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  1. I'm going to Kohler perhaps next year. It's on the bucket list. Me and my guys usually take fall trips but I'd bet Kohler might get a little nippy in late September or early October. What times of the year have you been?
  2. Although you are not addressing me directly; the guy I'm going to be fitting with soon will charge about $160-$165 per iron. I think he said the higher cost ($165) would be for a steel-fiber shaft. I'm looking to replace my bag. Driver, hybrids, irons, wedges and maybe even a putter if mine can't be adjusted properly. Oh... I'm considering Wishon.
  3. Here's what Breed uses on the Golf Channel. http://www.aboutgolf.com/
  4. I think it would be useful but not sure what I'd be willing to spend. Probably not over $500. Today anyway. I'm waiting on my Game Golf to ship. I think that device will be very beneficial. I'm also re-doing my backyard this spring. I'm going to have a hitting mat & net and a high speed camera to work with. I think the super slo-mo camera will be awesome.
  5. Not sure how far you're willing to travel but one trip I'd return to is the Robert Trent Jones Trail in Alabama. Last Sept. 8 of us went to Montgomery (Prattville) and played the courses at Capital Hill. 3-Great courses. Super service, etc. First class. The green fees are about $75 round. We stayed at the Marriot on the course but I'd suggest a private home. Cheaper and would be more fun. I know a guy who has 2 homes set up for golfers. You will find him on VRBO website. Just search. Also, If you're willing to drop some bucks you should consider Bandon Dunes. Killer!! This fall me and my group are going to NC - Pinehurst area. We'll be playing #2 and another PH course along with Pine Needles and Mid-Pines. Can't wait.
  6. Looked it over Zinger. Nice stuff and there's a sales person in my town. I found some pants I liked and a crock belt too. Might give them a try. Thanks for the tip. (Yesterday I played and it was mostly sunny 69-70 degrees. Today? Freezing and snow. Go figure)
  7. I've read all the comments. I don't care for the bag. I own 3 bags. A cart bag, carry bag, and a practice bag. I like to carry lots o' stuff in my cart bag. Balls, tees, band-aids, tape, pencils, extra crumpled score cards, spare change, gum, snacks, gloves, pocket knife, spike wrench and spikes, aspirin, rain jacket, etc, etc. I'm prepared. Where I live we play year round. The Gbag is an interesting design for sure. But, to me it doesn't look like golf. However, I will concede that the Gbag might be practical for say airline travel. Providing it has a secure fitting hard shell top cover. Thoughts for the Gbag that come to mind are sterile, plastic, industrial, harsh, euro modern. And, are you ready? Weird. I don't mind if my clubs clank around a bit when I walk or ride. I like to hear it. My clubs have small dings and scratches. They're tools and I use them as such. I'm pretty sure I won't be seeing one of these among the groups I play with. We're all more traditionalist types where ages span from the 20's to 70's. However, I will not be surprised when one of the pretty boys around the club (who by the way have no game) hauls one out some day to play with their wife or girlfriend.
  8. Bummer. I received an email today from Game Golf. The guy said, "We are unable to ship the product this week. We are working on shipping dates but it is most likely that you will receive it in two to three weeks time". I ordered last week and my account had been showing POS PRE-AUTH for the amount of the sale. I assumed it was shipping. Now the PRE-AUTH has been removed and no funds were taken from my account. So... I have to wait. I'll update again when I know more.
  9. Great. I'll review hopefully next weekend. I look forward to hearing about your expereince also. Perhaps we can compare our rounds using the GG. Sounds fun. I'm stoked! by the way... shot a 77 today. whew. I've been a little iffy lately. Our fairways are tighter than a drum right now. It was beautiful here. 65 and sunny. Ahhhh
  10. Good news! My Game Golf has been shipped. My account was debited on Friday. Therefore, I should receive my device this week sometime. Weather permitting I'll put it into action this coming Saturday January 25th. When it arrives I'll post another update.
  11. I think I noticed on my order that it might be 4-6 weeks. I understand are not shipping to new customers until after the PGA show launch which is this week. One other thing you can do with the thing is compete with other users of the device. Kind of a social type thing I guess. I'm not into social media per se' but it might be fun. I hope I get mine sooner rather than later. I'll know once my account has been debited.
