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    Golf now that softball career is over. 2014 USSSA hall of fame inductee
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    101-110 mph
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    Multiple times per week
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    Driver/Off the Tee

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  1. Matt albuquerque, NM walk 50% of time sun Mountain push cart
  2. Matthew Albuquerque, NM PXG proto X 3.0 104 TSI3
  3. Matt/ Albuquerque New Mexico hdcp- 3.0 current- Callaway pm bring jaws 54*/58* and Titleist 62* sm7 i usually use black coated wedges to reduce glare, I imaging raw provides the same benefit. Hoping raw spins well.
  4. Matt, Albuquerque New Mexico 3 hdcp PXG gen 3 XP would love to put these up against my expensive sticks!
  5. Matt, Albuquerque New Mexico callaway pm 54/58 would like to try 58 high bounce
  6. Matt Wiseley- Albuquerque NM used second edition sky caddie currently use a Leopold Gx5i gun
  7. Matt Albuquerque, New Mexico 3 Callaway Apex Pros cf16 Titleist T100
  8. Matt W in Albuquerque New Mexico hdcp- 4 current- Cleveland RX-3 50, Callaway Mack daddy 56 bent to 55, Callaway Mack Daddy 60- all three +1/2 inch and 2* up with Aerotech steel fiber 110 fav shot- the super flop
  9. Matt in Albuquerque 108 swing speed transitioning from CALLAWAY CHROME SOFT to.....played TaylorMade TP5x last 4 rounds but still evaluating.
  10. -Matt -New Mexico -Odyssey works versa #9 -Strength
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