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  1. Slow play, yes! Especially when I'm walking. My course is notorious for slow play. I try to avoid it on weekends unless I'm in a club tournament. Which, can be equally as painful. Ball marks on the greens also drive me crazy. Some days I would love to stand on the first tee and just hand out divot repair tools. I love repairing my ball marks on the green because, it was most likely preceded by a good approach shot. It's a badge of honor. Then there are the guy's that read their puts like they're putting for a win at the masters. When in fact, they're putting for a double bogey from twenty feet. Don't even get me going on course attire! Sweatpants, work boots. Please don't play in front of me!
  2. I can't count the shirts and hats I think I buy one or the other every time I walk into a store. Such good deals around here this time of year. I need the weather to change and get me out on the course instead of hanging out in golf shops.
  3. Love the "clapping hands", as they call it, Tshirt. Looks more like the praying hands in golf gloves to me.
  4. I tried out a lot of hybrids this winter. All the new offerings are pretty impressive. Problem for me was that, most of them went to far, 3 wood far. While the sales guys in the big box stores thought that this was great, I had to explain that, I was trying to fill a gap. Finally settled on a Cleveland 588 Custom @ 20.5*. Very straight for me with a good flight and fills my gap nicely. Cleveland was never on my list, but, it worked, and the price was definitely right, being a previous years model. Good luck, and have fun with your search.
  5. Is denial the first sign? The winters are so long up here!
  6. I've got a retriever in there. Just for the guy's I play with to use, of course. As far as shoes, towels, extra balls, push cart, putters, etc. We need to do a what's in your trunk thread! Most days I could rent out shoes like a bowling alley! Must have all colors and styles at all times. Never know what we're feeling that day. Also, this thread just reminded me, but some Off!
  7. Wow! You guy's are some big time Hoe's!!! For me this year, (New to me) Adams XTDti Driver, Cleveland 588 Custom 20.5* Hb, 50* Scratch wedge, I won a Bridgestone TD01 True Balance putter, Dad got me a Nikon laser range finder for Christmas, I got some new head covers, New grips, and the best deal of all, a pair of Puma Bio-Cell lite's for $5 and change after discounts and coupons!
  8. ORLANDO, Fla. – Bubba Watson has withdrawn from this week's Arnold Palmer Invitational after the death of a close childhood friend. Watson's manager Jens Beck said in an email Wednesday that Watson's friend died unexpectedly Tuesday night and that Watson has chosen to attend the funeral and pay his respects. Kevin Kisner has taken Watson's spot in the field at Bay Hill. He will be a part of the 8:11 a.m. ET featured group along with Adam Scott and Brooks Koepka. It is the second year in a row that Watson has withdrawn from Palmer's event. Last year, he shot 83 in the first round and withdrew because of allergies. Watson's absence is a significant blow for the Arnold Palmer Invitational, which boasted each of the top-five players in the Official World Ranking. One of the favorites for the upcoming Masters, Watson, ranked No. 2, was not scheduled to play the two upcoming events in Texas. It was not immediately known whether his plans will change before Augusta. In five starts this season, Watson has a victory (WGC-HSBC Champoins) and no finish worse than 14th. He is coming off a solo third at Doral.
  9. Awesome bag man! Thanks for your service! Carry it proud!
  10. Great finish. Was pulling for Spieth for my fantasy team. But, would have been nice to se O'hare pull it off.
  11. Not too bad. I will accumulate a lot more random stuff as the season gets underway. During the season we should also do a what's in your trunk. Mine gets pretty interesting.
  12. Got to hit a few with the Paderson today at the range. 42* temps. in a light drizzle. For as bad as my swing is right now, I'm pretty pleased with the results. Liking the "feel" of this shaft vs. the Red Tie. Still a ton of snow on the ground up here. But, looking forward to putting some more time in with this shaft. I think it's going to be a good fit. Loving the look of the club all put together. Now, GO HOME WINTER! YOUR DRUNK!!!
  13. Still a foot or so on the ground here. Starting to see some grass though with a high of 50 today. May have to hit the range this afternoon.
  14. Wow! From driver shafts. To, how a ball spins or slips off of a driver face. To, the new Bridgestone driver, to driver head cor. I thought we were here to review a golf driver shaft?! Now you have to read through 3 pages of bull$h!t before there is mention of a driver shaft!!
