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  1. I'd love to see photos of your green. "the best backyard practice green I ever had was my best friends."
  2. I like what most commenters are saying... I too will suggest finding your best - lowest cost option. As I'm sure you're aware, the drop-out (quitting) rate for beginners is very high.
  3. Please don't take offense... But if your hcp is truly a 20 as you've listed above then you're a real head scratcher. It's interesting to hear a high handicapper describe their ball striking in such a way. And especially with an old set of blades (probably not fit) which by most estimates require a player of advanced skill (low single digit or + hcp) to play effectively - if even then. I wonder what you'd be able to do with a properly fit set of modern irons like most tour pros play? (which btw are not blades)
  4. Rev you and me would probably end up in a playoff. You've always struck me as a guy that knows how to score. Guys like you make for a good - fun match. Wish you could join us tomorrow.
  5. you could try this... https://mygolfspy.com/?s=irons
  6. Yes. Was going to the Master for the whole week last week. Canceled. Not canceled... now we're going for the whole week this fall/November. I think this might even be better as I've never been there that time of year. I can't see Bandon still being closed in October. I wouldn't cancel it. Not yet anyway.
  7. I play the exact same shafts in my irons. Looks the same to me.
  8. That's terrible. But it can happen. Since they are open for custom fittings I'd insist they open for your custom shaft repair. Why do it yourself since you've already paid them to do a job for you in the first place. I'd want them to see it anyway. Good luck with the repair.
  9. This is probably an apple to orange comparison.... I bought last years model EXS that came with a MCA Tensei CK 60-S. I didn't go through a fitting per se' as I usually perform - work it out myself. I did hit the club at the shop a little before buying and decided to give it a try anyway. Initially the indoor LM data was ok but not great. Then, outdoors I went. My observations all around were awful. I hated everything about the feel, shot patterns, and flight. I tinkered around with the settings but the EXS was looking like a non-starter. The next day I decided to try the shaft that I'd been playing successfully in my SLDR. I happen to have a spare so I installed the EXS adapter onto the Fujikura Speeder 57-S and it was an amazing change. All of a sudden the EXS came alive. I didn't bother spine'ng the shaft. I did make a few more adjustments with the settings. The EXS is now a fairway machine and I'm sure I'll play it for many years. Moral of the story is - don't rely on LM data for anything more than perhaps a starting point - go no go. If that. I think finding the proper shaft and ideal adjustment of the head for your swing and preferred ball flight is critical. And do all this outdoors. With a little time and patience you can fit yourself easily.
  10. https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk015wIBHLRPvVO5344far1LZJz1b-w%3A1586554838242&ei=1ueQXpalDsKWsAWUrLzADA&q=my+golf+spy%2Bgrips&oq=my+golf+spy%2Bgrips&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzIGCAAQBxAeMgYIABAHEB4yBAgAEB4yBQgAEM0CMgUIABDNAjoECCMQJzoICAAQBxAKEB46CAgAEAcQBRAeOggIABANEAUQHjoICAAQCBANEB46BggAEAUQHjoICAAQCBAHEB5KGAgXEhQ2LTkwZzkxZzEwMGc5OWc4OGc5OEoRCBgSDTYtMWcyZzJnM2c1ZzNQy5gBWOe7AWCE2wFoAHAAeACAAWKIAYgLkgECMTaYAQCgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwiW6LKs6d7oAhVCC6wKHRQWD8gQ4dUDCAw&uact=5 Here's a ton of grip info from the forum.
  11. I've certainly hit my fair (or unfair) share of thins and other crappy shots. I have not once felt a "stinger". I have all my irons shafted with AeroTech SF i80-R shafts. I'd guess any quality graphite type shaft might be something you should consider. You might also like some of those spongie Winn grips. I don't but they might help you and be worth trying perhaps. Good luck with your wrist.
