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  1. What a busy week.  Wednesday was my qualifier for the Illinois State Amateur.  It did not go as planned but I did not hit the ball bad. One really bad break and 2 poor swings.  We had 2 rain delays in the round and after teeing off at 8:40 we finished the round at 3:30.  I opened the day with a birdie and was off to a good start.  A 3 putt par on the 2nd hole for me and I was not happy but pars are never bad.  I made my first mistake on the 5th hole of the day with a poor wedge from 122 yards leading to a bogey.  I was even through 8 when the rains came and we stopped play.  After an hour and a half delay we went back out.  My 9th hole (the 18th on the course). is a dog leg right par 4 with power lines running in front of the green.  I hit a good drive up the right hand side and even though I couldn't see the flag I had a good look.  I hit a good shot or so I thought. It hit the power lines and came up 30 yards short.  We played the power lines as part of the course which I have never heard of but oh well.  It led to another bogey.  Another rain delay after the 10th hole.  After that rain delay I came out and went bogey, bogey.  And that is where my day ended.  +3.  I the ball well but did not score.  


    I have the CDGA Amateur starting on Monday.  I am really looking forward to this event as it is on a course that I really like and enjoy.  I will post a link Monday morning that will have live scoring. You can go here and read about the event.


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  2. This weekend was the U of I Open held at the Orange Course here in Savoy, IL.  Saturdays round was rained out and we got to play 36 holes on Fathers day.  We got about 1.5" of rain on Saturday so we played the ball up on Sunday as the course was still very wet.  With this everyone knew scores would be low.  This course usually plays very firm and fast and to play it soft it was a different animal.  My first round I ended up shooting a 72.  I was disappointed with this as I left 3 or 4 strokes on the course but I never really had to work for any pars either.  I ended up being 4 back after the first 18 and almost didn't make the Championship flight, but did on the number. 




    The second round started out well with a birdie on the 8th hole (my starting hole).  I added a couple more and was -3 through 11.  I missed a short birdie put on the 18th hole (my 11th) to stay at -3.  I birdied the following hole to get it to -4 and thinking if I could get 2 more I might have a chance.  That was not to be.  A poor shot on my 13th hole (par 3 2nd) led to a bogey and that is where I finished the round.  69 in a tournament is never bad.  I ended up tied for 4th.  The winner shot 70-63 to run away by 7.  We all knew that round was out there and it is fun to watch someone shoot that number.  




    I am starting to like this course as my last 4 competitive rounds here are all par or better (70, 71, 72, 69).  My next event is Wednesday in the Illinois State Amateur Qualifier.  Hopefully we can keep playing like this. 




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  3. Back at it again this weekend.  We have the University of Illinois Open at the Orange Course Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday I tee off at 9:00 AM.  50% chance of rain each day but we should get both rounds in.  I have played well at this course in the past qualifying for the Illinois Amateur here twice with rounds of 70 & 71 (-3 total).  I am looking forward to this weekend as I do know the course and I know I can score on it.  Stay tuned. 

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  4. The weather held off this weekend and it was actually a lot warmer than they thought it would be.  Both days were in the mid 80's and Saturday had more wind than Sunday.  It was not my best tournament but it was not bad either.  My swing is still not 100% where I want it.  The event was at Lake of the Woods golf course in Mahomet, IL.  It is a county parks course that has had trouble in the last few years, but they are making the correct changes and I thought the course played well.  The greens were firm but putted very nicely.  

    Saturday's round I shot a 71 (-1) from the white tee's to finish the day in 3rd place 3 shots out of the lead.  I had a good feeling going into Sunday that I could make that up and be around on the back 9 Sunday for a shot to win.  

    Sunday's round I could not have started better.  2 pars and I was one back of the lead after 2 holes.  I would not get any closer until the 18th hole.  It was a very up and down round for me.  More downs than ups unfortunately.  The 5th hole a short 350 yard par 4 I hit my drive into a hazard to make a bogey.  The 7th hole I made the decision that cost me the tournament and hit driver into the junk leading to a double.  After the front 9 I was back down 3, right where I started the day.   The back 9 started well.  A birdie on 10 to stay 3 back, 11 a poor bogey put me 4 back where I would stay until the 15th hole.  The 15th is a par 5 that is reachable with a good tee shot.  I pulled mine slightly into the left rough and was forced to lay up.  The leader miss judged his lay up and was in a hazard.  I hit my wedge to 10' and had a great look a birdie. I just missed that put but made par and the leader made double.  Down 2 with 3 to play.  I have a chance at this point.  There are 3 of us within 2 shots at this point all in the same group.  All 3 of us miss make-able birdie putts on 16.  Onto 17, a 240 yard par 3.  I missed the green just left in a good spot.  My competitors, one is on the other in a bunker.  I lip out my birdie chip and have a tap in par.  The leader makes bogey and I am 1 back of both of them going into 18.  We all hit good drives on 18 and I have 110 yards in.  I hit what I thought was a good shot to an elevated green, but it rolled out to 30' behind the hole.  Both of them have 20' birdie putts.  I gave my putt too much respect and missed it.  I ended up missing the comeback putt as well, but it didn't do any damage to my finishing spot.  I ended up 3rd by 2 shot.  A good friend of mine ended up tied and lost in the play off.  

    It was fun coming down the stretch with a chance.  I wish I would have played more of my game.  I went into Sunday knowing 73 would win.  If I would have just kept that mentality on the front 9 I think I would have been fine.  But that is why we play.  Even though I have won my share of events it is somehow different every time you are in that situation.  It is always fun and we have another 2 day event next weekend.  A little work on the swing this week and I will be in a good spot.  




