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  1. Well I was pretty calm, I think because I had to stay "in the moment" for about 8 hours that day, but my teammates were all jumping up and down and screaming, especially when I won in that playoff. It was hilarious. What made this even sweeter was that our team has had the same four core players for the last four years. We are all seniors now, and we finally won the whole thing--the goal from the start.
  2. I've played in a few junior tournaments at Lake Presidential. It's a nice course, but plays really tough when it is late fall when the wind is blowing. I remember I played a tournament there the day Hurricane Sandy hit. Needless to say, that course played HARD. It also hosted, in a tournament, one of my first good chances at breaking 80, but it was an "attempt" of course, and that course beat me up badly in the end.
  3. This is a lot of writing, so feel free to skip if you don't feel like reading. I went out with a bang. In my last time ever playing golf for my high school, in our league championship, we won all there was to win. There is no state tournament or anything like that because I go to a small school in DC, so our league championship is the climax of our season--one 18 hole round to decide everything. All the regular season matches do is decide the pairings for the league championship. The championship then decides the all league players (top ten in the final day), so even if you had a 33 sco
  4. The missed tee time dream scares the heck out of me.
  5. Well it seems like you're figuring it out for yourself pretty well right now.
  6. After a frustrating 38 on Monday's match, I came back today with a bogey free, two under 33, and this is the course our league championship is at: Bretton Woods. I have been hitting the ball long and straight, uncharacteristically straight for me lately, and I love the new confidence it gives me. I still struggled with making putts today, paring the first 7 holes, missing a few close ones for birdie. Then on the 8th hole, I got up and down for birdie with an awesome flop shot from over the green and above the hole to 6 inches. Then on the par three number nine, I rolled in a sweet 20 foote
  7. I much prefer hitting balls for a little while before playing because my shoulders tend to feel really tight without some stretching. I can play without hitting balls, but it is hard for me. I have to stretch a lot, and I'll do a few exaggerated long driver swings to just make sure everything is lose, but even so, the golf club will still feel like a foreign object in my hands for the first few holes when lined up to the ball.
  8. Another rollercoaster high school golf match (we got to play a very nice course today): Hole 1: Routine Par Hole 2: Bogey from the middle of the fairway from 100 yards (chunked a wedge just short because my ball was on a 50 degree downslope and missed a 8 footer for par) Hole 3: Driver up near the green. Chipped to 10 feet, hit a great put, but it somehow did not go in. It went all the way around the hole without touching anything. I have no idea how it did not go in. Hole 4: Stuffed an 8 iron 175 with a little breeze to 5 feet, birdie. 5: 530 yard par 5, driver to 210 yds, 4 iron to 1
  9. I just had a rollercoaster nine holes in my highschool match. First hole I absolutely blasted a drive (downhill but no wind) that carried about 5-10 yards passed a pine tree lasered at 317 yards. Hit a wedge to ten feet, and then absolutely babied a dead straight 10 footer. It was a horrible putt that I left about 2 feet short. My coach said it looked like I was purposefully trying to lag the putt as if I had two putts to win a major, and he was not wrong. Second hole on a three shot par five that demands an iron off of the tee, I chunked a PW short, hit a chip all the way to the back of
  10. Often times the tournament directors will say that the embedded ball rule is in effect through the green, not just in the fairway, so any place that is not a hazard or a bunker, if your ball is embedded, you get to lift, clean, and drop the ball.
  11. If you do hit the green then yes, but missing the green every single time will give you less putts than hitting it to 10 feet every time (unless chipping is a big struggle).
  12. I agree with this. Last weekend I was playing a qualifier for the club championship where we had a foursome on insanely fast greens with crazy pin positions putting everything out on every hole. We played so slowly, and we were playing ready golf in carts. We played so slowly that a foursome walking behind us (also part of the qualifier), caught us, and we started to hold up the course. The marshall told us we had to split up into two twosomes, and after that, all four of us probably cut our round down by 40 minutes, and my group, who was part of the second twosome after the split up finis
  13. This might be a good way to fade it, but at least for me, I never really like to change my grip from swing to swing because I have only one grip that will feel "right" to me (I have a very strong grip that looks pretty funny), but I do like to work the ball both ways because it gives me a range of around 25 yards for every club just with full swings. To do that, I just open my stance a tiny bit, and just feel like I throw my club into the back of the ball (a little steeper path than normal) with a square to slightly open face with an emphasis of quieting my wrists to the point where it even cr
  14. I have never hit a car playing golf but I have in little league baseball though. One time, a kid on my team hit a police car while he was giving my coach a ticket.
  15. I've been very lucky I would say. My first came when I was 13 on a 265 yard par 4, then I got my second one last Friday on a 115 yd par 3.
  16. My coach told me to take the ball out of the hole in slow motion, so he could take this pic.
  17. Hole in one! 115 yard par 3 with a little helping breeze. Pin was in the right hand section of the green tucked over a bunker. Anything over the green on the line of the flag bounces 30 yards down a hill. The greens were soft, and I knew I could spin one back. I don't like hitting full swing wedges, so I hit a really easy punch fade PW that was right on line, but when I hit it, I thought for sure it was going over the green and bouncing down that hill. Somehow, it landed a few feet from the back edge of the green, paused for a moment, then took off backwards down the slope, spinning back
  18. I know this is a year late, but I just read through this and am confused. Isn't this ruling is dependent on what constitutes a "found" golf ball. Does the player1 have to identify it to make sure it is the ball he hit, or are his opponents able to identify the ball that player1 hits therefore making his provisional out of play? Because then if player1 holes it, then he can have a slow leisurely walk to the green without worrying about his playing partners "finding" it.
  19. I miss the heat. I would take a 95 degree day over the 60 degree high wind downpour we had today. I was freezing and could barely hold on to the club. It has been cold all week. It's too early for October weather.
  20. I was under the impression that since the x has the lower compression rating, it flies higher and spins more on full shots, but then around the green, due to the softer cover of the v1, just around the greens, the v1 spins more.
  21. Is this number 11 from Sandpiper in Santa Barbara?
  22. I only think of swinging down the line so I don't duck hook every single shot because my hips spin crazy fast. Then adjust slightly for fade/draw.
  23. I played a course all summer that was soaking wet almost the whole time. Drivers bounced back a foot routinely. This was another huge ego deflator when you thought you really caught one good, but then lasered it back to the tee and wished you never were so curious.
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