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  1. The only place we get our ferrules from is Cell Parts......aside from the color options, the quality cannot be beat. They supply the ferrules for many OEM companies as well.
  2. It's the new 2011 offering from...... HAMMER! POW!
  3. Wow, I forgot all about this thread! Sorry for not getting back sooner! Granulated sugar is a cheap substitute for shafting beads...
  4. We buy thin sheets of brass....basically brass sheeting that we cut to 2" x 2" strips....then fold or wrap it around the hosel to be clamped....so you want the clamp to be grasping the brass sheet, which is wrapped around the club. This virtually eliminates the chance of gouging, even the softest of forged clubs....it IS possible, but much harder to scratch. Another thing I did not see mentioned in the responses... If you bend a cast club...lets say you bent a Titleist Vokey 3* upright....thats it.. you are done. Any effort in the future to bend it back will almost ALWAYS result in snappage (yes, I made up that word). If you ever need help, don't hesitate to email/PM me
  5. I have the Droid from Verizon and love it...added a couple of their free golf apps that were decent...but Golf Logix recently released their golf GPS system for the Droid...and preliminary results show this to be a solid feature. Did I mention I LOVE the Droid?
  6. If you want to get the basic tools to get you started, and want to keep the budget ultra low, then I recommend the following...many of these items you may have around the house: Vise Vise clamp club making epoxy sandpaper/emery board Tape measure masking tape Lamp oil pipe cutter granulated sugar rubber mallet lint free cloth (like gun cleaning cloths) WD-40 (or similar silicone spray) If you want to spend a bit more and make your experiment a bit easier, then buy: Dremel tool chop saw gram scale Bear in mind with these "tools" it will provide you all the shop tools you'll need to get started to do a few clubs at a time....nothing special...but will be a low cost way for you to decide if you want to move on or not. Good luck!
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