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  1. I get that both on the course and the range. It's usually when I'm already so tired I find squaring the club needs a conscious effort. I can't remember if I've ever actually hit a hosel. Shambles
  2. I can sympathize. A friend and I were playing when he struck a lifetime drive on one of our longer par 5's. Within a Minuit of his Drive I saw and felt the beginnings of a squall and sure enough got it and some hail too. He insisted it was still golfing weather while I instructed my caddy to beat a retreat to the tee house, made a final appeal to him to join me, and began my journey to safety. He joined me rather than play alone and we got into the tee house just as the winds started blowing so strongly that the bags were literally blown out of the shelter into the open. He still felt we c
  3. Offhand I'll say those black drivers are going to look old real quick. The difficulty with coloring the working parts of a golf club is that the color does come off with use. The sight of new clubs with their colors rubbing off from use or practice is bound to be discouraging for further sales. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has found a way to permeate steel or any durable metal with color other than it's own natural color so any coloring is bound to be only on the surface or a form of electro plating. None will survive rubbing. Shambles
  4. Whereas I can very much agree that being able to feel your way to the green or eyeball distances is the best of all worlds, I've just never been any good at it. I find these devices a tremendous help that saves me a lot of time. I tried living with a rangefinder but found it too heavy and clumsy and so carried it but only used it when I had doubts. I've since found a GPS that is not only lighter and smaller but is also so quick to use that I simply glance at it for just about every shot. These days I only use the rangefinder on courses that I have not yet mapped. Shambles
  5. I think Wishon is right about this as far as my experience with MWT is concerned. However there have been other players I've met that felt there was a difference regardless that I could neither see or feel it. I let those clubs go for a song some time ago. I felt no desire to try them again at some future date and felt there was nothing there I wanted. Shambles
  6. If you can feel the change, it's there. Shambles
  7. That's adding 50 or more officials to the clutter of the fairways and also the attendant cost of equipment and support. You're talking about a considerable increase in overhead. Shambles
  8. I like all four but am a bit worried that the stitching might prove a place for things to collect on when you play and regularly forget to clean after. Shambles
  9. I made much the same mistake with a putter grip a long time ago and actually played it for a time. Big mistake. Regardless that I also am not consciously aware of my hands when I putt, they do have a way of having their way with you. I was rather surprised to discover that I was correcting my hands regardless that I was not aware of them and in the end, I corrected the misalignment and shortly after found my putting more comfortable. Shambles
  10. I'm using an air tank with a regulator. No noise at all except the hissing. However it almost cost me my hands when I made a mistake assembling it and it blew off my hose connections. Blood literally sprayed the room and my hands were not feeling or looking very good. Luckily it was not as bad as it looked and after a couple of weeks healing, I was able to try again. This time I blew up a grip and learned the regulator was set way too high. The thing is working now and I'm coming to the conclusion it was more trouble and expense than it's worth. I should have stayed with the hypo, conta
  11. I'd like to sympathize with your dilemma but I honestly only look at my putter when I reach for it. The Bullseye is ambidextrous in many of it's models but the one I have very much shows it's experience and I try to keep it covered until I am ready to use it. I chose my putter on the basis of how easy it was to point and how good it felt in the hand. Never really looked at how ragged it looked and was really surprised recently t how much rust had developed on the shaft from being hit by a blade many times. I guess an earlier owner had a bad putting day or two. Shambles
  12. I was curious about those and tried them out but settled for an old Bullseye as most comfortable for my game regardless that it's now much pitted and and very much shows it's age. The millings and the inserts hold the ball too well to suit me and I prefer the slipping of simple metal. Shambles
  13. Barbajo, Not to be nasty, but living in a tropical country where golf is just about 365 days a year, there are times I actually envy you guys in the temperate climates with the variety of weather you get. I rather miss those times I woke up to snow. Shambles
  14. I just watched a few being built and tried it out on my clubs. It's not all that hard, and just needed some thinking and improvising the needed tools. Shambles
  15. The only time a head died on me was a Taylor Made head whose Titanium face developed a small crack in normal use. The local distributor refused warranty and did not give assistance b/c the head was bought in the U.S. Apparently I was on my own sending the head back to the U.S. for warranty so I stopped buying any local products from the retailers here and have since settled for the second hand market. These come so cheap I can just throw away the ones I don't like. That one cracked face from T.M. turned me off and away from brand new, initially from T.M., but now extended to all brands dis
  16. Blade, Here we have a difference of opinion, possibly because we have a difference in technique. I sole all my clubs at address and from there proceed with the swing I planned on. There was a time I followed the Jack Nicklaus technique of holding the club suspended behind the ball, and I did find the practice advantageous when in the rough or sand mostly because those places were not so strange to me because I was then very practiced in holding the club suspended, but I have since become lazy and sole all the clubs when able to do so. I sole the club but make sure of having the grooves rea
  17. Seems to me the adjustable hosel is just another way of helping the player adjust the club position relative to himself to effect a different swing direction into the ball therefore making a change in ball flight or launch angle possible. It does not physically adjust loft in the accepted measure but it does adjust subjective loft provided the player can swing like a machine, i.e., exactly the same way each time. I think changes will be effected upon the swing because of changes in lie and perspective to which we are all subject. The necessity of having a base to conduct a measure from is
  18. Mat favors a sweeper and lets a club slide forward. Grass wont let the club slide as much so you really need to hit the little ball before the big ball. Shambles
  19. That's happened to me. I tried to force some expired epoxy to serve their turn long after they were gone. Shambles
  20. I understand such an attitude. I'm equally guilty at times. It's not necessarily stupid though rethinking the act at a later time would convince one that there was a distinct lack of sense in the act. Still and all, for the sake of the memory, we do things. Shambles
  21. Life for the poor in India is bad to the extreme. Granted that labor can be found even to the point of work for food, there are a lot of jobs on a golf course that require a fair amount of technical education, especially in this one which is situated on the ocean. I'm pretty sure the agronomist who deals with this course will be needing an extra large supply of fresh water and chemicals just trying to keep the grass alive. Machinery will suffer from salty air, as will the course, and it's very possible the course will suffer soggy fairways during the monsoon season. Offhand, with the shor
  22. I'm thinking this is some kind of joke. Where will they find enough rich people to keep such an expensive facility alive ? Shambles
  23. I agree. It's a classic new guy error that can go as far as the woods. That bending over to that extreme is indicative of an extreme effort that has gone misdirected. She has likely been subjected to too many conflicting ideas and is in a morass of confusion but still gamely fighting. Rather sad. Shambles
  24. Sonartec looks right and sounds right to me. I find it a bit touchy, needing a bit more attention when used and not flying as high as easily as the old burners they replaced, but their looks and sound appeal to me so I will again make the effort to change. The sonartecs bend the ball more easily in either left or right direction. So much so that I truly need to pay attention to avoid the unintended journey. I think they are truly players clubs and do not know if I am going to be able to play them but am very interested in the try. Shambles
  25. That piece was rather disgusting for all the venom. Shambles
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