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    I have been taking advantage of the great info on this site for years. Thanks!

    I play 3-5 times per week.
    Driver: Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 Project X Even Flow Green stiff 250-275
    3 Fairway: Callaway Rouge 15* 235
    Taylormade tour issue M1 3 Hybrid stiff 221, Taylormade RBZ Stage 2, 4 Hybrid 210, Taylormade RBZ Stage 2, 6 Hybrid 185
    7-P KZG Forged III KBS 110 stiff 1* upright 7/155 ,8/142 ,9/130, p/120
    Cleveland CBX 50* 110
    Cleveland RTX 4 54* 100 58* 75
    Evnroll ER 8.3 34"
    Ball: Pro V1
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  1. First Name/State: Dan /Va. Handicap: 2.6 Current irons in Play: KZG Forged III, 1" long and 1* upright Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Grips oversize The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 155
  2. mackdaddy


  3. Dan Dumfries, Va. Driver Speed 99-101 I play the Bridgestone BX in the spring and fall I play the B RX. I played the first Snell ball, I bought 6 dozen. I liked them but the covers didn't hold up well to full and 3/4 swing wedges. I kept getting Bob Marley derds sticking up and then the scuffs would discolor. I found myself using four balls a round. I did have a couple balls that curved a lot.
  4. Please God stop the mass down pours here in No. Virginia We want to play!!!

  5. Sorry to have missed this test! I just had my fitting a week ago for the Flash and can't wait for it to come in!
  6. I really think that the biggest need is for people to play ready golf like they have somewhere they need to be after the round! Over the years I have played with hundreds of different people. Ready golf seems to stop after the tee box for most people. When I would say to people I like to play ready golf almost everyone would say we do too. What I observed though was that almost everyone really means by that is they ignore honors on the tee. They always waited for the order of play in the fairways and very rarely were ready to hit when it was their turn. When I moved past them to my ball and got ready to hit some even got miffed. I hope the new rules make it clear that that is the way we need to be playing!
  7. 1. Dan Virginia 2. 2.4 Driver Swing Speed 99-101 3. I have been playing a M1 460 10.5 but I cracked the crown and have been demoing drivers 4. I have been fit and would like the Epic Flash with the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 60 Stiff
  8. For the last 12 years I owned a Pub and got to play lots of golf. I sold the pub and retired. I got bored and took a job as General Manager of a country club. I play split rounds now. In the morning the pro and I play nine and in the afternoon the Super and I play the other nine. Some days I play with the members if the invite me.
  9. I just switched out my 5 and 6 irons for the Srixon Z U85s I was looking for a more forgiving strike than my KZG Forge III's and I wanted a few more yards out of each club for some of the longer par 3s on my home course I'm either over swinging for a few extra yards or I'm trying to layoff a hybrid by hitting a fade. I just got fit for an Epic Flash Driver in 10.5 with a Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661 and picked up 14 yards over my M1
  10. I plan to use either the Bridgestone B rx or the TP5. I have been playing the Bridgestone because it is cold and I like the lower compression in the cold. During the warmer weather I plan to play the TP5 because it spins more and our greens are tight firm and fast.
  11. Having a bad knee has made using a line nearly impossible. I can't get into a squat and line the line up for the putt. I did for years. Now that I have stopped using the line I have changed my putting style. I read my putts by going to the low point on the line and looking back to find the point on the cup where the ball has to enter. I look at that spot and gage how high above that line I have to aim for the ball to enter at my spot. Then I stroke the putt. I make way more putts now than I did when I putted with a line.
  12. 1. Dan/Virginia 2. 2.4 102 3. M1 4. Ping 410 Plus 10.5 Stiff shaft with a mid kick point please
  13. Dan Zero Restriction top short sleeve with Galway Bay sleeves , Footjoy pants, I had to cut the legs off because they have no proper pant sizes. Footjoy bucket hat. I played in an outing that rained so hard it was knocking the ball out of the sky about 20 yards short. The temperature dropped down to about 35. The fact that the course let the outing start because the storm was predicted for hail was crazy. The hail started as we drove in from the furthest point away from the club house we could have been. We took a marshalls cut though and the mud was thick, a group saw us take the cut through and they tried it too and one of their carts got stuck. The rain was so bad that the cardboard structure in my C-130 golf bag collapsed like old socks. Thank god I had a change of clothes in the trunk of my car because we wrung out our socks and the water from the four of our socks put 2 inches of water in the sink.
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