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  1. Adam, Richmond, Virginia Cobra Fly Z+, Matrix White Tie X-stiff SS 105-108, carry 265-275
  2. Handicap index - 4 Hogan has always meant to me uncompromising excellence. In everything he did, Hogan did it the right way. He did it with hard work, precision, and focus. He practiced and played with passion and purpose. And most of all, Hogan never made excuses. After his devastating car accident, he was pretty much written off for ever living a normal life again, much less playing competitive golf. As a physician, one fact, in particular, amazes me about his recovery. Apparently because of the trauma to his abdomen, pelvis and legs, Hogan developed severe deep venous thromboses in his pelvis and legs that necessitated surgeons to tie off his inferior vena cava, the main route of venous return of the lower half of the body. This kept the clots from traveling up into his lungs, which very likely would have been fatal, given his other injuries. While that did prevent potentially fatal pulmonary embolism, it virtually guaranteed him a life of post-thrombotic syndrome. So whenever he was upright for any length of time, his legs would become discolored and swell to such an extent that just walking became incredibly painful. And last I checked, golfers don't do too much without being upright. So he was basically in some degree of discomfort whenever he played or practiced after the bus accident. As someone who encounters this disease regularly, almost nobody with PTS has an active life, much less to the degree that Hogan did. The sheer determination he displayed has always amazed me. So when I think of Hogan, I think of THAT. Sheer, relentless determination in pursuit of excellence. And I could stand to have a little more of that in my golf game. Especially the 'No excuses" part! Shaft: KBS C-Taper S+ Length: Standard Lie: 2 up Grip: Ben Hogan Performance Plus Grip Size: standard FW•15 IRONS Include in Order Loft Lie Length Price 20 21 22 23 3959 39 $149 24 25 26 27 59.5 38.25 $149 28 29 30 31 60 37.5 $149 32 33 34 35 61 36.75 $149 36 37 38 39 62 36.25 $149 40 41 42 43 63 35.75 $149 44 45 46 47 63.5 35.5 $149 FW•15 Irons Subtotal: $1043 TK•15 WEDGES Include in Order Loft Lie Length Price 48 49 50 51 64 35.5 $149 52 53 54 55 64 35.25 $149 56 57 58 59 63 35.25 $149 60 61 62 63 63 35 $149 TK•15 Wedges Subtotal: $447
  3. I'm in. I had a set of Apex 2's back in the day and loved 'em. I just witched from blades (Adams MB2s) to Mizuno MP-15s and, while I like the MP-15s, they just don't feel as solid as the blades did, although they are much more forgiving. If I could find a blade a smidge more forgiving than the Adams, I'd be all in. So pick me!
  4. Current wedges: Vokey Spin Milled 52, 56 and 60* Handicap: 3.5 Age: 42 Right handed Club Specs: standard loft, lie upright 1*, wedge flex shafts. Multi compound grips. Pick me, pick me!
  5. Very true! However, for my course, another 10-15 yards on the 3w puts it into play nicely off the tee on several holes. So it works perfectly for me. And if I need to work it my former distance, I just choke down a few inches.
  6. I hit the RBZ against my Callaway FT 3w. Keep in mind the FT is 4 years old and generally a great 3w. On the launch monitor the RBZ was 1-2 yards longer. That's it. I also tried, and subsequently bought, the Adams XTD. I didn't use a launch monitor for comparison but took them head to head on the course. I consistently hit the XTD 10-15 yards longer than my FT and with a higher, more boring trajectory. I was putting balls out on the course I've never approached, even in the height or summer. Keep in mind my 3w ss is about 110 mph, and hit my ft off the tee about 260 with the XTD going 270-275 for a solid hit. By the transitive property, that puts the RBZ 8-13 yards behind the XTD. For me. I find the XTD smooth as silk and easy to hit off the deck. I can swing it smooth or go after it. My club builder says the the new Adams Super hybrids are even better clubs, if you can believe it. He said that a 17 degree super hybrid is probably as long as my current 3w! I'd love to try it, but I don't think I need a hybrid that long!
  7. I'd call it the "SpyGlass" award. You could give the winner a little glass driver, iron, putter, etc. to commemorate. Or at least a digital representation of said glass.
