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  1. Underclubbing is the greatest issue any amateur golfer has (affects high and low handicaps). You ever notice how a large majority of your miss hits end up short? Its because it takes many rounds of golf to truly understand how far your clubs go. Understanding your club distances will help you choose the right club and hit more greens which will reduce your score. GAME GOLF gives you real measurements for all of the shots you hit so that you can have a stronger expectation of how far every club in your bag will travel. What I've found, is that the system makes me think more realistically on the course with my club selection. I no longer try to muscle up on a club which I have no business hitting. But for a higher handicap golfer it will speed up your rate of understanding how far each one of your clubs travel. We are currently adding new features to fine-tune and hone in on your club performance distances so users can get even more accurate info on what they should expect each club in their bag to travel for a full shot.
  2. When we first offered the GAME GOLF device and platform for pre-orders on Indiegogo early last year we had intentions of adding a $50/year subscription service. We soon realized this wasn't the best approach for our users and decided not to pursue the subscription fee. There are no subscription fees, once you purchase the device you'll have access to the out-of-the-box features for the life of the device. You may have read that on older press articles that stem back to our Indiegogo page from April of last year. Thanks for bringing this up!
  3. Here's a link my latest round if you'd like to check out the stats provided http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Jacob/round/10435?ishybrid=true&round_id=10435 Also, here's a video showing the all of the stats we currently provide http://support.gamegolf.com/customer/portal/articles/1462320-what-stats-do-i-get- iPad and iPhone app give you the same functionality as the website. Note: all rounds must be uploaded to a computer first and then can be viewed on mobile. You can edit rounds on the mobile app and our website. Unfortunately we are keeping unreleased features hush hush until they are released, what's nice is that once we release new features, all users will get access to them as soon as they are released.
  4. I wouldn't consider there to be a specific goal time because it can differ for each person. For me, I've integrated my tag in my preshot routine so I typically have little editing to do after my rounds. In the case I forget to tag once or twice during a round, editing usually takes 3-5 minutes to add my shots and also review the rest of my holes to make sure I get the most accurate stats possible. For those who don't build in the tag to their pre-shot routine or simply don't have a routine, they typically forget to tag many times during their round. In the case where someone forgets to tag 10-30 times I would suggest building the tag into a pre-shot routine, after a couple holes it becomes second nature and goes with you during your round and therefore causes less edits needed to be made. I've found tagging as I step up to the ball and right before my practice swing provides an easy way to tag and tells me "okay, time to focus". I've talked to many users who tag before, during, and after their shot so it really just depends on what is comfortable to you and sticking with it. As for the specific error/errors that were encountered, I've noticed that #1 and #2 above were both culprits and have since been provided with much more aggressive testing before product releases. We don't provide a public open list of items we are working on, but we take the comments and suggestions posted on http://myexperience.gamegolf.com/ very seriously - our product team joins the conversation with customers on a daily basis on the user forums to hear their opinions and get feedback for future features. Unfortunately with any public mass market launch with tens of thousands of customers there will be computer, browser, and software configurations that don't perfectly match up with systems. It seems some users on this forum have experienced errors associated with their machine configuration. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and want you all to know we love this product and our team is doing everything we can to improve the platform 365 days a year - this team is dedicated . You have been heard and your comments and feedback have made a world of difference to the progression of our platform. Now that we have gone through the past month of "Bug Bashing" we will start to move on to building new and advanced features and stats. Feel free to give your suggestions at http://myexperience.gamegolf.com/ and we'll do what we can to integrate into our platform in coming months.
  5. We have made multiple improvements to the user interface with the vast majority of our engineers' time spent on round editing. We appreciate your patience during our growing pains, our team is working around the clock 7 days a week to improve the platform and user experience.
