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  1. I take a lot of pride in keeping my equipment clean and I clean everything ,bag, each club ,balls, towel ,head covers, shoes ... The equipment is expensive and I 'm not rich so I want it to look good and last a good while..
  2. I think it would be easy to say a club looks simular to another brand with all the designs over the years it's bound to happen. There is only so much can be changed . Take time and look back at some designs that were crazy ,does anyone have pictures of odd designs that didn't make the grade?
  3. They look heavy ,somewhat like the Walter Hagan brand ...
  4. Not a fan of the broom stick !!! Players still ground or anchor it against their chest and PGA lets it go. The extended putter shaft should be outed and go back as it was ....
  5. I haven't changed bags in years .. I have 3 TOTAL ,2 WilsonStaff ( STAFF bags) , 1 of the Wilsonstaff 100 year anniversary stand bag !!!!! LOVE THEM , PLENTY OF ROOM LOOKS ARE GREAT !!!!!
  6. I found that the Tifosi with the multi colored exchangeable lense is great , light weight, fit is just right !!!!! price won't break the bank!!!!
  7. I like the Srixon AD 333 ball and would buy them if I could find some !!!!!
  8. So I take it ,they may be worth a try!!!!!
  9. Not a fan of there sharp edge robot mechanical looking design.. I like the smoother looking lines of design in aerodynamics in a golf club ..
  10. Has anyone tried the Spaulding Tour golf balls?
  11. Just read about the new Wilson Triad golf balls sounds like it just may be a surprise to all !!! Really looking forward to trying
  12. The Callaway ball article , I suggest to get a little more info go to FanSided about a year ago " Callaway Golf is in trouble" interesting ...
  13. I play public courses!!! Just barely able to afford that!!! Golf is getting too pricy !!!
  14. Maybe people have forgotten all the terrible balls made in North Carolina "their new multimillion dollar plant" quality control was mostly asleep. They had to shut the plant down for a good while and get them from country's ie Korea and etc. I Would Not play another cally ball....
  15. Srixon AD 333 Super Distance, Spin Skin cover that's on Srixon's best tour balls is great !! Super Distance ,ball flight, and wedge shots no problem Tour Ball that won't bankrupt you!!!! $19.99 A DOZEN !!!!!!!!! WALMART !!!!!!
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