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  1. I'm somewhat surprised that you are charged to volunteer but I'm of the opinion that volunteering for a pro event can be fun and a learning experience provided you have the time to give. Shambles
  2. I extended the shafts of one of my sets of irons by an inch. They were actually about half an inch short for my minimum comfortable length so now I'm well within my comfort zone shaft length wise. Almost like magic, I found it much easier to point my shots but more important to me my knees and the small of my back stopped complaining. Shaft extensions are one of the gentler solutions to comfort swing problems, though much the same effect can sometimes be achieved with a lie adjustment. I think it's a better solution than soft stepping if you are not having any problems with shaft flex. A
  3. I think I can better appreciate your problem at this point. I'm still uncertain if you have already bought the shafts, but if you have, in general, filled epoxy gives a trouble free operation almost all the time. Those rare times I have seen problems have been due to installers error. For such a simple job as installing a shaft, there are surprisingly a few errors that really can cause problems down the road but they can be avoided easily if the installer pays attention to his work and has a reasonable understanding of how these things work. It's really a simple operation but carelessness can
  4. You are probably right. I had the impression, from the first post, that he had already bought the shafts. Either the first post or some subsequent. Regardless, given time, they should turn up somewhere. Just keep looking and keep the cash handy. I still think an inquiry with Tom Wishon will offer a few viable alternatives, but if the mind wants those particular shafts, there is no saying no to that. Shambles
  5. You don't pull shims, you discard them. Filled epoxy will do the job for you as long as don't let it get into your mind. It can be steel filled, glass or even sugar. There are a lot of choices and the only limitation is whatever is available to you. That should cost you the same as any normal shaft installation. You could also ask Tom Wishon, a member on this site, if there is a shaft close enough to the specs of your favored shaft that comes with a 370 tip. He has done a lot of work charting the flex and bend characteristics of many shafts. Shambles
  6. I did about 10 years ago, maybe a bit more, though admittedly it was only part of the reason. Mostly it was boredom as I lost any ambitions for a better game and had become repetitive. The PoP was just the catalyst. The game isn't all that difficult but some of the rules are excessively punitive especially the way new guys interpret them and hold them so sacred. I only follow the rules during competition and tournaments and only for as long as I have a shot at some prize. Otherwise I just try to stay out of the way of others. The game is expensive, but it has always been expensive. It's a
  7. I only look to shims and other force fit procedures when left with absolutely no other alternative. There was a time these tricks were necessary but that is no longer the case. There are just too many resources available from the shops that I find it improbable the right shaft cannot be found. Shambles
  8. I disagree. It's going to take a long term campaign to change the image of golfers who take leisurely walks and are slow to decide into golfers who move more efficiently and are better organized. Not necessarily the hustle and bustle of New York City, but more like the walk to the neighborhood grocery for a snack or some other non essential. Too many players act as if they are on stage when it's their turn to swing. Shambles
  9. I learned to use my sand wedge in a normal hitting bay on the range, trying to do the sand shots as if the ball were in sand. I did the same for my short game and came there was not much difference unless you had a lie that truly demanded a special shot. Even then, as long as you got to know your wedge, there was a pretty good shot you could get out of the trap most times. You don't really have to blast to learn how to blast, but you do have to become familiar enough with the feel and heft of the wedge to have a better chance at some fancier shots. Most of the time the only need is to let the
  10. In all my golfing life I've only met one golfer who interlocked. He said he needed to use that grip because he had small hands with short fingers. Regardless of his reasons, the man played better golf than I did during the time we played together. I experimented with it a very short while but did not like the pain that came with my swing errors. I've stayed with the Vardon since. Shambles
  11. Lots of chemicals sprayed on that grass to keep it growing and green. I would not want it on bare skin for any amount of time or be responsible for letting anyone do so. You never know whose allergies will react badly to that soup. Shambles
  12. In many places in the world, the same word can be a pejorative or a dignified term. In some places, " Colored " refers to anyone who is not Caucasian. I do not know that man's cultural background, but it is very probable that the terms used were innocent. Europe, on the whole, at least in the time I spent there, was not racially divided. These days immigration pressures have changed some places and the welcome of some nationalities but I believe people there still look on each other as just other people. Shambles
