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  1. Steven Edmond, OK Ping I Series with TT Dynamic Gold S300 7-Iron 145
  2. Great opportunity. Here is my info: 1. Steven in Edmond, Oklahoma 2. Ping I Series with TT Dynamic Gold S300 shafts (plan to switch to regular flex) 3. 13.1 4. Launcher CBX
  3. Pebble is on my bucket list and I think it is time to play. Multiple people have told me to just go up there and request a same day tee time. That seems risky to me. I want to guarantee a tee time in advance. I know I can stay at the resort to get one. I also found a cruise at majorsgolfcruise.com that will guarantee one far in advance (I could get a guaranteed one at Torrey on that as well). Any other ideas for making sure I get the time I want at Pebble?
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