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  1. I better get this right - don't want to lose out on a technicality! My current handicap index is 4.0. When I think of Ben Hogan, it reminds me of the best parts of the old-school game. Hogan was a no-nonsense player, obviously great, who held the game in a very high regard. I like the fun stuff as much as the next guy - we play music in the carts when we're on the course - but I have a lot of appreciation for the history of the game. When I see the new Hogan gear, it makes me think of sets of irons displayed in trophy cases that were used to win big tournaments. It brings out the i
  2. Sure, good thought - problem is finding pants that are made long enough to hem in the first place (that aren't made for men). Was hoping to find a good source for longer pants designed for women, not small men with long legs.
  3. Hi folks - new to the forum, but have been reading MGS site for a while now. Love it! My wife is tall, which is cool, until she has to buy pants. Lots of options for golf pants for me, but few for her. Women's clothing is a whole different deal, lots of strange sizes, voodoo, etc. Has anybody had good luck with a particular brand or maker of women's golf pants for the tall ladies? Thanks for any help you can provide!
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