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  1. I have a couple of the Golflogix books. I find them helpful on the greens especially when you know the exact location of the pins. For most tournament play with a pin sheet these green books are very helpful.
  2. I will tell you short game is where it is at. Mine has been off all summer and just started to get to ok. Even chipping in your yard will help. It helps keep that touch.
  3. Tournament prep is all dependent on work. I am lucky in that I do have a skytrak at the house and can hit balls most days I am home. The short game is where I lack practice. I try to get to the club to practice that once a week, but even that is tough sometimes. I usually hit between 300-500 balls a week at the house. I do not play as much recreational golf as people would think. I have played only 21 rounds so far this year and 10 of those have been in tournaments. Practice, if I am having a true practice day I start at 50 yards, move to 75, then 100, 115 and up through the bag all the way to my hybrids. 10 shots with each and that is about 120 shots. I will sometimes hit a few more with my 8 or 9 iron just to finish the session.
  4. So I have played 5 tournament rounds of golf since I was last able to update everyone. I played in 2 local men's opens and one qualifier. The first event was back on June 5th and 6th (The Naughton Open) at Lake of the Woods Golf Course. I usually like this course and still do, I was not able to hold my first round together as I started with an even par 36 on the front but struggled to get it in the house and shot a 41 for a 77. The second round I knew I would have to go low (68) was the number in my head. Well the round started much like the 1st one ended and i started with a 42. I was able to right the ship and come in with a 35 for another 77, but way off the leader. A good friend and fellow club member at Urbana won the tournament so it was nice to see. On to the Illinois State Amateur Qualifier. 33 guys for 4 spots. You can not make mistakes. Same with the Naughton Open the driver was letting me down. I wasn't missing big, I was just off. A yard here a yard there and I could have had much better looks. But that is golf. I got it around in 76 and knew I left a lot on the course. I started the day -2 through 3 and just couldn't get a break from there. The swing was feeling good I just needed to be patient. I ended up missing the field for the state am by 5. Onto the U of I Open. Same course as the State Amateur qualifier. This was another great field of golfers. Being a 2 day tournament I wanted to just set myself up to be in a good spot come Sunday. I brought my 6 year old boy along to ride with me and keep me on my toes. He did a great job all weekend and did keep the mood light. The first round was a very stock round of golf. I was +1 through 15 holes and just did not have a lot going. I was hitting good shots, just needed something to kick start me. Well a huge tee shot and a 10' birdie putt on the 16th hole was just the ticket. I made the putt and boom we were off. I then eagled the par 5 (545 yards) 17th and birded the par 3 18th to finish at -3 (69) and a first round lead by 1. It was a bunched leader board as there were 12 guys at +1 or better. The next day I again brought my boy with me and told him we just needed another solid round. First hole is a par 5 that is reachable. 2 solid shots and a 2 putt birdie and we are off at -4 and feeling good. I made a mistake on a short put on the par 4 5th to fall back to -3 but a birdie on the par 4 7th got me back to -4. I made the turn and asked if anyone was making a charge. I was told the guys at +1 were making a move as one had shot -4 on the front to pull within one. I knew I had to get to -5 at least to be in the hunt for the win. I made a silly bogie from 40 yards on the par 4 12th to fall back to -3, but rebounded with a birdie on the par 5 13th to get it back to -4. I was now tied for the lead and needed a strong finish. I pared 14 and 15 before another huge tee shot on 16 and a perfect wedge. I made the 8' birdied putt to get to -5 and onto 17 with a one shot lead. I then hit another great tee shot leaving me a hybrid to the green. I was able to hit that to 15' and 2 putt for another birdie and move to -6. At the time I did not know I had a 2 shot lead. The par 3 18th was playing 150 yards and the wind was not being nice. I chose to hit a 9 iron and hit it over the back of the green. I knew I didnt want to make a bogie and I hit the best chip I hit all weekend. It lipped out and left me a tap in for the win. This was a great win for me and I was very excited to have my boy with me all weekend to share in the experience. https://t.co/QGAnXNaRcZ
  5. @MattF Thank you and everyone very much! This was a great win and I was able to have my 7 year old boy with me all weekend riding along. I have not had time to do a write up on my page yet as I am currently on a flight for work. I hope to get that updated with photos tomorrow! Thank you all again!
  6. game on, here is my team.... scroll down to see my picks.
  7. Monday was the CDGA Mid-Amateur Championship at Lake Shore Country Club north of Chicago. The format was 18 hole qualifying round with the top 16 going to match play. I did not get the chance to play a practice round but I was able to get a green book from Golflogix. The green book was very helpful. I started my day on the tenth tee and it was a smooth start with a par. I was able to hit the first 5 greens in regulation with one 3 putt (lack of pace) and an eagle on a par 5. I got into trouble on 15 and 16 but made two nice bogey saving putts to save the round. I finished the front 9 one over and went to the first tee knowing that even par would get me into match play. A driver and wedge later I had a tap in birdie and was at that number. I was able to finish the round with one more bogey and a birdie and 6 straight pars to finish the round at even par 71, good enough for a T-9. The afternoon match play round started at 3:18 and I did not play the way I wanted to on the front 9 and found myself in a deep hole headed into the back 9. I was able to claw it back a little but ended up loosing my first match 5&3 and ending my chances for the title. On a side note a very good friend is in the championship round today so I wish him the best of luck and hope he can pull off the victory. Stats for the round, I hit 50% of my fairways, 61% of the greens and had 29 putts. I am now off until a local event June 5 & 6.
  8. I am a member at a country club. My experience is that they should tailor your experience to you. If you do not want your clubs cleaned then they will learn this. 2. You would be surprised what is on the menu at a lot of clubs. Mine does offer grass fed (now we are in the Midwest as well). Look around, call and visit places. You will be surprised what you can find.
  9. Congratulations on those chosen! Looking forward to following along!
  10. Thank you! Hopefully many more events to come!
  11. Yesterday was my 2nd tournament of the year but first since February. There were 82 guys for 11 spots and ties to get into the CDGA Mid-Amateur. It was a very poor weather day as it rained for 14 holes and was about 55*. The golf course was in very good shape and is a great layout. If you live in the Illinois area and want to play a fun golf course that will test your short game and putting come play Kankakee Elks. My round was very up and down, I started well with a birdie on my 2nd hole (started on 10), but I followed it with a 3 putt bogey. This was the them of the day as I did this 2 more times following birdies with a bogey. In the end I was able to hold the round together and finish at +2 and qualify for the championship May 17-19. I will be sure to post back here as there will be live scoring.
  12. I played in a few Indianapolis events last year because they were the only events around due to covid. I thought the tour was well run, not a ton of people, but everyone was very nice. And if you do the skins and contests you can walk away with some green.
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