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  1. I haven't been able to open it either as I'm still reinstalling my software. However it was mentioned in other DB's as something other than a materials certificate which, I think, would be an official testament from the company as to the materials they make their product with. A PDF reasder is a relatively easy find and I'll try to find the time to install it today or tonight if I finish installing my new hard disk. I believe TSG is submitting samples to an independent lab in the States so given time we shall have a more definnitive answer than the he said she said merry go round we are c
  2. Japanese pay pretty high prices for what seems to me gimicky products. They also pay very high prices for tiny little cubicles they call home, and I heard thet most Japanese golfers spend their golfing life in the range and hardly ever get a course to play in as it's too expensive. Japanese have been known to tour abroad and buy Japanese products in the States or whatever other countries they visit as they can buy them cheaper there. But then that was back before the Asian Economic Meltdown. These days I don't often see japanese tourists. You're not that bad off and a golf club is a
  3. The design looks clumsy. Shambles
  4. Scratch and Miura have not responded directly to the questions. They have threatened law suits and accused TSG of dishonesty and ulterior motives but have not stated categorically that they are using JIS 1018 steel, denied that they are using open designs or that they forge their own, other than in long standing advertisements. They have not even provided the certificate of materials requested. Shambles
  5. BeCu was not hazardous to the golfers who used them but was hazardous to the workers who ground them. I still have my old Eye 2's of lawsuit fame but have since bagged newer clubs. The old eye 2's still feel as smooth as ever, they just seem so old these days, though I probably look older. Shambles
  6. The Hogan legend was made by Hogan's demand for the tighter tolerances and respect for his market. That was a time of loose tolerances and Hogan was the difference. These days manufacturing standards are much easier to meet and the machines available are much better at producing the tight standards that Hogan enforced. Celebrate Hogan for making a difference as you can also celebrate Karsten Solheim for introducing the new engineering to Golf club manufacturing. Their contributions have been made todays standard and their passing has not ended their ontributions. They are still with us in
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