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  5. Yesterday went better than I thought it might.  I shot a 73 (+1) good enough to finish solo 6th and qualify for the CDGA Amateur June 24 - 27.  The round yesterday started off rougher than I wanted but I was able to straighten out things and finish strong.  The course was in very good shape and the greens were very firm (this was surprising as wet as it has been).  My golf swing is still somewhere in outer-space but I was able to get up and down 6 times and chipped in for eagle once so that saved me.   The driver is on as of right now.  The irons I still am missing left with some very good swings and some very poor ones.   






    I have another event this weekend and I am looking forward to it as I have played this course multiple times and won here before. 


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  6. Back into the swing of things.  Tomorrow starts a good 2 week run for me.  I have the CDGA Amateur qualifier tomorrow following by a local 2 day event this weekend.  The another local stoke play event fathers day weekend and the Illinois State Amateur qualifier to finish on the 19th.  My swing I fell is slowly getting better and we will see what happens.  I am going in with a one hole at a time attitude.  Pars are never bad.  

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  7. 19 hours ago, ballplayer002003 said:

    There is your mantra, for your next tournament, write those rules down and put it into your yardage book.  If you hit a bad shot or start to feel a bit upset with your play, flip to your rules!  Your daughter speaks the truth and if we could all look through the eyes of a child...


    I think that is the key.  Look at it like a child.  You do it because it is fun.  Let it be fun and the good will come out. 

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  8. 25 minutes ago, palvord said:

    This took an immense amount courage to write. Thank you for that.

    As someone who can only dream of holding a course record, let alone two, it is really fascinating to read your recap. This is a round recap that strips you to the soul. That takes courage to do, and you should be proud of yourself for doing that.

     If you would indulge a mere mortal to attempt offering some encouragement:

    When looking for confidence, I try to walk like Rory McIlroy. This may sound like the strangest thing, but walking like with a confident stride helps create confident feelings for me. I focus on walking with my head high, shoulders back, and that quick gait of someone who is there to make things happen.

    I hope the last week of practice has been kind to you, and you are finding your way back to normal.


    Its funny you mention walking like Rory.  We all have someone we want to try and be like.  I like how DJ walks around the course.  Now in no way do I swing like him but his attitude is where I try to be.  Golf is hard, and I thank you for the kind words and comments 

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  9. The tournaments keep coming.  My next event is June 5th.  It is a qualifier for the CDGA Amateur (100th year).  42 players for 7 spots and ties.  I tee off at 9:12  I have not touched a club since the US Open qualifier last week.  I will probably start hitting balls again tomorrow.  I have had some time to look at my swing and I think I know what is wrong.  We will see tomorrow.  I want to go hit balls today but its gusting over 40 mph and that will do me no good. 


    On a side note I got my replacement M4 head in yesterday so that will be fun to take out and hit as well.  I think things will start to turn around after a rough start to the tournament season.

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  10. 28 minutes ago, L.I. Rich said:

    Yes for me, as described above.  I think I need to make sure I get some range time in to make sure I can keep the club (particularly driver) swing a good golf swing.

    Thank you all for the replies.  I am cutting across the ball resulting in pull hooks.  I believe this is from the speed sticks as I tend to swing more around my body as I do not want to hit the ground.  I am sure I will work it out.  I really enjoy the speed sticks though.

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  11. So this is really hard for me to do right now.  Yesterday was by far my worst competitive round of golf in almost 15 years.  It is really frustrating when you work all winter you make the changes you want and then in competition they just do not stick.  Right now I can stand over the ball and I really have no clue where it is going.   

    Yesterday was my US Open qualifier.  A course I know very well.  It is tough but fair.  I made it extremely difficult.  I started out fine. +1 through 4.  Hit some really good shots a few putts just didn't fallen yet.  Hit a good tee ball on 5 and from 161 I shanked yes shanked an 8 iron.   Double bogey.  Now you have to press.  And the round just got worse from there.  I topped a tee shot.  Shanked another shot on a par 3.  Had 2 water balls on holes you shouldn't even think of water on.   And on top of that I had 0 yes 0 one putts.  7 putts did hit the hole so I guess that is a plus.  

    Here are my stats.

    Score 82

    FIR - 5/14

    GIR - 10/18

    Putts - 36 

    My driver did break on Friday (face cracked on my M4).  So I have a DEMO M5 head and I just was not comfortable with it.  I really should have just hit my @GolfSub70 4 wood as I hit the fairway every time I hit it.  

    I am struggling with even going to the driving range as I do not know what is wrong.  I have never taken a lesson.  The ball is going anywhere but straight with most of my clubs.  Even my putting is off.  I usually can putt very well.  I am glad I have just about 3 weeks off before my next event.  Hopefully some confidence will come back.  In the mean time my handicap will come back to earth and ill be able to win money on the weekends haha. 

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  12. Tomorrow is my US Open qualifier. A course I know very well. My M4 cracked Friday and I have an M5 head that tomorrow will be the first round ever for it. I am going to go play one shot at a time and see how it goes. 89 guys for 5 spots. 69 will get you in. Maybe 70.

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  13. Yea the CDGA qualifier was rough - weather wise.  shot 83 DNQ! First time trying though.  I've been out of competitive golf since 2011 so I figure its just growing pains.  Hope to see you in the Illinois MId AM!  good luck Josh.  That's an aggressive schedule lol.  I'd hate to have to pay for all those qualifiers ! $$$$

    Thank you, sorry your qualifier didn’t go well either. Hopefully you still had fun and enjoyed getting back to tournament golf.

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  14. My club pro agreed it is cracked. I got it through club champion and they have already submitted a warranty to Taylormade. So customer service is great so far.

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