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  1. I do not really think anything gets deleted here.  If that were the case, I know that on at least 2 occasions mine would have.


    I wish that were the case, or, if done, at least notice or a quiet discussion could be conducted. Unfortunately it was not the case in this instance.


    I had a disagreement about the Scratch controversy with three fanboys on this board, most focused upon the ability of one grinder's ability to produce sufficient volume for the companies sales. That conversation was deleted and no notice was given.


    If I am to be condemned, I would very much like to be informed.





  2. Get a second opinion.


    A doctor told me I needed an operation for a slipped disk and even warned me that I could become a quadroplegic if I did not do so if I happened to even hit a bump in the road. That doctor was asking for money I did not have, and I went home and sat in my room thinking on what to do for a few days, rather depressed.


    A friend came by because he had heard of my problem and forced me to accompany him to a different hospital to see a doctor friend of his. While there a second doctor took interest because I had had an MRI done and he wanted to see it. They both came to the conclusion that I did not need an operation and suggested physical therapy as an alternative. Apparently I did have a disk problem but it was not yet bad enough to warrent an operation.


    While undergoing physical therapy I noticed that just about everything done to me involved stretching my spine so I found a very simple book on yoga and used those excercises, albeit without force, and my healing accelerated to such a degree that I stopped the physical therapy but continued the yoga. I still do the yoga thing but only when I feel those old problems creeping back. I sure wish I could figure out what caused it in the first place.






  3. My point in a all of this was around the Speedblade irons. I swap out pretty much any shaft they would come with so if I found a better deal on a used women's set I could just pull the shafts and the club heads would be the same as the men's sets. My big concern was if the head weights are the same.


    If that is all you're worried about just visit a medical supply store and pick up a scale, preferably digital. You'll then be able to compare head weights to your hearts desire.





  4. Agree on Paulina not deserving to be on the cover.  Shes not even a golfer, shes just a somewhat pretty girl who is dating/married to/whatever a pro golfer.

    It is what it is though, Im sure GD thought having her on the cover would help them sell magazines.


    I agree somewhat. A more subtle message is that golf can be a nice dating place and a fun thing for young people as an activity and not the exclusive place of fat middle aged men. In that sense, Paulina serves well as a messenger.




  5. What is a "Korean show band"?


    It's more often described as K-POP. Rock groups that dress up their stars to emphasize youth with imaginative haircuts for the men and the women come out in fashions that emphasize the face and long slim legs.


    They make some nice sounding songs but I have no idea of what they are singing about. However I think there will come a melding of fashions between the east and west given a little time, unless a better idea presents itself. :)




  6. I didn't call her immoral, I just said that I prefer women who respect themselves enough to not show themselves off to everyone through skimpy clothing. I'm not labeling Paulina or any girl like this as bad, immoral, or anything like that. Like I said, everyone has different opinions about something like this, just my thoughts on the matter.


    I probably used the wrong word in this instance. I just dislike blanket judgemental statements and prefer the world be viewed from a more whole perspective than the whole be judged from specifics.






    You are wise beyond your years, young man.



    I disagree.


    Paulina and today's girls who have learned to dress like her, is simply a product of the times. My own model was Elvis, hot rods and girls with sweaters worn as capes... pretty much like the kids portrayed in " GREASE " and " American Pie". Yes, I also carried a comb in my hip pocket. :) Paulina is undoubtedly under the influence of current day Korean show bands, though there are plenty of present day fashions of that variety. It really is as unfair to accuse them of lack of morality or poor judgement as it was to accuse us of being budding hoodlums or JD's. Passing judgement on the basis of appearance is a lazy man's attempt at intellect.


    A pretty girl is a pretty girl regardless of how she's dressed, but the girls never really believe they are pretty unless they are dressed in the latest fashion. :lol:





  8. The ones I've seen simply had higher lofts.


    Makes sense to me as higher lofts are easier on the player and do not require as much swing speed. There are limits to how much any company can invest to access a speciial market and women are way fewer on the fairways and more often relegated to the husband's cast offs. The market for specially built women's clubs is limited.





  9. There might be something to the idea. It's obvious that the Drive is a very important part of the game as witness the LPGA vs the PGA player. On the same fairway the PGA player will be playing a mid to short iron for the green after his Drive whereas the LPGA will be using a long to mid, sometimes even a fairway. Diferent skill sets defined by the length of the Drive. Both appear to be reasonably equal in the short game and the Putt.


