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    Wow! No toe spikes! Interesting.
  2. ^^^ WooHoo! Post 50!^^^ Finally a Spy Analyst!
  3. I would think if you like to choke down on the club for certain shots. keeps the grip size more consistent throughout.
  4. Can't wait! Hope I get fit into one with the visible weave. Definitely look better in these pics than on the site. Was iffy on the look of the yellow. Looks amazing in these pics.
  5. Congrats on the Bird. Still hunting my first Eagle. Putting kills me! Working hard on it this winter.
  6. I love the fit and feel of the Zero Friction Gloves (they fit me like a glove), however, they didn't wear well for me. The leather like material on heal pad of the palm tends to peal off down to the fabric rather quickly. If they would only reinforce that section with leather they would be perfect.
  7. I think I'm just a golf deal Ho. It's cold and snowy up here right now. I spend my spare time driving around to different golf stores and check out all the trade-ins and past year apparel deals. In the past month I've bought a Driver, a Hybrid, 5 or so Hats, and a pair of shoes. All said and done though I think I'm in at under $150 and the clubs are 2014 model year. I can't pass up the deals. How does one pass up a pair of Puma Bio-Fusion Lites for $5.95 after discounts and coupons!!!????
  8. If I have to hear about the grain one more time! Not a fan of Miller as an announcer. Comes off as pompous!
  9. Exactly! Look good! Play good! In the case you don't play so well...... at least you looked good doing it!
  10. Welcome! This is a great site and community! Keeps me going through these long cold North East winters!
  11. Saw this, this morning on Morning Drive, and thought the same thing! Was also like, "Wow, 10 years"! You don't see that often... $$$$$$$$
  12. Locally, Around Thanksgiving, Golf Galaxy was selling the current models @ $149.99 for the Cool Shot and $199.99 for the Cool Shot AS. Thought that was a great deal! I picked up an AS to practice with.
  13. Came across this. New Mack Daddy PM Grind. Interesting looking wedge. http://www.pgatour.com/equipmentreport/2015/01/21/callaway-wedge.html
  14. I love my Nikon Coolshot, and it's pretty small to begin with. But, like some had mentioned in the PGA Trade Show thread, could these new ones be too small? I often find myself using two hands to steady mine at long range. Especially after a couple of can's of Red Bull!
  15. The Irons look pretty good. I mean, It's a classic blade, Not much could go wrong there. But, those wedges!??? Is it the angle? They look like some sort of GI, overly wide soled wedge without any sort of grind to them.
  16. Those Irons are Gorgeous!!! I see so much Japanese equip. I would love to get my hands on! Especially shoes and bags! Everyone has the same ol' boring stuff around here!
  17. Looks like on their site they only give specs. for their blue shaft and it has a .300 tip.
  18. I didn't care for the drivers either. But then again I haven't really liked any TMag driver. The hybrids on the other hand are amazing. Very easy to hit and I was hitting the 19* R15 just about as far as my 3 wood. I would definitely have to try some different lofts to fit the 4i-3w gap. Good thing for me though, they're out of my budget at $229
  19. One of those "Why the hell didn't I think of that moments?!" Pretty cool unless you are trying to save some weight on that end. Just guessing it may be a bit heavier than say a SuperStroke grip.
  20. Ruining the best hole in golf! It's half the reason I watch this tournament! Just to see who's going to through out what! Who's caddie is going to take a nose dive during a caddie race! What players will race! etc.... Golf needs this hole and all that happens there.
  21. Bridgestone equipment seems hard to come by at most shops (at least in my neck of the woods). I have never come across a single club on or off the course. The one and only time I saw a Bridgestone club in a shop was at a Christmas party thrown by a local brick and mortar here in Rochester. It was a TD-01 True Balance Putter. A rep. had brought with him and donated into a Chinese raffle as part of the party. And........ Not one single person dropped a ticket into the box for the thing! Except this guy! It's a beautiful putter (yellow grip, meh, easily fixed with a SS 3.0, and IMHO, a big improvement to the feel and playability of the club). From what it looks like to me this year is that all their clubs look like they mean business, no frills, just work! I'm sure if they got the stuff out there it would find it's way into a lot more bags. I'd give it a try!
  22. Got some great news from MGS today! I got the call from the bullpen and have been given the opportunity to test and review one of these shafts from Paderson. I was called in due to an injury sustained to one of the previously selected. So, first off, I whish whomever that may be a speedy recovery and a quick road back to your game. Second, Thank you MGS and Paderson for this opportunity. I wont let you down and will do my best to provide a thorough review. I will be testing this shaft against a Ozik Matrix 6Q3 Red Tie in an Adams XTD Ti head. I love this driver! If the Paderson is an improvement for me over this combo I will be over the moon. Super excited and can't wait to get working on this! Thanks Again, Adam
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