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  1. Driver numbers and driver dispersion in blue and 7i T100 in yellow
  2. Not expecting to find a dream combo BUT after 5rds with TSR 10 and 3 different shafts, it's a lock!!! First off I tried tsi2 for a minute last year and very accurate but short and spinny to me plus I didn't enjoy the shape truthfully. The tsr2 , multi faceted VFT and all, keeps the spin in such a nice window while maintaining high forgiveness and added ballspeed. I initially tried stock tensei 55R blue and had some success but wanted a shade lower flight ..... I thought about a 9 head but just couldn't get consistency. Next shaft was Fujikura Speeder NX stiff/regular 50 and it really was a nice fit and I thought that things would end there. Well a good friend had MY shaft.....hehe The HZRDUS BLUE RDX SMOKE 5.5 limited edition USA graphics.......now I've never hit a the counterbalanced hzdrus before but I've hit hc red , riptide and evenflow..... Well in short my start line with blue moved from pull cuts of 10-20yds to 1-2 yd tiny fade with easy trajectory control and awesome stability.
  3. Just back in to extol the virtues of this finely crafted iron set. T100 4-GW with modus 105R 1/2" and hitting any shot needed. That is all
  4. Changed from PGI 75 into Nippon 950gh NEO regular and we have a winner!!! Flows easier with modus 105R in the rest of set..... can't wait to get next round under my belt!!
  5. Small update...... found a 50 GW to complete the set and NOW added KBS PGI shafts to the 4 and 5i for ease of launch .....these clubs aren't used often but still need to be confident inspiring vs avoidance....haven't been on course yet but excited for opportunity.
  6. Yeah .....I've played a few VGA events.....veterans golf association and it just harkens back to my service time .....ARMY commo 83-86 Meeting these guys has been a revelation!! It's a national organization that is getting bigger and bigger....
  7. Like others have said there is no NEW model outside the 2021 T-series..... The T100 2019 is the previous model which were chrome .....these are a satin finish
  8. Was intimidated by the address position initially of the T100 ........ but after trying P760 I came to realize that it's a progressive set in a great way! 4i is actually bigger than P760 4i but a much better look( thinner topline) to my eye ....... The confidence is growing with each passing round .......the 46* PW is truly a money club for me.......95-135yds wind dependent.......back to hitting 7i 170 albeit downwind!! Lol With the added Tungsten in this iteration, forgiveness is really high especially in such a smallish package. After nearly a year with the very solid i210s, I consider this a significant upgrade...... holed out a 6i from 170 in a Veterans event couple weeks back that I'm still riding high on that strike
  9. New update....... Accra i-series steel 105R in i210s! 16 greens .....nuff said
  10. Updated Ping Cart bag! Appropriate for this great weekend of remembrance!
  11. 14 GIR's and 5 birdies for a 2 under 70 on a fairly tough track albeit only 6000yd from white tees Incredibly consistent, tons of forgiveness.....very nice feel
  12. So rounds of 73, 72 and executive course 62 I hit 14, 12 and 15 GIR's on bad greens for 2 of 3 rounds.......2,5 and 4 birds Cannot wait until lies get completely dialed in!
  13. So had 1/2" chopped off butt end.....didn't get swingweights but I'll check later.....today I went to the range .....as long as I kept up my rotation vs sliding through, I hit absolute great shots......nearing the end, I hit 2 4i's off the deck that just looked delicious..... Even the misses(thin) went directionally correct.....dying for next round seeing how I'm driving it, putting it and now approaching it with tons of confidence......
  14. Played a familiar course......shot even par with 5 birds and 5 bogies.....2 poor drives didn't leave me much Hit 12 GIR's......the other 4 were a missed 9i, U wedge 6i n 4i......getting up n down on 2 of those and one 3 putt to finish..... The main takeaway from my 2nd Round with Ping i210 irons; I'M MADLY, INSANELY IN LOVE with these irons.......once dialed into my specs(length n lie) I'm truly expecting to average 13+ per round......SERIOUSLY.....these ABSOLUTELY fit my needs : easy to launch, look and feel great, very forgiving without being overly bulky.
