for very limited time,and even squeezing an occasional nine holes is out of the question.I used to hit in a golf net for 10' to 15 minutes a day for relaxation.The net will stay in the attic as my drive is gone.Figure if i play so little why even worry about practicing
  7. Due to life (work/family/everything) my life as an avid competitive golfer turned to a once a month casual golfer a few years ago.Having trouble dealing with this as my once decent game has gone to terrible don't care anymore mode.Golf has been my life for two decades but the drastic changes took away my true love hobby.How does one deal with this?Trying to have a positive attitude but the scores and shots stink.And there is nothing I can do about it but just deal with the facts.Almost to the breaking point of why even bother with it anymore.Really saddened and depressed knowing others can work on their games and improve.Where my game now is just about being out in nature and remembering how it used to be.This change will be permanent for the unforeseen future Suggestions
  8. Sounds like a sore loser.His game has bottomed out years ago but now he resorts to this.What a piece of work
  9. One year I played 5 rounds.And broke 80 4-5 rounds that year.Strangely my game is always the same.I can play 7 days a week and still be a 70 golfer or at worst low 80.My shots end up in the same spot/still same push as a bad hit/and a bad chip or pitch that will cause me a few bogeys.Its weird,but even when i devoted all I had to golf my scores are the same.Personally i think we hit a plateau or ability level where we just can't go any farther.That is where i am,and not complaining because i still competitive with as little as I play Some great posts.Thanks for the good reads
  10. I would say low handicap is 9 or less.And avid would be 3 rounds a week or 20 to 30 rounds a month.Just how i see it,and i used to play this much a decade ago for 20 plus years On a side note i shot a 42 today with my 2nd round of the year.Not great but not bad either
  11. I bet it is focusing on the golf swing look versus playing and having fun syndrome.Just go out and enjoy the game,forget cameras and swing analysis units.You will be surprised how much fun golf will be and scores will show it
  12. I've also resorted to playing the middle tees.I figure since I'm about having fun golfing this set of tees is a good match for me.Also gives me options of hitting a fairway wood or hybrid off the tee besides forcing driver every time.If I start playing more golf in a particular month I will jump back a tee once in a while.But on my off months the middle tees are just fine for me
  13. I will add that I do practice daily if I can.Either pitching in the backyard or hitting in my net
  14. My schedule is so sporadic that playing avid golf can be difficult.I might go one week playing 4 rounds of golf.And the next month after I may play once or twice.No matter what I still keep a single digit handicap and break 80 most of my rounds.My only practice is before my round of golf.Anyone else maintain a low handicap playing less than avid?Any tips on how you maintain a decent form by being less active in golf than you would like to be? Personally for me it is tempo and playing less than aggressive golf.I.E middle of greens and hitting more fairway woods off the tee than driver
  15. Just left a real bad one. Will leave it at that, I'm hoping this will be more accomodatng to just talking golf and fun
  16. Yep,did all of that.Slow motion drills full swing and even half speed with a ball. The motion changes show in half speed swings with a ball . When I swing full I lose it all , but feels like I'm doing it ironically. And when I just swing it is completely gone .Been doing these anti ott drills for over a year daily. Just not kicking in and mah never I guess . How it goes , swing to ingrained the wrong way
  17. Love the senior tees.And than in 15 years I can tee off from the fairway
  18. I have a lot of patience when it comes to golf.Which is weird side I give up on everything else. That being said, when I get a drill to work on I stick to it as long as I can. Tons tons of mirror work/ half speed swings in a net etc etc.But for some reason it leaves me when taking a full swing . It isn't like I haven't tried to drill it for months or even a year with some drills. I have no understanding why it leaves when it is full speed. Mentioned earlier that it honestly "feels" like I am doing it at full speed as well. But a properly setup camera doesn't lie , and my look goes back to the same swing fault. I honestly believe some of us are plaqued with an ingrained swing that we will never fix. Best we can do is just play for the miss our swings produce and work hard on the short game.That formula yields me the best seasons and scores throughout the years. Eventually we have to play golf, and either the drills and hard work will show or not
  19. Was an original member on Sitd but it went very and basically the owners appeared to just give up on it with no moderation.Tried another forum for a while that started off fine,but went south quickly when you don't fit the mold.The mold was traveling to events and callaway only golf.This place appears to always stay the same,nice and relaxing and nonconfrontational which I appreciate
  20. Ok,who plays this one?Really enjoy it for the PS4 and Xbox one.Probably the most realistic golf game out
  21. good point.But how long does it take to change when you have been doing the previous for 3 decades?Been doing an exclusive drill for over a year (daily 30 mins in the mirror) and when I swing it never shows. Sadly it feels like I'm doing it
  22. Funny stuff.The 2nd one i posted really is bizarre
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