  13. I've been thinking about getting a replacement for my old gps and thanks to this review, the bushnell neo is off my list. Most of the courses in my part of the world are not mapped and we have to do our own mapping. I like the size of this one but it sounds like it lacks durability and would become a regular expense. Shambles
  14. It's a mistake to take Range distances straight to the fairway. The range gives you a reasonably ideal stance and lie and the fairway will often have the ball slightly above or below your feet, uphill or downhill and the target landing above or below you. All these things affect the carry and distance you can expect from a good shot. Throw in your personal average inconsistency and the needed shot being between clubs and you have a whole lot of planning to do. Flavor it with new clubs that have different lofts and you begin to wonder if you will ever learn this game. If somebody has a simple s
  15. Actually, proper prep is just about everything in making a good durable finish. It's way easy for car painters but there is a whole lot of learning for the amateur first timer. A car painter could probably do the job for small change if he's not out to become a millionaire on one job. Might be a good idea to pull the shaft first, just to make taping up the head easier. Shambles
  16. Good point, though I would suggest you never say never. Fact is, anything you buy loses somewhere in the area of as much as 50% resale value just by paying for it and walking out the door of the store with it. However that is the world we live in and we do get a great deal of pleasure just for owning the latest model and basking in the pleasure of curious subtle attention from our peers as we try it out. We most certainly give extra attention to our warm ups so as to ensure a good shot on the first full swing. It's an expensive pleasure that only lasts until the next model comes out, but for s
  17. For me, it's also probably everything I own though to differing degrees. I still have some wood Hogan's and other brands somewhere around the house. Funny thing about those old wood clubs was that you took them to someone with carpentry skills to preserve their looks. These metal woods, for me, go to a car painter for a new coat of paint and clear coat on whatever color I choose. Automatic obsolescence has long been with us but lately, with all the heavy advertising and flood of new models, it's gone into high gear. Shambles
  18. I used to browse around some web sites but learned to look for articles to read or news to hear from websites that do not force a waiting time for their ads to stop. Funny thing is I often look for ads to learn what's new and what the manufacturer or retailer has to say about it. Shambles
  19. I like the Yoda quote, but prefer to use it for people who have smoking problems. With regards to Golf I consider time wasted if there is no learning involved, especially if you are just beginning or on the come back trail. Thus I dislike the idea of settling for what you have. I consider that attitude the beginning of atrophy. Explore your limits and try to push them back. Shambles
  20. I had a bad case of the slice on almost all my shots many years ago. Hard to believe, but I even sliced my sand wedge on full swings. I went to a pro and he looked at me swing, then immediately taught me to hook, after which he made me hook ball after ball for an hour with no further instruction. I was feeling cheated but followed the instruction because I was paying him for that hour. Shortly before the end of the hour, he instructed me to begin hitting straight shots. Miracle of miracles, I hit straight shots one after the other and at the end of the hour he declared me cured. Sha
  21. You give too much credit to Vijay and athletes in general. Not all that many athletes have all that many smarts, evidence of which is the large numbers that very quickly end up broke after they stop being at the top of their game and lose their contracts. Vijay more likely heard about the spray from someone and, not knowing how to check the ingredients out, simply tried it and liked it, which is pretty much how many of us conduct our own lives. Shambles
  22. Thinking the same thing. However I've seen many players practice without knocking the tee down and if the tee sells cheap enough, it might be worth the expense. Shambles
  23. We got rid of the sandbaggers simply by awarding only trophies to the winners. All prizes were raffled off with the most valuable going last, and personal presence required. Shambles
  24. I am also curious and share my findings when occasion allows. However I am much more limited as I do not have access to as many clubs and shafts nor do I have the money, time and energy or equipment to deal with all that many. I very much agree with the bulk of Wishon's findings including fixed hosels. As a matter to note, a few years back when adjustable hosels were first introduced they were given a cold welcome by consumers and it is only now in the face of heavy marketing efforts that they are being given more attention. I have one adjustable hosel design that I disliked and is now sitting
  25. It's happened to me everywhere, mostly at the ending of a round. The only thing I've noticed about mats is that they are excessively kind to bad swings and leave you thinking you're better than you actually are. That's because you can hit a bit behind the ball and the club slides forward making you think you made a good shot rather than punishing you. With the old un-cushioned mats a digger could end up breaking his shaft. When I practice with mats, I pay close attention that I am actually hitting the ball and not sliding into it. Shambles
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