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  1. As you'll see in my signiture below I play Wishon also. As a 5 hcp player mine are a more forgiving model. But... the best playing irons I've ever played. Mine were also custom and fit and built. Those 575's you have are nice.
  2. Improving ones game is always a good thing. However, as a 25 hcp player what you're asking about would usually be considered a more advance skill. Here's my advice. Work on other more basic skills (low hanging fruit) and advance from there as your scores/handicap begins to lower. Just one man's opinion. IMO it generally boils down to how you strike/make contact with the ball. And the lie you're playing from. I urethane ball will spin easier than say a surlyn. Tight lie more spin - fluff not so much. I'm not a spinner of the ball most of the time by choice. But depending on the desired shot I can spin the ball +/- when I want. Usually. For example if I'm playing an approach and I need the ball to stop rather quickly; I'll try and "Pinch" it some thereby imparting more spin. Around the green I might choose to nip the ball a little to create some extra spin as opposed to stroking it and letting the ball run out. Spinning the ball can be a double-edged sword. It takes practice and skill to be able to control it on demand. Like all things golf and for me... some days I have it and some I don't.
  3. I don't see any need to use one on any of the courses I play regularly or occasionally. People like us complain often about slow play. Now imagine more amateurs starting to whip out their book on the green. Geesh. Ridiculus if you axe me. But what do I know... perhaps it might help a guy get from a 24 hcp down to a 23.
  4. Seems to me that many folks think a fitting is a "one and done" proposition. (Disclosure: my last iron fitting was a one and done after 4 hours including breaks and discussions.) I also recommend seeking out club fitters that have a long history applying their trade and didn't get into fitting with the advent of LM's. It's like every person/store with a LM are club fitters these days. There is one product that absolutely worked for tightening shot dispersion and that the ShotMaker. I have it my 4w but not my current driver. I had one in my SLDR but just haven't removed it (yet) and put it in my EXS. Hmmm? Sadly, the ShotMaker is no longer made and I have not been able to find any on the web. I'd buy the inventory if I could. They're that good. If anyone can find these anywhere I'd like to know about it. As far as I know Harrison doesn't make them anymore. According to Michael Chang at Harrison that is. https://mygolfspy.com/harrison-shotmaker-review/
  5. I guess I'm not with you. I can't imagine watching 30 minutes of DJ or any other golfer hitting practice balls. However, if you'd like to stay up all night I'll send you 5 minutes of me warming up on the range.
  6. Aging - growing older has never bothered me. It is what it is. Women lement aging mostly. Heck they start complaining at 30. LOL At 65 I feel good and don't have any nagging ailments, etc. (knock on wood) After a couple of days on the course I'm sore but nothing serious. Sadly, many of my golfing buddies are nursing failing knees, shoulders, elbows,... you name it. One guy who's always fancied himself (and preached to everyone else) as a fitness buff is having all sorts or issues it seems. Who knows... I may be next. Genes play a huge part in our destiny. All we can do is deal with our own circumstance and move on.
  7. I don't bother anymore. Used to put a small dot or something. If I were to play a tournament I'd mark it.
  8. How good are the betting/gambling games? does the phone sync with other players in the game if they also have the app? For users of the Free version how many games are included? I'm not interested in paying a monthly fee. EDIT: Never mind. I guess it's not available for android. Couldn't find it.
  9. I think I'll just go with blurry. LOL
  10. Other than the extreme packaging I guess it looks ok to me. I'm not a plumbers neck guy but the head looks ok. Best of luck with it.
  11. Like my friend cnosil described above. This type of wording should be on every driver and ad. Individual Results Will Vary: "You must hit the ball in the center of the face, increase your swing speed, and obtain optimal launch for our claims to be realized." That will never happen of course. Because (fill-in the rest)
  12. I think it's a good strategy. My home course is par 70 with 2 par 5's. One on each side. I've learned the best way for me to play every hole on the course. On our front par 5 I always hit driver then either a 4w, 5i, or 4 hb. Just depends on conditions and lie. I'm usually left with a 7-8i approach. On the back it's almost always my 4w or a 5i off the tee - hard dogleg left - usually dependant on wind direction. Then it's a 5i, 6, 7i layup followed with a 56* or 60* wedge.
  13. I live in a dry climate and probably play 20+ rounds with the same glove. I wear the MG Elite.
  14. Yes. And thankfully I live in Texas!
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