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  1. Nice on theoo I'm in the middle of some swing changes from online golf as well.Unfortunately no matter how much I groove it in a mirror or practice it the results never show on the course.I always revert back to my old ways to advance the ball when I'm playing.Almost where our natural swing motions are what we are stuck with.Changing ball position and stance will change,but the swing always stays the same
  2. i used to do the simulator thing.It was fun,but hitting off of turf (even if slightly frozen) is the way to go.I remember I used to go to an indoor facility quite often and came out in the season hitting everything really fat.Those mats and such really did havoc for an early release that I can't get rid of.The mat makes a bad shot good
  3. Ok,let's have it.What have been some of your worst golf forums you participated in?Dont have to mention name,just a description and what happened? Will start Elk-Maves site=no mods and out of control Ok/your turns
  4. Still 3 months from opening play and we have a foot of snow on the ground.I have dug out a 10 foot x 10 foot area to hit balls this winter.When the temps get up to the 30's I will man up and shell out a few in the open fields around our home.Sure beats hitting off of the indoor-outdoor heated mat ranges.Anyone else do this?When season starts I'm also in mid season form doing this a few times a week
  5. The GG swing tips guy https://instagram.com/p/BCVv1AICt3g/
  6. Ran across his Instagram info and really love it.Anyone implement it and what worked for you?
  7. This grip shortened my overswing issues , and made me deliver the face to the ball square . I might still miss a couple left or right . But for me , ( I always shoot 70,a golf) , this really really helped .
  8. Rick You are doing very well .. I ran into a bad stretch with it . I started missing way right /!fat/ and a few shanks . I think I need to clear my mind. , take maybe a while off .. Sometimes when you hit a bad stretch , best to not play swing doctor and think thru what you did wrong . Just seems having a steady posture is vital to this, moving laterally is a killer
  9. after you watch, and if does help.. All I ask if you deposit $25 cents in my paypal for the golf balls that I smashed making this video.
  10. http://youtu.be/U5CNJt8YKhY Just watch and learn .. "Listen" to your shots and "watch" your shots .. Easy game folks
  11. Hey rp I jumped around .. But the comeaux stuff kinda put it all together . I'm. Not holding as much now .. More throwing . That was " releasing inside the hands" more a Gerry hogan release .. As I know you appreciate the old stuff like me But both effective .. I just seem to be playing better with lees stuff .
  12. Hey furr I believe the club face angles / path/ take way numbers are spot on. Groove mode is excellent for correcting any faults you have. I just question the club head speed. I go from 90 mile an hour 8 irons to 90 4 irons? If I do 90 mph 8 irons..my driver should be 130mph. Best I have is 110. Oh well, speed isn't what golf is I guess..but I seem to question the speed. But I did take my sky pro and compare to flight scope and trackman.,they were off by 1 degree plus or minus one. The swing speed on the driver ( what I used with flight scope and trackman) was spot on. I think it messes up speed on the short irons.. All devices our there stop at impact..and I so wish they would show extension in the follow thru ( which is key) ...I was told all devices have a" black spot after Impact" ..which prevents them from giving accurate post impact numbers.. All in all, I would say it is spot on ..if you want to see face and path..( which is what golf really is) ..speed..not to sure on this one. I was thinking about sb2 ..but I heard their numbers are all over the place. But the added video that you can integrate is a awesome feature.
  13. Rick.. You are really nailing this man.. We all have different feels , but I concur with what you said above . Driver was the hardest with this .. But once I spent 2 days working at it .. I nailed it . I literally was hitting shots clean off the tee , without even disturbing it .. ( not all) but more than normal . I never have experienced that before .. I was always a big tee breaker Nice job explaining your thoughts
  14. Lee (speed and his hands always stay front )
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