  15. Sorry to here that man. I too have Crohns. Almost killed me when I was a freshman in high school, and definitely changed my life. I will say that I have been very fortunate with my situation though. I haven't had any major flare ups for some time now and am currently off all meds. However, it still can be the source of a little anxiety from time to time. Especially before a round of golf with new people. Hate being that guy who has to run for the woods mid round only to come back missing a sock. Lucky for me my home course is very wooded and it doesn't happen very often! I'm able to keep it in check with diet and the occasional heavy dose of Imodium. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with getting healthy and getting back to it worry and problem free. Now, my goals: Much like last year - Break 80 (more than once) - Get to at least a 10 - More GIR - Minimize the 3 putts. - Win a tournament Been puting together a bag that will work better for me over the winter. Tightening up the gaps and working on putting. This game has made me a sick man!!! I'm obsessed!
  16. Yeah, his flight was a little low. Came up just short of the green.
  17. I heard he shot down 4 Tie Fighters before he had to set her down!
  18. Came across my Facebook feed this morning. It is a great looking bag. Would love to check one out but, I don think I have ever seen a Wilson bag for sale around here.
  19. Unboxing and Initial Impressions When I heard MGS and Paderson wanted to give 12 guys the shaft, Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. Originally, I was not one of the 12 selected. But, much to my surprise, I received an Email from Bones asking me if I would still be interested in reviewing the Paderson golf shaft....... Hell Yes!!! Now What??? Who the heck is Paderson??? Besides stock offerings, I've never really been fitted for a driver shaft!!! Can I write an informative review that others will be interested in reading??? Calm down Adam, calm down. You got this! So, about a month after we were picked to do this review the shipping notices were starting to arrive. The Shafts are coming! The shafts are coming! Tester's shafts were arriving and the excitement was starting to brew. The forum was a-buzz with the oohs and aahs of those who had received theirs. While the rest of us, were still patiently waiting for that brown truck to roll up. When finally, I get the notification “Your package is on the truck and out for delivery”..............YESSSS!!!!!! So, that evening I hurry home from work, pull in the driveway, and there she is! A four foot tall white triangle propped up against my side door. Elated, I grab the package and run into the house ready to tear into this cardboard triangle to see what awaits inside! I carefully remove the end cap. The inside is packed with brown paper and a long thin bag containing the Paderson driver shaft. I'm Starting to feel like how I would imagine Ralphie, from the movie "A Christmas Story" must have felt when unwrapping his Red Ryder BB gun. I gingerly slide the shaft from it's packing, and............. WOW!!!!! This thing is gorgeous! A real work of art! 46 inches of Kevlar wrapped awesomeness! Honestly, unlike any driver shaft I have ever seen. I received the PADERSON KINETIXx IMRT Green Shaft in R-Flex. Again, this shaft is beautiful from tip to butt. The Kevlar weave is perfect and very pronounced, almost 3D. The overall finish is a high gloss clear coat. The center of the shaft is painted a neon yellow/green, (depending on the lighting), and the chrome graphics are a nice touch. The visible technology is awesome. It is a very impressive looking shaft and should inspire confidence in the one yielding it! Based on looks and craftsmanship alone, this shaft appears to be a bargain at it's price point. As I stated earlier, I have never really been fit for a driver shaft, I've just hit the stock offerings in store and see what gives the best feel and results. Up until now, I have also never played an R-Flex. I've tried a few R-Flex shafts and never cared for the feel. They have always felt uncontrollable to me. So, needless to say I was a little apprehensive about receiving an R-Flex. However, after doing a little more research, looking at some numbers, and giving this shaft the ol' bend between the hands, it feels like to me, that it may play slightly stiffer than it's flex code may indicate, when compared to the other shafts I currently game. I suppose time and testing will tell. After all that's what MGS is all about. The Numbers. Data-cratic. Right? Let me also say that Jason Horodezky, CEO of KINETIXX Golf, has been more than helpful with all of our questions, comments, and concerns throughout the early stages of these reviews. Between that and the quality of his product gives me the feeling that his, is an excellent company to deal with. Well, to wrap this up, since we are in the midst of a “Polar Vortex” here in upstate NY, the next phase of this review (for me) will be some indoor and launch monitor testing. I will be putting this shaft to the test against the Matrix Ozik Red Tie 6Q3 S-Flex, and pairing it with an Adams XTD Ti 9* driver head. Hoping this shaft performs as good as it looks. I am looking forward to swinging this bad boy and reading the reviews of the other testers. Stay tuned.
  20. Because.......... "A flute without holes, is not a flute. A doughnut without a hole, is a Danish"
  21. Dude! That thing is sick!!!! If I were to design my own, I don't think it would look much different. Beautiful flat stick! Enjoy!
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