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  1. FAR more reasonable for the work that goes into this putter, than most would ever imagine. PM sent your way. LaMont in AZ
  2. I had this one mocked up with a plumbers neck, but balked at that neck when it came time to weld. Instead, I turned up a nice, Full Round Neck from Stainless Steel (FRN-SS). I love the way it flows and there seems to be enough plumbers neck models on the market to last a while. Pictures were sent to a customer in Oklahoma, as a potential putter for his son, recently. The ensuing conversation now has a larger model, "SUPER SPORT" being designed and will be milled in the coming days. I am looking forward to showing off the next version, but currently, these pics will have to do. Check them out and let me know what you think. Thanks, LaMont in AZ
  3. I had the opportunity to check out the second generation of this driver, this past Friday at Golf Fest 2012. It has some added technology from the design team at Vyatek and is one cool looking piece of machinery. I was on same page as Havoc when I tried out the first model, the one reviewed above. The sound with the most conservative face was great, the overall look was solid, but the shut face killed the deal. They have changed that face angle in the new model, added a welded face technology in one of their styles and the same custom options for getting it done in corporate colors with logos still remains. On top of that, the parent company is the one responsible for Hybrex Golf Shafts and they use some of that technology in their new head. I will be posting more with regards to Hybrex in the coming weeks. Their headquarters are very close to the shop I work part time at in Tempe and Rick, one of their reps, was kind enough to invite me to swing by and meet the guys on the Hybrex/DnA team, when I get a chance. Be sure to check out their site at dnagolf.com and get a look at this new style head. Grooveless face, a slew of custom color combos and it is a solid performer, for sure. Just had to post here, as when I did a Google search on the company, after meeting them, I saw that a fellow MyGolfSpy guy had done this review on model #1. Thanks and good luck, LaMont in Az
  4. One of those on one of my "Rattler" models would just be too sick for words. Great looking grips, Sarge. Thanks for the pics, LaMont in AZ
  5. Yeah, Plastic, its the new "Leather". Having flashbacks of the Swatch era. Not pleasant, but if I don't like 'em, I don't have to buy 'em. Whatever works. LaMont in AZ
  6. I have to admit I am shocked to see guys looking at this as any sort of "real" putter. It was milled as a crazy thought to use up a small piece of stock that was on the bench. I really never thought it would strike a ball for someone. I have a different hosel welded in place, right now and will get some pictures of its new look, later today. Weight-wise, it is much too light to game. I just thought it was sort of cool to mill something that had all of the features of a full size putter. The loft and lie will be to spec, there is draft milled into the sole and I am betting that the "sweet spot" will be very close to center of the flange. It is a cool little milling that might work as a putter for a very young junior that just wants to roll with Dad or as a desk ornament. I'll keep you posted. BTW, this was the same reaction I got on a few other sites where it was posted. Not sure why I am surprised, with the putter world being a great place for new ideas, lately. Have an amazing day, LaMont in AZ My other latest creation:
  7. All you had to do was ask. The PC I do a lot of my browsing from is shut down while the machine shop re-arranges a lot of the area where I work most of the time. Here is that picture. Thanks for sharing my work. It is appreciated. LaMont in AZ
  8. I don't think that they ever solidified designs that they wanted to put into production. With the demand for their wedges being very high and irons selling fairly well, not enough time in the day to bring full focus onto putters. Their tour department putters have been sort of hit and miss, in my eye. Jeff McCoy has a lot of talent, but wedges are his strong suit, just now. If he dives into putters, full-time, that might change. He made a heel-shafted blade a couple of years ago that was a gorgeous piece of putting machinery. I was one that thought the team of Nead/Scratch was a perfect match, but that did not play out like anyone saw it. Keep your eyes peeled, I could be wrong on all counts with regards to their production aims and the PGA Show could shock us all. LaMont in AZ
  9. Not for me. We'll leave it at that. LaMont in AZ
  10. I came home this evening and found a box just inside my front door. It contained one of the best-looking drivers I have ever had the good fortune to put in my bag, the new J40 430 Model. I have a great relationship with the guys over at Bridgestone and have used their line of balls for the better part of the past 24 years, dating back to the Rextar Balatas and before. They have really upped their game on the drivers, with the pair of J40 offerings, this year. Check out the pictures and if you get a chance, hit this beauty. I have been a huge fan of the TM R510TP and this is as close as one gets, in address appearance, in a very long time. Can't wait to tee it up and give this one a workout. Thanks a million to the great guys in Covington, GA. LaMont in AZ
  11. I got a wild hair, tonight and tracked down an old Aldila driver shaft, X-flex that had been stuck in a corner for a rainy day. It was originally a little longer, but a fracture sent it to an early grave and landed it in my hands. I tipped this bad boy several inches and now it is a .355-ish tip and fit right into the hosel cup that was bored on this neck. It may or may not wind up staying there, but I'll get that head welded and at least give it a roll or two. It plays at 41" with the graphite in it and might fit me, just right. Time will tell and I'll let you guys know how it fares. Thanks, LaMont in AZ Just as a side note, the lie and loft have not be set, just yet. Once it is welded up, I'll set specs to fit the intended player and it won't look as "OFF" as it does from some of the angles.
