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  1. The Callaway ball article , I suggest to get a little more info go to FanSided about a year ago " Callaway Golf is in trouble" interesting ...
  2. I play public courses!!! Just barely able to afford that!!! Golf is getting too pricy !!!
  3. Maybe people have forgotten all the terrible balls made in North Carolina "their new multimillion dollar plant" quality control was mostly asleep. They had to shut the plant down for a good while and get them from country's ie Korea and etc. I Would Not play another cally ball....
  4. Srixon AD 333 Super Distance, Spin Skin cover that's on Srixon's best tour balls is great !! Super Distance ,ball flight, and wedge shots no problem Tour Ball that won't bankrupt you!!!! $19.99 A DOZEN !!!!!!!!! WALMART !!!!!!
  5. I like the Navy pair / comfort and light weight great!!!!! 10-10/12 mens please
  6. Heck, I would be happy with anything !!!!!!
  7. I have 5.5 originals in Srixon i 506 irons they are lightweight but flex is a stronger regular ! I love them !!!!!
  8. This is an effort to make it where you would have to go to an expensive store ,shop ,etc to get fitted rather than make the adjustments yourself .. IT'S A SCHEME to run the cost of golf up ! The average golfer can tinker with the adjustable club to his liking without the expensive work by a club fitter . KEEP THE ADJUSTABLE HEAD!!!!!
  9. Just get that 60* , open that face so it looks like a flapjack flipper with approx. gap of 1/4 "- 1/2" gap between the rear of the head and the earth , setup at an open stance give approx 45* position the ball a little toward the rear foot, swing hard .. You just have to play with the position and gap
  10. I have 2 stand bags and both have issues with the leg connection to the wire like guide that folds .The wire guide keeps working out of the holder on the leg .Any others having these issues?
  11. Yes they are back in the mix , they have battled thru all the years as many other brands have falling to the wayside and it's paying off starting with Gary and his win..The quality is there and this win will surely draw attention with more wins to come from the young lions they have on staff..
  12. Puma is the best , break in is quick, leather is soft and styling is super. Note that they tend to run 1/2 size large ... The weight is not a heavy shoe that can wear you down it;s light and soft with great traction plus the style is slick and always fashionable ..
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