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  1. Last few rounds I've left the driver in the car and teed with my VSteel 3 wood. I have no consistency with the driver but I know I'm going to be on the fairway for a large majority of the time with the V Steel.
  2. Looking for a driver replacement club so after some research found myself a JetSpeed Tour Spoon with an Aldila NV 65 shaft... Hopefully it'll be the straight and long fairway finder I expect it to be!
  3. Yeah I spent 20 mins the other night, took a few putts to get used to but then I still had varied results regarding distance control, especially on the really long putts. I can get a smoother stroke once I've lengthened my putter so I'll give this technique some more time once that is sorted!
  4. Do you guys find that the smoothness of your stroke and the contact with the ball suffered without being able to see the club head directly?
  5. @hckymeyer the venture into building started for me when I was last playing! To date I've built a couple of wedges, 4 wood and putter... Although the 4 wood hasn't survived as I've come back to the game swinging faster. I did ponder the idea of having a fitting at my club and building myself a set of component irons, just so I could make myself a blended set without having to buy numerous full sets off the Bay! But thankfully bankruptcy isn't quite in the (imminent) future...
  6. So you guys have all said that you don't constantly tinker, would I assume correctly then, that your outlay on an iron set (for example) is quite large? So I think part of the issue is I'm always looking at equipment for dirt cheap, so perhaps I could be cured by getting properly fit and investing in my clubs? An example of my deal hunting is my set of 3-9 Titleist 762s for £30... At those prices I can't resist!
  7. So the title says it all, after a 2 year break I'm back into the game and I already have a full new (to me) bag of clubs after 1 month... eBay seems to be my biggest weakness as I'm always scouring it for good deals on equipment that I don't even need! So my question is, do the self-proclaimed club hoes on this site ever think you'll be able to settle down on one/two full sets of clubs? I'm using every ounce of my will power not to have packages arriving every day and just wanted to know the level of impulse that all you guys have for new/new to you gear?!
  8. Hi everyone As part of a qualification in school we had to identify an area of Welsh heritage or culture and try to promote it. I chose to make a video about Welsh golf It would be a great help if you could spare a minute to watch the video please Thanks in advance to any watchers Zach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtDouANULwk
  9. How coarse should the sandpaper be? I have previously attempted this with sandpaper and without advice but it just looked like poorly maintained chrome
  10. I would like to make my irons a satin finish from a chrome finish. Would a cheap sandblaster 'ideal for removing stone chips' do the job? Plus would this treatment actually remove the chrome or not? If so is there anything I could do to prevent it from 'rawing'?
  11. Part way through a paintfill job but have played them too and noticed sole number paintfill being removed, how do you guys keep it filled, if you can at all? Thanks for any replies in advance.
  12. Alright then, cheers guys. Will just be a stamping job once everything arrives in the post!
  13. having read the DIY post, the following conversation to the post and other articles around the web I have made an inference that I could soften the face of a putter by torching it without removing the finish or obviously quenching in water or oil. Would this work? If not, is there a way to soften the face of a stainless steel putter?
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