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  1. Got mine last friday, so far I'm super impressed by the numbers it producing. Great help on range sessions. The app on the other side is horrendous - I'm really hoping they have a new one in the makings. By horrendous I mean that the look and feel is just plain bad. It doesn´t use the entire screen of the phone. It's as they are afraid of competing with themself if they made a good app. On the positive side the app works, haven't had a crash yet. So if flightscope just could make an app that matches the product it would be great. I wished it had a distance game built in, I know it's not "real" without side spin data, but on range sessions it would add a great competative moment.
  2. Anyone got news regarding Game Golf? The webpage is back up, the app is working, the support is gone, no replies on facebook.
  3. Two set of rules is that really necessary? Before I answer that question, ask yourself "Who owns the game of golf?". My answer to that question is "We all and no-one are", there is nothing that stops you and your friends to decide your own set of rules or exception from the official rules. As long as you only play each other USGA and/or RANDA don't care if you use "illegal" clubs, have one mulligan per hole or whatever you think is fair. The only thing that matter is that you don't put other people in danger, keep up the pace of play and replace divots / repair pitch marks / rake bunkers etc. But as soon we are competing in organized tournaments a standardized set of rules are (imho) necessary. So my answer to the that question is: No! However USGA is trying to ruin the game, I'm still undecided. We all seem to want hit the ball further, stop the ball faster on the green, knowing the exact yardage (even though most of us don't hit it consistent). Having yardage on the course is actually a quite young occurrence, Jack Nicklaus "introduced" this to the golfing world in 1966 on Muirfield, prior to this it was not in the spirit of the game to have exact yardage - it was about eye-hand coordination/feel. If you talk to some golfers (RANDA among others) they agree that USGA is ruining the game by allowing electronic distance measurement devices, quite a few think the opposite. The public has gotten used to see the pro players bomb drivers 300++ yards, to make the courses tougher they have until now made them longer. "Force" players to hit drivers shorter is bad PR, force players to keep it in play isn't. Is this the way to go? To the last three or four soccer world championship FIFA (soccer federation) has allowed new balls that will spin more in order to get more spectacular free-kicks, in a few years I'm sure they will have the same problem as we do in golf - what will their counteraction be? Banning the balls or making the goals smaller, the public has then got used to see the free-kicks cork-screwing their way into goal... We all long for development in golf, we all want to hit'em longer and straighter - preferably without practising. Currently I'm getting more and more to the point that USGA isn't ruining the game. RANDA's standpoint to this matters is as I interpret it, is that if it wasn't for RANDA, USGA would make golf into Disneyworld.
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