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  1. 3 rounds and can excitedly say, the T200 irons are PHENOMENAL! Despite strong lofts, I'm seeing a higher flight to go along with the extra 7-10yds
  2. Very, very short prose today. Wifey and I played an executive course today.....cheap fees and the course reflected it But my mind was strictly on T200s now that setup has been completed......refresh: got T200 4-gw with amt black r300......switched long irons (4-7) into amt red r300 also extending them 1/2" ; also extended short irons the same.....swingweight D2-ish throughout......I tried a pxg combo for a round quickly realizing that they weren't for me due to turf interaction primarily. So even with the shorter course , I could still see possibilities and drawbacks to T200s.....
  3. Have you ever been to a Tour event? Those guys LAUNCH it! But they do flight their wedges situation dependent......if you can bring your flight down in the short irons, I wouldn't be overly concerned with any other club......except driver, if you're not getting runout with driver then a change might be needed.... Iron shots that use decent angle is a great way to play. What is your hdcp, 7i carry and swingspeed is known?
  4. Kinda late to the party......was happily playing Srixon combos Z585/Z785 but the feel of the undercut cavity in the z585 left doubt about long-term use...... Demo'd the new P770 with strong consideration given but my thought turned to pxg under the heroes program.....basically same price ,maybe better feel than 770.... Well that was short-lived as the pxg just didn't have turf interaction nor proper shaft for my game . Added to this was the fact of pxg being. 370 parallel hosel ; making shaft change a pain The other iron set consider was the T200......never a fan of the AP3 due
  5. Lawrence Loxahatchee, Fl TM SIM 7 index 90mph TSi3
  6. Lawrence/Loxahatchee, FL currently in rtx4 50 mid, 56 full and 60 mid.... would love more spin throughout the wedge range Would love 52/58 mid satin
  7. 125 per iron.....driving iron available, 7-10 days shipping....my order completed minutes ago! #BOOMBABY
  8. What shaft were you using in i210? You had some blatantly bad misses with it....did you hit it last and getting tired? I'd go back and try again leaving out i500 and g700 hit just 588cb and i210....we have similar speeds and the i210 adds so much without losing anything. JMHO
  9. I believe the sole of the i210 has a more beveled edge making it wider but more forgiving in my opinion
  10. Summation: for an aging former scratch golfer the i210 will be a godsend.....not overly large but large enough to provide tons of forgiveness with misses that please the senses. Flush strikes equate out to near forged like experience. When we get to look at complete set, which btw can't be far off from i200, we'll label this maybe the most versatile non-forged iron yet. I personally never got along this well with i20,i25 or i200....something was always missing in feel/sound/looks department for me The pseudo S55/iblade look combined with I series forgiveness/performance will be
  11. +1 on THIS! the i500 ,FOR ME, is hard and clunky despite the sexy look....the i210 has S55/i200 mix but larger....I've had the opportunity to use the i210 on course and the biggest thing was enjoying....no loving my misses....I didn't get along with previous iterations (i20/i25/i200) but something about the feel and look has me anxiously waiting!
  12. Thanks for your honesty. .......by weakening did you find trajectory too high?
  13. Soooooo.....did you make the switch? I'm in a similar predicament.
  14. Added a heavier shaft to the #JETSPEED over stock......the fairway wood shaft t-69 cut down to 45.25" 15-20 yds of raw carry in the 10.5* head with rollout to boot! I hit 11/13 with 4 balls over 265.....not tour but good enough for me......i did try almost every new lefty offering out and for my game this club won out.
  15. OK westy.....two rounds.......7/14 first round on unfamiliar layout and not accustomed to club; 11/13 in round two......I enjoyed hitting this higher, straighter and longer than anything for some time now........had about 4 over 270.......THIS CLUB WANTS TO BE SWUNG AGGRESSIVELY! Very stable through impact. ......shot shaping is subtle. ......EXCITED! don't forget I'm using a 20g heavier shaft too.
  16. I'm like you westy.......straight, short and bad back......went through the same process and #JETSPEED with shorter, heavier fairway wood shaft works for ME! Custom ordered 10 5* #JETSPEED with t-69 regular flex......3.5* torque 68g shaft @ 45" .....playing Monday on unfamiliar course but will report back.
  17. Great to hear . . .my friend cranked his down to same loft with his miyazaki in it and is BOMBING it! I ordered one and should be here Wednesday. ......
  18. I feel fortunate that you hit these vs Nike PC... and great to hear of forgiveness in the long irons. I love the pocket cavities and the launch I get . Getting mixed reviews on distance gaps but sounds like an easy fix.keep us posted
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