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  1. Yes guys this attack angle thing is a crutch in my side! I played alot of baseball which makes this seem like a logical thing BUT I golf righty and bat lefty. So it has been a hard problem to fix for some reason. I tried last year really hard to fix the attach angle and it killed my back and I was down for a while. But yes at a slower speed and better smash it is very good but sometimes my brain cannot relay this. I have slowed considerably as two years ago I was getting up to 127. Thanks for the input I enjoyed doing the little test. E
  2. At the time I decided to stay with the Ping because no one gets demo in an X. I now have gone to the EPIC with the X shaft because the spin is considerably less, and for sure longer when going about 115 mph.
  3. Brand new Trackman equipment. We were indoors butting out the door to the outdoor range.
  4. Yes they were all with the same ball, all with just a stock stiff shaft (i usually hit an X) except the Ping it was an X because that is my gamer. But I tried to just make a good swing on all of them. But I tend to hit to anything off the toe. LOL
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