  6. - Feel free to visit our user forums to give feature requests at myexperience.gamegolf.com/ our product team takes all product feedback in these forums and prioritizes which features should be built next. This is the best place to get ideas across to the right members of our team! - We also have numerous articles and videos to learn on our system at support.gamegolf.com/ 1. GG needs to be able to track Sand Saves like it does for FWYs hit, and GIR. This is on our list of future features/stats. Don't have a specific date for release, but its in the queue. 2. Users need to be able to recall "signed" score cards and be able to edit or make adjustments. I agree, very important. Our product managers are aware of this and are making plans on when to put this in place. 3. How do users view stats on individual club distances? Refer to http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/10541-game-golf-is-here/page-7?do=findComment&comment=128895 to view distance and club performance. 4. The program needs a method to define full shots versus non-full shots. Ex.. chipping an 8 foot shot with a 6l, running a shot onto the green with a hybrid, etc. Otherwise your club distances will become distorted or useless. Also on top of mind, this has been a popular feature request in our user forums 5. Can GG provide an updated view of a golf course? For example: my home course satellite view is old and dated.The image was taken sometime during the winter and it's brown/ugly. Many of the greens have a white tarp covering them. You can request a new course at http://www.gamegolf.com/find-a-course, and to update your course please visit http://support.gamegolf.com/ and send us an email with your course and any relevant info on the old course map view compared to now. Also, if you can send over your course's website link, it will help our team understand the course and put an updated map in place faster. Note: We have 33,000+ golf courses mapped worldwide. Your course must be mapped by our team before you play with Game Golf. We use a system called geofencing which helps us know your exact location on the golf course for each shot and create stats based on if you are in the fairway, green, hazard, etc. To see if your course is mapped please visit http://gamegolf.com/find-a-course 6. GG needs to be able to zoom down to the green level so a reasonable measure of where your ball initially came to rest in relation to that days hole position. A user should be a able to drag the "cup" and ball position around, etc. This might require a different mapping system of greens. Perhaps like SkyCaddie? You can change the hole location if needed, you can also zoom fairly close to the green level to determine ball location. See image example.
  7. We make weekly and daily programming pushes for needed issues. Just a heads up, the round editing UI issue you mentioned is our #1 priority issue right now and should be fixed in the next week or two. I uploaded a test round yesterday and the editing process worked fine, so you may have read comments from from a customer with a negative response, which we take very seriously
  8. If you login and click on your profile pic at the top right of the screen, you'll be able to select "Profile" to view all of your distances. You can view individual shot distances during each of your rounds and also averages for each of your clubs in the profile.
  9. Hi guys, great to be here! This is my first post, so I'll give a general overview of Game Golf and then talk about the benefits I see in the product. From there, I will make sure to answer any questions posted with specific details. First Off, here's a video overview of the Game Golf platform. My goal in these posts is to be as transparent as possible, so here's a video review from one of our early adopters He talks about opening the package to using the device during a round, and his review on the stats provided. Note: the video was scripted and produced without our knowledge, so it's 100% from his point of view. As a former PGA golf professional here's the biggest takeaways I've found when personally using Game Golf, but also take-aways for the average golfer: 1. Know your distances. We provide distances for each shot taken during your round and also show an average distance for each of your clubs. Each round that I've played has helped me learn that the distances I've associated for each club in my head aren't as accurate as as my actual distances. Unfortunately my ego has gotten the better of my game over the past couple years - I've played my full stock 8 iron as 170 yards for years now, but my real average has proven to be between 160-165 on any given day. Knowing this, has helped me reduce underclubbing which is one of the easiest ways to reduce your score. The majority of golf courses have bunkers or fixtures in front of greens, so knowing your real distances for each club will reduce the amount of shots that end up in trouble. 2. Understand your real weaknesses. Game Golf gives you stats on each area of your game. Understanding which part of your game is statistically the weakest is extremely helpful in allocating practice time towards the areas of your game that need the most improvement. I only have 1 hour a week at the most to practice, so knowing which area of my game needs the most focus helps give me the best opportunity to eliminate problematic areas and decrease blow-up rounds. - As an instructor, its invaluable for me to understand a players stats before they come in for a lesson. Knowing what your stats and weaknesses are beforehand, I can create specific drills, stretches, and exercises for a player to focus on during their lesson. This helps my players improve faster and understand how to practice more efficiently. I can also review course strategy with a player and discuss round management ideas to eliminate high scores. 3. My favorite part of Game Golf is that it is a seamless integration in my rounds. I incorporated the tag into my pre-shot routine (its the first part of my routine - when I approach my ball and look at my lie, I tag my shot and then proceed through the rest of my routine). After playing with the device for about 10 holes, it became part of my routine and without effort I tagged my entire round. This eliminates having to write down my stats on a scorecard or entering info into my phone during a round. I can focus on playing golf without distractions and Game Golf does the rest in the background. I've actually noticed an increased concentration in my rounds because I've put new-found focus into my routine. Here's a link to my latest round if you'd like to see some features that players receive after rounds: http://gamegolf.com/player/Jacob/round/5633?ishybrid=true&round_id=5633 Again, this is my first post, I'll be responding to other posts and questions. Thanks for your time and interest!
  10. Hi Folks, Jacob here from gamegolf.com. I'm a former PGA professional whose passion has turned to working in golf related tech companies. Game Golf is a digital sports platform based in San Francisco that provides golfers with data, distances, and stats on their rounds of golf. We launched at the PGA merchandise show January 2014. I've been in touch with several MyGolfSpy users and wanted to join the community to learn from your feedback and answer questions anyone has. Here's a link to my latest round played with Game Golf if you'd like to see what the system provides! http://gamegolf.com/player/Jacob/round/5633?ishybrid=true&round_id=5633
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