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  2. ...western MD, actually..... been playing golf since the early '80's....around a 20 handicap playing mostly local courses like Black Rock and Beaver Creek. I play in LOTS of scrambles and do a once a year golf trip to Williamsburg VA, playing the Kingsmill courses and colonial courses along with others in that area. I'm getting involved in the long drive scene(senior, of course) and looking forward to having some fun in that area....Getting that occasional eagle and a birdie here and there keep me coming back...I really do love playing golf. On that note.... I've tossed many a club(even broken a few), but none in the last 20 or so years as I've learned to enjoy the game and not let it get my goat.... I've lurked on here for a while and enjoy the conversations....I hope I can contribute something worthwhile here.....
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