  12. Moecat, As a matter of fact, right out of the gate it hung nearly perfectly face-balanced. I've got a call in to my welder for a Sunday app't and let's see what we can make happen. Picked up the shaft and grip for this rascal, today, just need someone to give me a length, LOL. There is a customer I have in mind and I'll post here if she is sold by Sunday. Thanks and Happy New Year! LaMont in AZ
  13. I'm with you on the fact that it had to happen. When Puma and Cobra went the same way, it just made sense. Love to see a name back attached with the Cobra brand, as a "star". Looking for good things from Ricky, this year. Kid has some serious game, just needs 4 days of it in a row. One Mann's Opinion, LaMont in AZ
  14. I was asked to create a putter in this style similar to the Ray Cook Silver Ray and try to keep it around 425 grams. he Silver Ray was a very light putter and the customer is on the other end of the weight spectrum. I went to work and carved this one from a block of steel. The customer loved the process, but relayed to me that he would love it more if the toe and heel bumpers were more closely sized the same. Not a problem. I don't think that I'll have a problem moving this one and the work that was done taught me a thing or two as I milled. This bad rascal tips the scales at 413.4 grams and I'll be checking the toe hang as soon as I post this message. I wanted to give the SuperGlue a chance to dry, just a bit before I put too much weight on that bond, LOL. The entire putter is milled from 1018 CR Steel and the plug you see in the tip of the hosel is temporary. I placed it there to maintain the shape of the socket, while adjusting the bends in the neck. Milling on the face is a double-pass with the base pass giving it a Deep Milling, and then a pass at a much faster feed rate and slower cutter speed with an additional .003 of depth, to give it the larger circles overlapping the base. Check it out and if you want to give the belly style a try, here is one very unique place to start. Thanks again, LaMont in AZ
  15. I built this rascal a while ago and put it in the hands of my rep to show as an example of rough milling. He carried it for a spell and ran into a rep for one of the OEMs at a family get together. When the other rep saw this one, it had the current specs on the sole and they were exactly what the guy was looking for. My rep would not sell it, on the spot and the other gentleman was a little bummed. In my guy's mind it did not represent what he wanted to have out there, in its current state. The deal was struck to do a little additional stamping on the putter get it black oxide finished, paint filled and on its way. Here are some shots of it, as it came from the black oxide tanks. No idea why the hosel stayed the Battleship Gray, but it looks pretty darned cool, if you ask me. It is paint filled, sitting on the bench waiting for final clean up, right now. I will try to get some pictures of it, later today and get them posted up here. Thanks for letting me share what I do and always being honest when you post your thoughts. They won't all be home runs, so it is not expected. Have an amazing day and thanks again, LaMont in AZ
  16. This one came with the simple request of moving the hosel, very slightly, giving it the blackened look and some new paint fill in a very specific color, [winkey.gif]. The welding went well, the stainless blackening went well and then paint fill left me with a black eye, LOL. I kept getting in my own way and had a bear of a time with it. It looks great, now and I am very excited to have it shipping out. The customer has been amazingly patient, beyond possible description. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think of the finished look. Thanks, LaMont in AZ
  17. If Scotty bought his putters from a foundry in Asia, cast from 304 SS and with milled faces, he'd be able to market them at a price very near this. I am not a huge Scotty fan, but these putters are nowhere near the quality of the OTR Scotty putters that we are seeing in today's market. These are more on par with the Cleveland Classic line. Cast, skim milled and offered to hit a target audience that wants a lower priced putter. Nothing wrong with that, but make no mistake, there is a difference in materials, difference in country of origin and a difference in workmanship. Just one Mann's honest opinion. LaMont in AZ
  18. I put in my order for the J40 445, then did some looking and switched to the 430 model............release set for January. I had no idea that the release was pushed back and then this! Number one driver tested, today!?!? OMG! Could my choice have been any worse? Got an up close look at the 445, today and have to say it is one of the best looking drivers, from address, I have seen in a very, very long time. Now, I am debating whether to see about changing my order to the 445, or holding out for the 430. In the big picture, if THAT is my worst worry, I am a little better of than some. Thanks for reviewing the new J40 driver and I am off to read that review, AGAIN. LaMont in AZ
