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  1. Handicap 13 Driver SS 103-105 Current Ball Bridgestone B330-RX or Srixon Z-Star
  2. I was watching Morning Drive on GC this morning and noticed that Martin Hall appears to have a brand new staff bag full of Srixon gear. He was still however wearing an FJ shirt and shoes. I for one think it's great to see and a good move for Srixon to get there equipment out there for the U.S. market to see.
  3. Thanx for the info N8ball. And, as far as the sound of the driver, it reminds me of my old King Cobra SZ.
  4. I'm in the market for a 19* hybrid and was looking at these. The hybrids have a RIP shaft and the adjustability looks excellent. With having the ability to adjust the lie angle. But, I can't find one to demo around here. However, at $60 it wouldn't break the bank!
  5. I'm Going to throw one in there. After seeing the list of major winners over the last 7 years, I don't see a lot they have in common as far as equipment or apparel. So, my guess is towels. Club Glove?
  6. I would love to test out one of these shafts. In the market for a new driver and not to keen on the stock offerings I have tried so far. - Swing speed is 100mph +/- 2 - I can get time on a launch monitor
  7. +2 on the courses at Disney. Lake Buena Vista is a fun course also. More country club style than the other two and very scenic. Played LBV and Falcons Fire in January. Falcons Fire is a great course and a bit cheaper than the Disney courses. I've also heard Celebration is a nice course.
  8. Welcome! Right there with ya on the seemingly never ending winter!
  9. Try a maroon 3m Scotch Brite pad. I do alot of satin brushed finishes on motorcycle chrome parts and they always seem to do the trick.
  10. Thanks for all the info guys. I had to buy them. I literally fell on the floor when I saw the price tag!......... $59.95 I couldn't pay for them and get them out the door fast enough! They look like they were maybe used once and they have Iomic grips installed on them! They're pink! But they're Iomics! Can't wait to get them fitted up and hit some balls. Thanks again for the info guys...
  11. Break 80 and keep it there. Concentrate more on my putting and up and downs from just off the green. Really work on my "touch". Also, if and when I do have "The Blow Up Hole", leave it on that hole, don't bring it to the next hole!
  12. Hey guys. Just looking for an opinion or if anyone has had any experience with the Adams CB1 Irons. I have an opportunity to purchase a set of like new 4-P With Project X 6.0 riffled shafts for a song. I currently game the Adams A4r and I really like them but would love to pick up a forged Iron. I know they are an older design. But, what do you think?
  13. Wow hckymeyer! Now that is piled high! We at least have had a bit of a thaw over the past few days. I may have even spotted some grass this morning.
  14. hckymeyer, I bet your handicap is to low for their projected demographic? I believe they asked for a handicap when signing up for the trial. Seems they are trying to market to 10-20 handicap golfers.
  15. Received an Email fromTM today. Congratulations ADAM! You were selected to receive a free sleeve of our new Project (a) Golf Balls, the #1 Amateur Ball at the 2014 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. You can expect them to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks. When you get them, we suggest that you take them out on course and test them from 30-60 yards. Notice how the ball reacts when it lands and you'll discover why Project (a) was the choice of 83 Amateurs in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am including the eventual winner.We think you'll be pleasantly surprised to see the extra spin you'll be able to generate which will lead to closer proximity to the hole and hopefully lower scores! And you can get all of this without giving up the maximum distance you crave off the tee! We'd love to have your feedback! Be one of the first to review this new ball. Thank you Taylor Made. Can't wait to try em' out! Now, if I could omly do something about this snow!
  16. HaHa... Yeah Durand has had a bad rep. as of late for conditions and what not, but it really is a beautiful and challenging golf course. Greystone is on the list for this year, I've heard nothing but good about that course. I'm not quite sure what year my cousins graduated from Fisher. The oldest will be 30 this year.... Last name is Cortina.
  17. Just keeps coming here in NY. It's getting to the point to where I can't pile the snow any higher. It feels like at this rate I won't be playing until June. I luckily got to play a couple of weeks ago while in Orlando, but 18 holes can only hold me over for so long. Going to try to hit the indoor range this weekend.
  18. Nice review. I Have a Yes Ann putter and I love it.
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