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  1. Valid as well! In case it helps I'm going to update the listing with a link to my Ebay feedback and drop the price a little. Thanks!
  2. I see your point. Well, the putter at least should be of interest.
  3. Help me out guys. What do I need to do to get some interest here? I'm certainly open to fair offeres. Thanks!
  4. GOLO 5 is for sale now. I found and bought the dual balance version I was looking for in trade.
  5. I have a lightly used standard configuration 35" Scotty Cameron GOLO 5 putter with HC. The grip has some bag wear seen in the pictures and everything looks like new. $290.OBO $275 and I'm open to reasonable offers. As mentioned, I don't have many posts, so here is my ebay feedback if that holds any value http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=mfroader&ftab=AllFeedback&myworld=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2050430.m2531.l4585 Footjoy Dryjoys Tour BOA size 11.5W White with lizard FootJoy model# 53719 $40 Best resonable offer Footjoy Dryjoys Tour size 11.5W Black with lizard FootJoy model# 53716 $40 Best resonable offer Each of the Footjoys have a few games and went on the self. Almost like-New condition. Nike Tiger Woods TW 14' Mesh size 12 $40 Best resonable offer The TWs have certainly been worn much more than a few games, but have a huge amount of life left. Reasonable offers won't be refused and thanks for your consideration! More pics: https://photos.dropbox.com/app/album/08HONuUWY3TmVV1
  6. I have 2 pairs of Footjoy DryJoys Tours for sale. Offers welcome!! White BOA model# 53719 $100 shipped CONUS Black model# 53652 $80 shipped CONUS Both pairs are 11.5 Wide The insoles are brand new. I pulled them out for some arch support ones that I have before using. They have the original spikes still installed, which should give you some indication of the little use that they have had. I would say that they are like new looking. These are my cart shoes, but I always walk, so I am looking to fund a new walking shoe purchase. I love they way these shoes look, but my feet don't seem to like them like some many other people. I know I am new here, but you can check all my good reviews at Ebay for reference. Member MFROADER I accept face to face or Paypal shipped to you. Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions. White BOA Black Insoles
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