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  1. I'd be willing to try the new shafts. I currently use Older Nike Slingshot Irons with Idiamana graphite shafts...........Looking to upgrade all my clubs in the near future. Cant even get a trade in dollar amount on these clubs because they done make them anymore
  2. Proby Key West Florida Im usually 100-108 , been in the 90's only 4 times ever. Golfing each Monday my clubs are Nike 550 irons with graphite shafts, about 10 -12 years old??
  3. Proby Key West ,Fl Handicap 27 Highest Iron I have is 4, and hit it good most of the time
  4. New to this sight, just stumbled on it really , but enjoy the information that I've seen so far. Golfing this past Monday, at the only course around, KWGC, and absolutely CRUSHED a drive, that went 305 yds (I'm usually around 260-270) with almost NO ROLL ,because of the 4+" of rain we had Saturday, However on the next par 4, the driver shaft broke, and the head and half the shaft went into a nearby house. It was an 8 year old Nike, Don't remember the name, so Now, I'm looking for a new driver, and the Ping G25, and the New Callaway X2Hot, are my current front runners. Thoughts ?? I am usuall
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