  12. Tony this one isn't Voice but I thought I'd show it as an option. I've used it for several years and it seems pretty good. I do wear glasses but can still read it easily without them for example. I normally have to clipped/affixed to the cart roof with an articulated bracket on the roof support bars on either side - whether I'm the one driving or riding. With the clip on bracket I have also attached it to my push cart. Anyway... here a look for reference. https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/537057
  13. Perhaps this isn't a good analogy but let's reminisce about old cars - shall we. My driving days began back in the early 70's. But I certainly don't want to go back to those old cars. For starters they were poorly built and required a lot of maintenance. If you owned a muscle car for example they were fun, burned a lot of rubber, and sounded cool. But they drove and handled poorly in addition to not being very comfortable. So no... not going back there. But it'd be fun to own one to get out in occasionally for a Sunday drive. Same with and old set of blades. Cool to look at but terrible to play. I have no love lost for old (or new blades) blades including a 2i. Or a 1i even. Ugh!! Good riddance. Back when I was first introduced to the game blades were all we had. I could probably play them to much better effect today but I have no interest in finding out. Now, I've been playing a cavity back iron every since the 845's came out. At the time they were a game changer for me. Over the years I improved my swing and become a better player. But still... I'm basically a weekend - give or take; amature, like most here in the forum. Blades are difficult to play effectively for a large majority of people. This game is hard enough as is so why compound this difficulty by playing such unforgiving irons? Heck, most pros play cavity back - game improving irons. Count me out as I reminisce about the bad old days.
  14. I think this will be most interesting. I don't pay much attention to club testing because; One - I'm not in the market for any golf clubs and; just because someone likes a particular club doesn't mean I will too. I think most clubs - irons particularly are fairly consistently made. (although, my irons heads were each hand selected for weight and quality of forging/casting/finishing) I do think sawing open some drivers and fairway woods could be interesting. Are the faces of these clubs as advertised? Can this even be done correctly? I don't know. But, the reason I'll be interested in this ball testing/examination of quality & construction is... because I play several balls from different mfgs. All urethane covered. Some are retail products and others are DTC brands. I've repeatedly claimed that I can play my best or worst rounds with any of them and on any given day. However, and depending on the results of these tests/examinations I could see myself singing a different tune. We shall see. Also: Throw in a variety of range balls for this testing. Wilson, Srixon, etc. And some PV1 Practice balls for good measure. I'm interested in these types because we're about to make a rather large purchase later this summer for our range. Besides my own self interest I think we should know as there's more of these hit each day than any retail or DTC ball.
  15. Not for me. I think golf brings reality into a sharp focus each time I play.
  16. I don't know but... Personally I'd like to see "them" make a rule where you don't have to use a golf club on approach shots. Instead you simply place it on the green where you think you'd hit it. That'd be a great rule change IMO. Anyone else go for that?
  17. I've been wondering where you've been. Now I know. And BTW - Nice clubs you put up there.
  18. I've been wondering where you've been. Now I know. And BTW - Nice clubs you put up there.
  19. I'm pretty sure I've discussed this in one way or another in numerous threads. But, I'll play just about any ball as long as it has a urethane cover. If there is anything important to me that's it. My common line is I can play my best or worst golf with any urethane ball. I just like the way they feel. If anything I'm pretty sure in a blind test I would be able to tell the difference between a urethane or surlyn ball. From feel alone. I also am not in love with any ball - again, with a urethane cover. I'll play and score my best ever with an MG Tour or Kirkland or a PV1. Same with a Bridgestone or Srixon or Callaway. Just yesterday for example I shot a four over 74 with an el cheapo Urethane- Maxfli Tour-x sold by Dicks. The ball performed well all around. Of course I was driving the ball and ironing well also. I might be able to do the same with 24-pack of Pinnacle Gold from WalMart but those types of balls feel terrible to me. Therefore, I don't play them.
  20. I find many times; searches return better results on google than in the forum. It's always worth a try.
  21. Perhaps your might offer us a link or photo or something?
  22. I'm not sure what we're seeing here. The photo looks altered. My first impression was that the man is riding standing side-saddle in some way. Then I thought his height looked odd in relation and proportion to the device. I can also see a white golf shoe showing between the right tire and the bag where it appears to be on the metal platform. IMO I think this is a fake photo. Of course more photos might settle my skepticism wouldn't it?
  23. Hogan, Johnny Miller, Moe Norman... let's see who the best ball striker is.
  24. I've been a subscriber for a long time. My current subscription is about to play out. Quite frankly, I'm about fed up with them. Seems on the channels I like all they do is talk all the time. Wasn't that supposed to be the reason to pay to listen to radio/music in the first place? No DJ blabbing. I use Pandora free and they have a few ads here and there but nothing close to all the blather/talking and such that XM does. So... I might be about done with XM. Same with Att- Direct TV. I listen to about 4 channels of XM out of hundreds and watch 6-8 channels of DTV out of hundreds. It's time for a change.
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