  8. “This acquisition reflects our commitment to continued growth in the golf category,” said adidas Group CEO Herbert Hainer. “The proposed combination of Adams Golf and TaylorMade-adidas Golf brings together two highly complementary sets of brands, combining Adams' focus on game-improvement as well as senior and women golfers with TaylorMade-adidas Golf's focus on the younger and the low-to-mid handicap golfer.” I find this statement laughable. Sure, the perception is that Adams is a game improvement company with really nice hybrids. The reality is that Adams' whole lineup is on par, or better, than TM. See the entire hybrid range, the new XTD FW and hybrids which are far better than RBZ, the players MB2 irons, the CB series, not to mention the game improvement stuff. TM has blatantly copied Adams technology, over and over. They couldn't beat 'em, so they bought 'em! I, for one, amd bummed as the most innovative company in golf has been consumed by the hype machine.
  9. I totally agree. I hit the Adams XTD 14.5 with stiff Project X 8A2 several times over the weekend and I must say I was amazed. I hit bomb after bomb off the tee and the fairway. Keep in mind I have about 112 swing speed and usually hit my Callaway FT 3 FW about 260-265 off the tee and 245-250 off the deck. Sunday I hit at least 3 tee balls at least 270+ on carry alone. I hit the XTD in places my FT has never sniffed off the tee. Even in Summer. Also it was 45-50 degrees and a little blustery. Imagine what it will do in warm weather! The ballflight was a high boring flight that carried for miles. The feels was very solid and stable and I loved the look at address. Well, I loved the look after I hit a few bombs! I would say the Adams is at least 15 yards longer than my FT (which is an all time favorite club). And for comparison i hit the FT against TM RocketBallz at Golf Galaxy last week on the good launch monitor, which is pretty reasonable in discance, I think. On average I hit the RBZ a whole 1-2 yard longer than my 5 year old FT. The RBZ isn't even in the same league as the XTD. Not even close. Now I want to do a side by side comparo on the LM with XTD vs. RBZ, just for grins. I know who wins.
  10. It's funny that you mention that since I found out the exact same thing comparing RBZ to my 3 metal. I have a 4 year old Callaway FT with a Mitsubishi Javlnfx stiff shaft. I've loved this 3 wood and have never found another that I hit as well. Going up against the RBZ with stock S shaft was basically a wash. I hit the RBZ, on average, 1, count 'em, 1 yard longer! Slightly higher ball flight (by a smidge) and basically the same spin. Ballspeed 1 mph faster. Keep in mind the Mitsubishi shaft is a mid launch, low spin shaft which I love. So I basically find their claim of 17 extra laughable since my 4 year old 3 wood is basically the same. Part of that speaks to how good the FT was and possibly how well it fits my swing. I was expecting more from TM though. My next comparison will be the Adams Speedline XTD which, from all accounts, will be a beast. I fully expect it to be longer than my current 3 wood. At least more than one yard, anyway!
  11. If you are looking for low spinning shafts, I'd look no further than KBS C-tapers. Easily the best low spinning shafts on the market. Great flight, feel, control and distance.
  12. It sounds like you would like the Adams MB2s with the KBS C-taper. I have that setup right now with an S+ flex and its been a revelation. They are without a doubt the best iron/shaft combo I've ever hit. Workable, check. Forgiving (for a blade), check. Longer with a very controllable ballflight, check. Nice solid feel, most definitely check. I really have yet to see a downside to this setup for me. Keep in mind I have a tendency to hit a high spin ball prone to ballooning in a headwind and these help a bunch. My 5 iron swing speed is around 97 MPH or so and have used PX flighted 6.5 in the past. Just for fun, I hit my old irons with PXs recently and was stunned at how comparatively crappy they felt by comparison. So stiff and boardy. My other set with KBS tours felt nice but really ballooned the ball. I'm so glad I moved on. Regardless of which club you settle on, and they are all pretty good these days, I really think you should check out the C-tapers. You'll never go back.
  13. I say stock vs stock comparison. Supposedly shafts are tuned to the heads. In an ideal world, anyway.
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