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  1. My name is David. 23 years old. I am an equipment junky! I’ve been a reader of mygolfspy many years! I love seeing what’s coming down the line in spy pics, or just getting ideas of what to try next. (This year has certainly encouraged me to Epsom salt all my golf balls!) Big fan of Noputtsgiven! Great addition! I make my living as a Touring Professional here in Europe. I picked up two wins this year, my first also featuring my proudest golfing achievement to date. The lowest ever recorded round in a Professional tournament, a 57. I have always been a tinkerer in what goes into my bag...example: after my first win, (57 helped!) my first move was to go get fit for new clubs...in my defence...it had been scheduled in a few weeks prior! I immediately swapped out my woods and at my next event, shot -24 total with a 61 to finish in 1st...leaving my next logical move as to replace my irons and wedges with new ones also. Thus leaving me with my putter as my only remaining club from my record round. I’m sure there are people standing up at meetings for less!
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