  12. I recently talked briefly with a gentleman at Golf Station in Hurst Texas. I've also read several reviews concerning them and all was very positive. They do indoor fitting only using the About equipment. (that's the same thing you've seen on the golf channel) The About equipment seems very sophisticated and accurate. I also think the Golf Station can and would do a first class fitting for me or anyone else. However.... the other day I was reading some discussion on Wishon's website and decided to email Tom Wishon directly. I asked him if he was familiar with Keith Chatham owner of PresionFit Golf in Kerrville, Texas. Within the hour Tom replied to me and said; he knows and had worked directly with Keith initially back in the 80's and mentored him when Keith was starting his career. I trust Tom's opinion but what he said was; Keith is probably the best fitter on the planet! His exact words. Wow. I'm quite sure there are many other fitters that are quite good. But for Tom to make that type of statement carries weight with me. I'm going to be contacting Keith again soon and schedule my initial fitting for late March or early April. If I can wait that long. I'll keep you posted...
  13. Check it out. Yesterday I placed my order for Game Golf. Briefly, if you're not familiar with the device it tracks every shot you make throughout your round. Including putts. Your wear a small device on your hip and place a small button into the butt end of the grip. Basically, you tap the club to the device and take your shot. Game Golf will track the club you used, how far you hit it and where on the course you are. ie... fairway, right rough, green, etc. After your round you can view results on your phone or at home on your tablet or computer. There's much more and you can read about it on their website. http://www.gamegolf.com/products/en-us/gamegolf After I get mine (might be a few weeks) I will post some pictures and provide my initial review. I have high hopes for this thing. Imagine tracking every shot and gathering all your round statistics with little to no effort. I'm stoked. Oh, it's a little pricey I guess. +- $250.00. If works as I expect it will be worth it. Stay tuned.
  14. Probably too late but... http://wishongolf.com/find-a-clubfitter/
  15. I'm going to review those two fitters' websites. Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have any other tips/suggestions I might consider asking a fitter? Someone mentioned taking balls with me that usually play. I can't recall specifically if the fitter I met with discussed hitting outdoors in addition to inside at his shop. But I would surely expect that. Any other suggestions or tips would be appreciated.
  16. That's an honest post Rickles. I have a good feeling about the guy I met. My initial meet and greet was only supposed be about 30 minutes. ( he was technically closed for Christmas and New Years and we were both short on time - I thought) I ended up spending 2 hours with him just talking. He didn't try to sell me nor did he put down other clubs/mfgs. I could tell he truly loved his work and is dedicated to his craft. He was a straight shooter I felt. I'm seriously moving toward going back to him. Probably won't be until perhaps March. When I do; I'll come back to this post with my results.
  17. Yes he does offer others but I asked about Wishon so we focused mostly on those. Here's a link to his site. http://www.precisionfitgolf.com/index.html The web site seems a little dated because some of the equipment he talks about on the site is older. He showed me his Flightscope which is not mentioned on his site. I'm not committed to anything but I was impressed. And he's the closet to where I live which is still 225 miles away. Texas is a big place ya know. As for credentials... he has most if not all of them. Texas Keith Chatham - AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology AGCP Charter Member AGCP Lifetime Member PrecisionFit Golf 1452 Sidney Baker Kerrville, TX 78028 Professional Clubmakers Society: 2006 PCS International Clubmaker of the Year 2006 PCS Regional Clubmaker of the Year 2005 PCS Regional Clubmaker of the Year PCS Professional "Class A" Clubmaker PCS Certified Clubfitter PCS Certified Clubmaker Golf Clubmakers Association: 2004-2005 Texas Clubmaker of the Year GCA Accretited Professional Clubmaker GCA Accretited Advanced Clubmaker 2007-2008 Texas Clubmaker of the Year http://www.agcpgolf.com/
  18. I'm very interested in a "true" custom club fitting. I recently visited a fitter in Kerrville, Texas and came away being very impressed with both the owner/fitter and the process. The fitter has over 30 years experience. I have never had a true fitting. Just retail type (swing speed, lie board, impact tape, different shafts, etc. etc.) with no depth. I found out quickly how involved the process really is. (and should be) That's a good thing. Should I choose to get the fitting and buy clubs I learned that it's not cheap. On a per club basis it's about twice what you'd pay to buy clubs off the rack with a retail fitting. I was told that each club will be individually fit. I'm looking at Wishon 560MC or 771 CSI. I was given a detailed fitting information/data sheet to fill out describing various aspects of my game. Like and dislikes, shot shapes, types of clubs in my bag, etc. I was also given a small booklet where I was asked to record in detail everything from tee to green for 4-5 rounds including score. I will provide all this information to the fitter the day I arrive for my fitting along with my current bag. I was told to plan on spending 3 hours at my (initial) fitting. I was disappointed that Rickles didn't conclude his review. However if anyone has any advice for a club fitting (I mean a true in depth fitting. Not a retail fitting) I'd like to hear it.
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