    Personally I would rather be the aggressor against Par than the defender against Bogey.




  10. I do have some of my iron sets SST pured or some woods spined and flo'd or SST. The consistency of shots is very good with these clubs. Alas, I have other sets that are not aligned and the net result is pretty much the same. 

    Frequency matching kinda went out the window with taper tip iron shafts, didn't it? Unless you want to ream every iron set to .370 and then slope the shafts perfectly.


    I went to the effort of having a couple Ping tips aligned to a certain hosel setting. Then I decided I wanted to change it. LOL! What a sickness, this game. If I were to totally commit to one driver, I'd definitely have it aligned in the hosel setting I settled on. May as well remove every negative possible variable you can.


    Is the Cally adapter TWO independent cogs? The Titleists, you can change the face angle without affecting the loft, I believe. But the shaft will move if you want to adjust the loft. My RIP Phenom is still logo down, but I think its in the standard loft setting with a slightly open face angle.


    Bottom line: we can drive ourselves crazy with this stuff too!



    I agree.


    Bottom line for me is whatever my hands tell me.





  11. Offhand, I think the only way of softening metal by heating is if the metal was hardened in the first place. Even then, you would have had to heat it red hot thereby removing the temper and then let it air cool. I doubt any putter is hardened steel as that is not necessary to a putter's function. Stainless is simply a harder steel than simple carbon steel but is not hardened steel.





  12. Likewise, in competition I carry 14 and these days more in casual and practice. Truth to tell, however, I doubt all that many people actually need a full bag. Almost anybody better than a brand new guy is capable of both shrinking and stretching a club. It's not the most comfortable swing, but there is also satisfaction in the successful execution and failure is more often forgiven more quickly. 




  13. Most of us would be wisest to model our games after Paula Craemer. Zach averages 280 off the tee and hits it 300 when need be. The average golfer is around 210 and the average single digit guy around 240.


    If you are as long as Zach consistently then by all means go ahead. The rest of us need to watch the LPGA much, much more for course strategy and even there the gals are longer than one might think.


    I agree that the LPGA players are closer in distance to many of us but that is no reason to not watch the PGA players. Granted they are much longer, course and game strategy is a totally different facet of the game. We get into trouble because we do not give enough attention to carry as against total, and the places players send their ball as against distance. We also miss out on the importance of controlling back spin and trajectory in shots to the green. I would have added landing areas on the green, but I was recently pleased with some announcers who gave good mention of potential landing areas on the greens in a tournament opening the 2014 season. Finally, announcers that do their homework !


    Distance is a big part of Golf, but there are many facets unmentioned. Hopefully the coming year will show more of Golf rather than the mindless sycophantic drivel.




  14. The closest thing I have to an i series club are my EYE 2's. :)


    I thought the business of plating stainless clubs a turn off and so turned away from the i20's. Seemed like a good club and felt pretty Ping style when I visited a shop to try them out but the idea of gilding the Lily just plain drove me up the wall. Plating only lasts about 4000 strikes before showing wear.


    The i25 attracts me in looks but reports of the increased bounce give me pause and I would have to give it a few swings at the range to see if I will chance trying to live with it. The wedge looks good to me but as with all wedges, I really need to get a good look/see at the leading edge and the location of the bounce for my personal purposes. Different people have different needs. I flat out like what looks to be the return of the tumble finish and am looking forward to giving that set a personal eyeball and feel session to check the other details.


    I just threw the model into your mix to mess you up a bit. :blush:





  15. Length of driver is huge though. Huge it's why I totally disagree with the notion that fitting is only for better golfers.



    Length has a part, so does the weight of the shaft, weight of the head, lie and loft, club center of balance, all related to how the player swings, what he's comfortable with. There is also the business of the golfer's golf muscles. They are there, we just don't use them in our daily lives and do need to do some work to get them into business. Too many of us have forgotten our birth pains. Real fitting ain't easy.





  16. If the kid isn't learning something, he's wasting time. That's hard to tell from the outside and the kid is most likely the only one who truly knows. I don't buy the 5 hours thing. It can be 5 seconds if the kid learns something and keeps the learning.





  17. I carry both.


    They fly different, roll different and land different. I find the only legitimate alternative to hybrids for me is a long iron and that works, but is more difficult to use reliably. As a matter of fact, I've replaced my 3 and 4 Iron with Hybrids simply because they are really easier to use in more conditions and where an Iron is a must, it is usually smarter to play a mid or short and try to stretch them.




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