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  1. Those Icons are nice looking to me. I might say they are blade on blade on blade.. Interesting design.
  2. https://www.fredericksgolf.com/ This is applicable at any age.
  3. I've always liked the idea of a slightly shorter driver length. Like you Sam, I used to play wooden drivers where they were all 43" at the time. My current driver measures ~45.5". However, I grip down about 1"*. I actually do this with all my clubs. So, wouldn't gripping down serve the same function as cutting a shaft to end up with total length of say 44" to 44.5"? After adjusting my hold on the club I recall immediately finding the center much more and shots feeling more solid. With all clubs. *Several years ago as I started back down the road to playing well again my instructor asked me to grip down about an inch. I recall him saying, "that's how the pros hold a club." Maybe - maybe not. But I do know that I'd gotten where the butt was concealed mostly and not protruding past my closed grip any.
  4. Ok... I went to the podcast spent 20 long and excruciating minutes listening to the ball portion. Not sure what to make of the chatter. I do however see a marketing opening for the ball companies. For example... instead of buying regular old mass produced versions we've all been relying on such as for example PV1's for $50/dz. you can now buy the electron-microscope scanned MIT and NASA certified models. The new Titleist PV3-MIT-Starship models will sell for $125/dz. On the box they'll tell you exactly what you can expect* from these balls depending on your handicap. For example: if you're a 18 hcp. you'll become a 17.2 hcp. A 12 hcp. player will become a 11.5, and a 5 hcp. will become 4.9 hcp'er. Scratch or plus handicappers will remain scratch or plus hcp. As you can see these new balls aren't made for the very best players. These are for us hackers only! Guys wanting to shave a few granules off their awesome round and win an extra 50 cents in the weekly skin game. Makes sense to me. *advertising disclaimer reads: Your actual results may vary. Company is not responsible for any gambling loses or handicap variances.
  5. Good grief. All his yapping and...LOL I'd hate to have to stand there taking a lesson? from that guy. eshhhh. He makes me nervous just watching.
  6. Same here. Mine has been sitting in a corner of my garage for years. I guess it will remain there too.
  7. I don't much care for these events either. We already have "made for TV" golf as is. The PGA 3-club Tour.
  8. https://mygolfspy.com/tested-alphard-golf-ewheels-electric-push-cart-kit/
  9. I'm not concerned about balls as I have too many on hand as is. I can't imagine buying 12 dozen balls. Did WHO or the CDC put out a lock-down order for ball manufacturers until we have a vaccine? LOL Can't believe how easily people are panicked.
  10. The best i've heard in a long while. Thanks Stu!
  11. PlaidJacket

