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  1. I don't see the reason for the frustration. Fitting is not magic unless the clubs are really that unfit. Most of the time Off The Rack with a wave or two before buying is plenty good enough simply because most people simply won't put enough time into practice and learning to truly benefit from the fitting because practice costs more than people are willing to spend. Fitting, for too many people, is a waste of money unless that person is willing to spend the needed time and effort to learn the clubs. If he's the weekend warrior type, fitting is just another anecdote and the most he can get
  2. It's not always just a bump. A couple of years ago I read a story wherein a player was blinded, literally, from being hit in the head by an errant golf ball. Hitting into anybody is a very bad thing and I make sure I report anyone who dares to hit into me to the Marshall and the club manager. Too many new guys are too unaware of what a dangerous missile a golf ball is. Shambles
  3. Laser or GPS will speed up play simply because the player will no longer have to struggle with making the initial distance estimates and try to remember poorly learned high school geometry lessons. Even with a good caddy you still have that moment spent wherein you verify his read. GPS only gets tired when you fail to charge the batteries. Great toys but they can't do anything when the flight in front of you or the fool in your fight is way slow. Shambles
  4. Rather unfair but every club I ever let go of, even the ones I did not get along with. Shambles
  5. I think it's a prime candidate for the future, though I must confess I am rather slow to adopt new technology. Eyeballing, once learned, is easily the most convenient. However golf course architects have had more than enough time to develop and build in optical traps to fairways that lend themselves to it. GPS and Laser easily bypass learning and optical traps. Electronics are improving in giant steps and are truly reducing the game to just a question of how well do you swing. Shambles
  6. I got myself a NEO X and am very happy with it, mostly for the convenience of reading distances off my wrist. I like that a lot more than having to carry a gadget in a holster and since I am no longer able to see enough detail in distances, the GPS is a giant help and allows me to play much more quickly. In the past I used a rangefinder but did not like the weight and thew same was true for the GPS thingy in hand. Both were good enough accuracy wise but clumsy to carry. I much prefer the GPS Watch which feels weightless and automatically switches holes as you go through the course and also aut
  7. It's not unusual and I have not yet found a way of preventing it from happening, but the fix it period can be shortened tremendously by gaining a better understanding the way you swing and why you swing the way you do. Shambles
  8. I had not been planning on buying the GPS watch but someone somewhere reported a selling price of $50 and I felt that for that kind of money I could find a way to live with short battery life and the need to map your own course. I asked a friend in Canada to bring me one when He next came to visit. Several surprises. He bought the NeoX, it cost $ 200 and I was not able to register it on the website and therefore unable to even check out to see if any local courses were mapped. It looked like a lost investment but a good friend familiar with the workings of such things agreed to try to regi
  9. I was fairly well amazed at how often I was wrong about distances and only saw proof thereof when I got into the habit of checking my GPS. It's not as if my GPS is necessarily as accurate as all that, it being an old model, but its readings are more consistent than I am. Shambles
  10. I think Tiger's time and money would be wasted on this fool writer of loose words however it seems a good time to put him and his ilk on notice that there is an end to patience and a demand for proof would certainly clear the air. Shambles
  11. I think you get easier course setups if you play in social tournaments or weekends and holidays. The club managers, faced with needing to get a large number of players through the course with time enough leftover for them to have a few, will not be wanting to give them heavy problems posting a reasonable score. Weekdays, on the other hand, will be when the tees and pin positions are rotated to the more difficult to try to even out the wear and tear that comes for the tees, fairways and greens. Also, different times of the day can make problems greater or less depending on the prevailing wind o
  12. It's too big a job and needs too much skill. The end cost will be prohibitive. Shambles
  13. That's also as I remember the rule. Unfortunately someone told me they removed the chipper entirely but was unable to explain why, and I didn't care enough to look it up or verify because I don't use a chipper. There have been many changes to the rules over the years and I no longer feel the need to religously keep up with the changes. BTW, a two sided chipper is real handy for getting a ball away from a tree that is standing on the wrong side of the ball. A two sided Bullseye can aproximate the same utility but suffers considerably because 3.5* loft cannot serve as well as 21* loft under
  14. Fun video. I want to master all the excuses. Shambles
  15. I actually do play some people with non conforming clubs. One or two even play a chipper. I no longer feel there is a measurable advantage to be gained from non conforming equipment, but if I could truly buy a game, I would. Fact of the matter is, there isn't, so it does not matter if the guy plays non conforming unless you let it get into your mind and become a believer. Much more dangerous is the guy who is truly better than he looks, and they are many. Shambles
  16. True. Shortening the shaft gives you a more upright effect and lengthening flattens. However I never thought, saw or felt the amount involved mattered all that much. It's a subjective effect and not objective so it will affect different people differently. Shambles
  17. Longer shafts with the same flex is something I have not experienced. Longer shafts with resultant softer flex adds up to greater carry for me but requires a change of stance, address and timing to equate to greater distance of any meaning. In short, if I want a benefit in length, I need to make changes in my swing. It's not as difficult as it sounds, but there is a learning curve involved. There are also limits. To be able to make the changes I need to stand a little bit narrower to become a little taller at address and still be able to strike the ball with the face angle and effective d
  18. +1 Consistency is bound to suffer until you get used to the changes but I would want to fully explore that configuration until I was fully satisfied it was a plus or a minus. Shambles
  19. Makes sense to me. That's why patent attorneys are paid a lot of money. They not only write and protect patents, they also warn their clients about possible infringement issues for new products. Shambles
  20. I'm surprised Rick Reilly wrote this article as he is, in my eyes, very much an abuser of journalistic ethics. Shambles
  21. Seems to me the scenario you are describing is the difference between a strong 2 cap and a weak 2 cap. The strong 2 cap is, of course, the one with the extra tool...the 5 more yards. He is more likely to play to his cap than his weaker brother. Shambles
  22. I think there was a time when there were efforts to keep Tennis pure and discourage gifted players from turning pro. I seem to recall that the better players were secretly sponsored by being invited to the sponsors residence or office for dinner and then engaging them in silly bets wagering serious money that the sposor was sure to lose, thereby ensuring that the gifted players would be well funded, provided they stayed amateur. That, as can be seen today, failed to keep the pros at bay. There may already be cracks in the amateur wall as I remember a story of some amateur disqualified from
  23. What's wrong with just choking down a bit ? The only thing you want to do is see if you can find a good comfortable swinging length that still allows you to put a good swing on the ball. In the process of testing, you might even find out why you are having trouble with the original length. Shambles
  24. If you're just out to win a tournament, any tournament, it's relatively easy. There is no specific target date and for as long as you can play, the chance is always available. Winning a specific event, any specific event, is always way tougher. You are now pointed at a specific date on which you must perform better and be a little bit luckier. That focus just makes things so much more important and more difficult. Shambles
  25. If that were done she would become the beneficiary of the prize regardless of the intermediary deposit and therefore cease to be an amateur by earning from Golf. Even the business of directing the prize to some charity implies having received the prize to redirect and therefore violate her amateur status. I recall a case wherein a pretty college golfer on a golf scholarship was also working as a model. She appeared in a print ad blasting a ball out of a sand trap selling some non golf related product and was subsequently deprived of both her scholarship and membership in the college golf
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