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  1. Pulling for Phil. Would be nice to see him win. DJ is looking good though. May be tough to beat if he keeps it up.
  2. I like Swing By Swing for the phone. Doesn't seem to have the battery drain.
  3. The Paderson reminds me of the feel of the Aldila RIP that came in the Cobra Amp, but, with a lot more pop!
  4. Finally got some course time with the Paderson shaft. After some loft and lie tweaks, all I can say is WOW! I will get working on my review and try to get it up by the end of this week. Really excited about this shaft!!!
  5. Played yesterday. 37* and snowing throughout the front nine. Shot what may have been the worst round of my life. Could not get off the tee to save my life. Topped or toe hit every tee shot. Irons were great but, could not get my distances on approach shots dialed in. I kept clubbing up one club to accommodate for the cold temperatures and wind conditions but found myself hitting the back of, or flying most of the greens. The shots that did hit the green would not stay on the green. I don't know how they got the greens as firm as they did for it being as wet as it has around here. On the bright side, I putted great. Worked hard on it over the winter and it seems to have payed off. Distance controll was excellent and anything inside 10 feet felt automatic. No three putts!! I think I have finally found the putter (at least the style of putter) that fits my stroke. For now the Bridgestone TD-01 is staying in. Never really thought I would care for an insert putter, but, the feed back I get from it is phenomenal. Well, I guess it can only get better from here. Trying to look at it as just padding my handicap for a bit. Can't wait to be called a sand bagger at the first club tournament.
  6. Good luck with the tournament. I can't wait to start playing some competitive golf.
  7. He may be a better golfer than he is a quarterback!
  8. Nobody's won yet! I think it's going to get interesting down the stretch.
  9. This was awesome to see! A total of 5 went down! 2 of which belong to Villegas. Was also great to see Tigers reaction to his near miss. He is really showing the human side of himself this week.
  10. Nice! I Have been working on a couple of reviews to post up.
  11. Weather looks like it is finally coming around over here. Hoping to get out on the course this weekend, early next week. Had some limited range time with it. So far so good. But, still shaking off the winter rust.
  12. Shirt is nice!!! Do they recommend wearing all of this Azalea gear at once?!
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