  15. Funny you mentioned the Anser forged.....I had those for a minute and yes , that's far more of a comparison than say i20/i25 which featured wider soles on the long irons.....Anser forged was definitely ahead of its time Here is a pic of i210 4i v Nike vr pro combo 2i head......ever so slightly wider but in a good way....as stated my confidence AND launch are higher with these wonderful irons!
  16. Here's some quick , random thoughts; The i210 is an inherent progressive combo set without all of the glitz and glam of modern technology.....no tungsten, no multi-material sans the extra elastomer, no insanely strong lofts....... No the Ping i210 is just a great looking and feeling iron that works for Tour Pros and amateurs alike..... One of biggest takeaways is the CONSISTENCY in feel.....I've played quite a few combo sets over the years; 2011 Nike vr pro combo, Srixon Z785 7-pw Z585 4-6 irons, T200 4-gw to name a few.......the MAIN issue for me is the lack of continuity in the FEEL aspect.....long irons in the sets mentioned have a different feel in comparison to the short irons and after awhile, this wore on me.......call me silly but it just did. The i210s are just very consistent in standard flight and feel .....for someone who plays alot or not so much , this is just a reliable feature that goes overlooked.
  17. 14 greens hit, 2 birds......2 bogies on par 5s and HORRIBLY INCONSISTENT green surfaces.....but 1 over 73 with new irons and putter .....not too shabby!
  18. AWT 2.0 regular.....had in my iblades and just sitting around the house......I tried AMT BLACK R300 and ctaper regular 110g.....those ctaper shafts were very nice but reverberated throughout this old body entirely too much!
  19. Severely late to the party but finally acquired a set of heads 4-U and throwing shafts as we speak! From the reviews and @txgolfjunkie point, still a very heavy LPGA and men's Tours usage including Tavatanakit, Henderson and Cink with wins in the past month!
  20. Same to you and yes , this Speed is a keeper......adding dimensions to my game that hasn't been since M3/S+ Limited 60R combo from 3-4yrs back...... We'll definitely sway a few folks to at least try the Epic Speed......
  21. I'm twice your age probably and nowhere your speed but I'm seeing very similar gains over my past few drivers...... Had original SIM 10.5* that was very steady and in the 225-240 range......problem was the occasional quick hook.....so the quest went on and next up was the tsi2 ......extremely steady and removed the hook but lacked pop...... A friend gifted me a gbb 10.5 epic and there were noticeable 5-10yd gains but spin was higher and into the wind I'd get killed. Went into superstore and tried the LS head and seemingly it was doing quite well....... on the monitor. Had a demo that I took out and it sounded horrible and flew erratically. In despair, I went back to "try" the Speed head......same footprint as gbb epic 17 . After just a few swings I could see the potential. Made the adjustments to -1D setting and it came alive.......I nearly drove a downwind par 4 320yds .....finishing 10yds short of front edge.... 290ish? It has continued we loads of 260, 270, 280yd drives especially downwind.....an xtra gear that I haven't seen or had in a long time.... For me , this is a reincarnation of my all-time favorite driver the R510 non-tp 330cc from 03-04......look, sound/feel, flight and footprint......with Speed being bigger, more forgiving and more stability......I've found MY unicorn......Tensei 65R AV blue D3 swingweight......
  22. TSI2, now with STOCK tensei blue 55R , just reclaimed top Dawg spot......confident fairway finder .....might not be as long downwind but consistency is where this club shines.....also found that a level tee height works much better than too high of a tee...... I'M BACK !!!!! says the TSI2 .......welcome home says me
  23. Only the gbb epic 2017 has given a run at TSI2.....getting another shaft into TSI2 to see if it helps with some very slight spin issues.....shaft in it (reign silver ) is accurate but can't keep up with distance gains of epic/ attas combo......major negative with that combo is into the fan.....really high and stinky
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