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  1. Hmmmm maybe. Those shoes aren't too bad as many are these days. Those are almost classic styled but I'm not quite sold on the reptile hide look. They still might still be a little too pimp for my tastes. But I'll think about it.
  2. I'd be interested in watching it. Presently, I'm not a fan but certainly no hater like we hear so much of these days. Like Kenny said... the "scientist" moniker was slapped on him by the media. I'm guessing he's never held a job in his degree field. Pretty sure his diploma doesn't say Bryson DeChambeau - Scientist on it. I'll give it shot and watch.
  3. Guess I'll just stick with the basic bow style I learned as a child. For golf shoes I use waxed laces instead of the fashion laces shoes come with these days.
  4. This a passion post I can see. Fitting is king around here for most folks. I too would prefer being fit outdoors where I can see with my own eyes what's happening. That goes for all clubs except putter. However... it's not always available from every fitter. I also don't buy that if you are fit off fake turf you're not getting a good fit or that your fitter is crap. Again, I'd prefer to be fit hitting off grass. I was fit for my current irons indoors off turf and even a tee at times. My fitter has been doing nothing but professional fittings (and building the clubs) for 30 years and is recognized by peers as one of the best in the business. Top in the country in fact. He also fit me for a driver that I returned. It just didn't work out in the real world. Could be he missed the fitting some how. No biggie to me. I moved on to a different driver. As long as I stick with my fitter I have no problem fitting irons indoor with him. Driver... not so much. I will add, my fitter guarantees all his fittings and builds. Either he makes them right to your liking or returns your money less a minor fitting charge.
  5. I think "they" should just ban putting. The green is re-designated as a safe-place. Once your ball is on the surface you pickup and move on. Speeds up pace of play, resolves the pin in or pin out issue, and nobody gets hurt feelings or angered any longer. Happy happy.
  6. a few photos would be nice.
  7. I don't get it. Just did a basic search on the net and find plenty of them. Here's two. https://www.fairwaygolfusa.com/titleist-limited-players-4-stadry-stand-bag-p-173796.html?language=en&gclid=CjwKCAjw96fkBRA2EiwAKZjFTSCwhdR3CJDRVotZI_JSPQsB-Jc_5ku2m8ikSuzvEVXkPDLDNFZkBBoCOy0QAvD_BwE https://www.golfgalaxy.com/p/titleist-2019-players-4-stadry-stand-bag-18ttlmplyrs4stdrybag/18ttlmplyrs4stdrybag?camp=CSE:GGXY_92700041461934755_pla_pla-642988376347&gclid=CjwKCAjw96fkBRA2EiwAKZjFTTDoDGxTViPufxDCh-lA-WTQ-0dHcrY81xGQwAn-VMwjbwGs3pglTBoCwfsQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  8. Wasn't there another thread similar to this recently? Hmm? Maybe not. But.. No. I don't draw a line on the ball. I do however use what's provided by the mfg. The guy in the video is certainly good with that putter he has. Not my style but if it's legal as the video says it is - go for it.
  9. Where do those two ladies behind you play? Don't tell us you didn't ask.
  10. Golf and golfers never cease to amaze me. The 4i flop is real. However, I'm going to leave that shot up to you jhak. Unless the 4i is the last club in my bag someday I probably will not be trying that.
  11. IMO and depending on your skill level it's not going to matter much if any what ball you play as long as....* Look I'm not an expert golfer by any means but I carry a fairly low single digit hcp. So I'm an OK golfer I suppose and I've been playing for 50 years there about. I can score my best (and worst) rounds with any top quality - urethane cover ball. I do this regularly. Doesn't matter if it's a Snell, Titleist, Chrome, TP, MG, etc., etc. There are still others. They're all very good. For any of us regular hackers you're aren't going to turn into Joe Pro simply by playing a Titleist PV or TP5 for example over a Snell or Vice. Quick story: I recently shot a mid-70's round playing a Titleist Tru-Soft I'd found. It's a budget ball without a urethane cover. How can that be? Would I have broken par if only I'd played a more expensive ball with a urethane cover. How about a Snell or Vice? Seriously doubt it.
  12. I've read through the rankings of the MPF before. In fact, I was looking at a lot of Maltby's designs recently after a forum member posted some info - pics regarding a particular iron he was playing. I think this same MPF rating goes into shafts as well. As far as Maltby's designs are concerned I thought it was interesting that the vast majority* of designs are ranked as a SGI iron. Even many which appeared to be more blade like. Personally I like a lot of Maltby's designs and there are many I'd consider playing based on looks alone. Like most anything in golf and as far as equipment goes it doesn't matter who says what or how a particular club is ranked or reviewed. Reviews by any measure are interesting but not absolute for sure. I once purchased a driver based off MGS testing/data analysis and it didn't workout. It was a Most Wanted #3 ranked driver. Would the #1 have been a better choice? Maybe. Would the #9 ranked driver have been perfect. Possibly. Who knows as I didn't try it. What matters is how it fits your game and each individual swing and playing abilities. Lot's of trail & error to factor in I believe. *I recall
  13. I'll add one more thing. Just leave the pin in all the time. You'll make everything. Right? LOL
  14. A 10 mph wind breeze is normal where I live. I prefer a firm green - not hard but firm. Soft greens are awful IMO. Like playing on a mattress. I too am fairly proficient with the knock-down as playing conditions here almost demand you learn it. I'm a little surprised at your results Rev. Playing into a wind will increase spin and quite dramatically. Perhaps your stroke wasn't as good as you thought?
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