    AVX vs PRO V1

    I've played an AVX once or twice. I too thought it might be a little longer than some of my normal gamer balls. Last weekend I was playing a TM TP5x and I thought it was long off the driver and shorter with irons. Strange.
  12. Could be several factors - poor marketing and.... the economy in the country has been wrecked for no rational and factual reason. People everywhere are hurting. $50 or $100 in your pocket means a lot to millions of people these days. As in keeping food and shelter. Kudos for the PGA and Honma for trying. Can't hurt. We did a cash drive (no gifts or prizes - just donate) at our club to be distributed to all employees. I've heard it's been substantial but I don't know the final results.
  13. I don't look to the TV Pros and the 3-club tour for much of anything these days. Me and the guys I generally play with and compete - gamble with have some "rules" we allow amongst us. Some are strict rules of the game and others are loose. If you put a provisional ball in play and like Lukes mentioned I think; then make a second stroke on that provisional ball it's your official ball at that time. If by chance you make the second stroke on the provisional ball and then find and play the presumed lost ball that's a 2 shot penalty in stroke play for playing the wrong ball and I belive loss of hole in match play. Please correct me if necessary.
  14. Im thinking gauging a ball for roundness isn't important these days. I have somewhere and old gauge ring people used to carry in their bag back when balatta balls were a thing. I didn't play them much at the time because they were expensive at $18 a dozen. LOL - and... one thin strike or a collision with a tree or cart path and they were ruined. Heck those old balatta balls would go out-of-round from good ball striking. I'm sure gauge rings can still be found out on the web somewhere if you really want one.
  15. Unless you're still using an iphone - I use an app called Strokes. It's a great score and gambling/betting app. It's not fancy but it gets the job done quite well. Been using it for 5 years I'd guess. Has probably 15 games.
  16. There's a much bigger price to pay by doing business with your sworn enemy too. Further - for those companies that want to continue making their goods in China; and thereby hurting America - each product will have to be labeled, Made in Communist China. Not just China. Let's not sugar coat facts and reality.
  17. I vote for American ingenuity and with the people of this country. We can do anything and do it well. If there is a will there is a way. I'd like to see some of these huge multinational golf companies defend their "relationship" with the chinese communist government. The curtain has been pulled back and we've all seen now what we've refused to see before. They are bad actors to put it lightly and do not wish us well. They never have. Additionally, our own government (the one we vote for) created this monster which is why manufacturing left this country. How about some incentives to bring it back? Companies were given incentives to leave - lets now incentivise them to return. Globalism is a scam.
  18. It's funny that California is colored Yellow. LOL
  19. I've contacted two companies. Tour Edge and Sub70. As expected the components (heads mostly I assume) of their clubs are made in China and "assembled - or built as they like to say in USA. I will be contacting some of the larger companies and ask the same. Although I already know the response they'll provide. If any. IMO if these companies like Callaway, TM, Ping, etc. etc start hearing from people like us as it might make them at least think about it. I've asked them - why do they do business with communist? And also a country whose stated mission is to destroy America? Why I ask. Crickets. They don't answer that. There are plenty of "friendly" countries we can do business with if we like. Buy why do it with someone that wants to burn your house down? If these multinational golf companies want too, they can get out of China. They got into the place with no problem didn't they? These companies can start or locate a foundry here. They could start or use a central foundry where many companies could have their heads made. It's not impossible. I can guarantee you if they announced they were getting out china they'd be applauded and their sales would increase. Can you imagine seeing on their website that they forge each head in Crossroads, USA. For example: Callaway would say they proudly make and assemble all clubs in the USA! American Made! Think of the PR bonanza. If people like us don't give a crap then neither will Callaway, TM, Ping, or any of there others. Like the old saying goes, "americans will sell us the rope we hang them with."
  20. Exactly. How many years was he employed as a "scientist" before getting into golf? 5-10-15?
  21. Oh, I guess overseas means places like England, Switzerland or Spain. Places like that? I've heard that's where most of the golf equipment is made. Well... perhaps Callaway, Cobra, Ping , and other US based companies will bring their Mfg. back to the US where it should be. Might cost a little more but it'd be worth it. Right? And think of all the new jobs created. That'd be good too.
  22. Have any forum members considered recently or otherwise: To only buy (or start buying) equipment made in America or sourced from friendly - responsible - trading partners? I'll lead off... My answer is Yes! Keep in mind that heads, shafts, grips, etc might only be "assembled" in America and probably are. So where do all the various components for your clubs come from? Does it matter to you? It does to me and going forward I'll be looking at my options. For example my putter is made in America/Texas by Edel. Everything else including my bag is probably sourced elsewhere. Ok... I think titleist and bridgestone balls are made in America. Aren't Sub7 for example made entirely in the USA? What others are there?
  23. I go for mid to late morning. I'm a early riser for sure but I prefer to ease into my day. And the biggest reason for morning golf is the greens. It's all about the greens to me. I do like playing twilight at times but usually the greens are pretty stomped with divots galore. In the summer late; they're also baked.
  24. PlaidJacket


    Wrong. I do putt with my eyes over the ball and with a slightly open stance. I'm a good putter. I also pay play regularly with a friend who has a most unusual putting style - eyes everywhere but over the ball. I don't even like watching him setup and such. But... he's a great putter. Like most of us know.... nothing matters except that split-second moment of truth with each stroke and with any club.
  25. I carry a 5 in GHIN but that number is a little stale. Throughout the year I range between a 3-5. I don't record all my rounds anymore. Sometimes I'll get a new score posted when someone I've played with turns it in and I get recorded as well. I used to be obsessed with lowering my hcp - ie... chasing a number; and I'd never let a round go unrecorded. Then I quit mostly. Another reason is I might only play the Senior City Championship and/or Club Championship each year. I'll be in the championship flight regardless whether I have a 3 or a 5 on the books. I know this isn't ideal but it's what I do. Also, when I play games/matches we never play with a handicap. It's all heads-up.
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