  19. Rick, I got what you were trying to say and have to say that the wise man always backs away from the Bullseye wielding "duffer". When I was much younger, I played in the Ely Amateur in Ely, Nevada. It had to be mid-70's, because the gross division was won by some fresh outta college kid named Jay Don Blake..... My practice round was shared with an older gentleman, probably in his 70's. He carried an old 3-wood, a 7-iron and a BullsEye. Long story short, I shot 75 and got beat. Wisdom is something that does not come very often from the players of today's golf. You get guys that see a "verifiable handicap" as critical, and that is OK. You also get guys who know every rule in golf and can't break 100. But, the kicker is the guys who learn all they know from posts on internet, get put in a position that implies knowledge and share that as if it is the gospel truth. Your initial post made me smile, as I could totally relate. Give me the guy who rolls a brand new Cameron that does not have a scratch on it, every time. BullsEye............well, I'll wait for the next group, . Have an incredible weekend, LaMont in AZ
  20. Yep, Notchback is more like this: The shaping has been around a while, but nobody really marketed it as a retail offering, until now. This was a full custom concept putter made in Dec of 2010. I love the look, myself and will do it, again. LaMont in AZ
  21. No sweat. I figured with the work you guys are putting into that new line, a carbon fiber neck was possible. Cool that it has been anodize onto the aluminum. Putters are a place where the only limits are our imagination. Thanks to Bruce for stepping back into the arena and giving us another example of imagination at work. LaMont in AZ
  22. This one came in for a centershaft conversion, face milled with grooves and a new, more sinister look to it. All three requests were accomplished and I think that the black shaft just tops it off, perfectly. I have not rolled any with this one, to get the feel for what this face will do, but I look forward to the customer's review. Check out the pictures and let me know what you all think. Thanks, LaMont in AZ
  23. What does the carbon fiber neck do to the feel that is transmitted to your hands? I can see the grip playing a larger part in this one, than in a standard, all-steel set up. The SuperStroke grip will absorb any funny noise that makes it up the shaft, I'd bet. Not sure that this is coming out as I mean it. Not "funny" in a bad way, just different than what we are used to. Bruce's designs were seldom run of the mill, and that is how change happens. Thanks for the pix, LaMont in AZ
  24. Every year, I donate a putter to the auction for Banner Health's Cardon's Childrens Medical Center. Last year, it was to benefit the Integrated Pain Management Center and this year it is for the Children's Rehabilitation Center. It is a dedicated center for children from newborn to 18 years of age. Here is a little link about the foundation and what they have for goals. http://www.starsoftheseason.org/ The cover can be purchased for $29.95, plus shipping and the profits go to this charity. The initial order was fairly small, so this is somewhat of a pre-order on the next batch that is to be made by AM&E out of Tempe, AZ. Contact me and I can put you in touch with the person you need to speak with to make this purchase. Here is another sweet link for the entertainment at the event. You might recognize the name. Chester and his wife are very committed to this cause and besides that, Chester is now the proud owner of the putter that was made for last year's event. I couldn't ask for a better spokesperson to have rolling a MannKrafted. http://www.cbennington.com/
  25. This one came in looking pretty ragged, but she is going out a SUPER-STAR. I have worked a little at getting away from the refinishes and basic custom work, and tried to focus on my handmades and new designs. But, my reputation keeps getting me work on older putters that need new life and it is hard to turn almost any of them away. This putter is done in a finish that I have settled on calling "Smoked Nickel". It is Teflon infused, electroplated nickel that PING even used on every single DOC 17 putter that they ever sold. It holds up incredibly well and looks amazing, even more so in person. The deep milling on this one sets it apart from most of the Pro Platinum putters you will see, as well. I really believe what the title says and am looking forward to the owner's comments when he has it in his hands. Thanks, LaMont in AZ
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