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  2. Most of the Mizuno irons are still forged in Japan, Chuo factory but the finish is done in China. So my bet? get Mizuno Irons... P/S: I stand corrected though.
  3. I personally am using the TC510 Model as my backup irons. It is so beautiful and simple design that it is pleasant to the eye. Clean is all i wan to say.
  4. Did i Miss anything? why is it ridiculous? Isn't it a known fact that Japan has always roll out their own club designs using existing club names presently sold in the US market?
  5. are those gummies? interesting....
  6. Puma should promote Cobra More... or organize a separate booth like what Taylormade and Adidas would
  7. hahaha.. soon you will see people commenting about Pink Drivers, Orange Drivers, Blue Drivers, yellow drivers...
  8. Well good custom fitted equipments do help one to play golf better... so by buying golf equipments at a low discounted price from an outlet might not really bring the best result in one's golf. :) Anyway, not fully enforcing the rules of golf during a recreational play is fine by me (since most of my mates use non-conforming clubs and they don't seem to have much difference from the conforming ones (we are just amateurs)) but changing the cup to a bigger size, and throw the ball out of bunker? that's stretching a little too far that's not golf...Why not change the name of the game and
  9. Ya, i think a lot of putter makers should thank Mr. Solhiem Sr. for his wonderful design. Its the most pleasing designed that has been around for more than 30 years... Rat looks fab... Never compromise gambler looks even more stunning!.. Just out of curiousity, does anyone know whether scotty uses forged block of steel to mill its putter or cast block of steel? any clues?
  10. I don't have any bad info on Scratch apart from what i've read on the net. Now I don't use Scratch (though i've tried my friend's EZ-1 before) and I certainly don't buy things from TSG as i can get it in Korea anyway . I'm just a bystander reading both TSG's report and Scratch's report and the threads here. It makes me wonder why until now Scratch has not taken legal action against TSG if TSG's report was untrue and defamed Scratch. Thus, Inferences can be easily drawn against scratch that TSG's report, on the balance of probability is true. After taking into account the above, i based on
  11. paying a premium price for a misrepresented item (even if it works) doesn't sound right to me... its like buying a lamborghini with a hyundai engine (when they misrepresented to you that its a 5.5 lamborghini engine) I'll be damm piss. But from some of threads i read here, you guys would reckon it's money well spent despite the misrepresentation.
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