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  1. My clip broke about two weeks ago, the metal clasp popped off. I emailed them and they quickly sent me a replacement device. I will say that their customer service can't be beat. If only the cable company was this good I wouldn't hate calling them. I love the new contests also. Just another way to set goals for yourself. I was on it early and suffered through the bugs the first few weeks, but the product, in my opionion, is top notch. Mike
  2. Just a note on your post Bart, I contacted GC when my course was off by 20 or 30 yards and they "remapped the course" within days. Next time it was correct. Just an observation. Also I was worried about distance as well, but I happen to track my distances during the round that was off and they were pretty accurate, within 2 to 3 yds. Point A to Point B is still the same, everything else was just shifted the 20 to 30 yrds... Just adding what I know... I'm with you on most of the points you made, wish the actual GC contraption had a screen on it that could show current info..
  3. Well I got my second round in yesterday and I will say that while not perfect, it was definitely easier than the first time. I forgot to tag twice in nine holes, so i'm sure the sure amount of editing I had to do compared to the first time made it easier, but when editing the shots did take this time and it didn't freeze up. On a note with that, i also used Chrome as advised, so that may have had something to do with it as opposed to using internet explorer. I had two interesting issues that came up. 1) on two holes when it loaded, there were two holes listed. Number 6 and Number 8. Each one had the correct shots for the first one and a single shot on the duplicated hole. On both holes I walked into the other fairway to help a friend look for a ball, so I'm not sure if it triggered the extra hole or not. I have emailed Game Golf in regards. Deleting the holes went smoothly though. The other issue was that several holes were about 20 yds off. Yardage was right, but the whole map was shifted. This is an issue with fairways and greens in regulation though, so lets hope they remap the course soon. Overall, not perfect, but much better than the first. Hopefully the fixes continue to happen and it only gets better. I've committed to not returning it and using it through the summer so we will see.
  4. I'm glad they contacted you, it seems to be very good customer service. To be honest with you, I was on the fence of returning it was well, but every issue I have had has been dealt with very efficiently by their staff. I decided to wait out the bugs as I do believe they will get fixed quickly. Glad to hear they are taking a proactive approach to the issues and the forum seems to be a good sounding board. Hopefully they can use some of our information to help.
  5. Hi Guys, The one conversation I had with a rep from Gamegolf said that internet explorer is giving them some issues and to try to use safari or chrome. It's cold as crap here in Ohio, but will try this next time I get a chance to go out. If anyone else gets another round in and you try a different browser, let us know how it goes. Just passing on the info. Thanks Mike
  6. I'd give it a 7 overall now and a 10 if I hadn't of had the issues editing and saving the first round. In theory if you tag every shot like you are suppose to, than the editing would not be a big deal and just take minutes to upload. The actual system you buy I do not believe is going to change as it is solid. The issues seem to be with the web interface and using the editing function, but when they reloaded my game to edit, It was much smoother the second time. Just a quick add to my post above, the systems just went out and with the nice weather on the 23rd I believe that many many golfers finally got a chance to use it, so that many people on the site all on the same day for the first time could account for some of the issues. The gamegolf forum is a great place to look for info as well and bugs. You will notice that a lot of the complaints were from that day. Mike
  7. Hi Guys, Just joined mygolfspy, as I was researching gamegolf... Great Forum and glad to be part of it. I wanted to share some of my interactions with the system as I pulled the trigger and bought one. I received it last week and by a miraculous event, it was 56 on Saturday that next day. Haven't seen green grass in months here in Ohio so it was beautiful and a chance to get out and play a very wet nine (but beautiful). I'm guessing I won't get to use it again for a bit, but here is what I have seen so far. The process was easy and worked just as advertised on the course. The system is as easy as clipping it on and tagged every shot I remembered to tag. The pre-shot routine will be huge, but as with any time I've changed my pre-shot routine I figure this is just getting use to it and should be automatic at some point. That is all there really is to say about using it on the course. Really only issue is remembering to tag. The real use is obviously when you get back home and download, edit, and sign the card. I will say that setting up the clubs on "my bag" was pretty painless. I did notice, and you will see this will be a recurring theme, that sometimes what I set and saved would not take right away. I'm not the most patient man in the world and to be honest was excited to get things set up correctly, so several times I just did it again. The problem was that it would show up twice then but not for 5 or so minutes. This was the same issue I had editing the round. Uploading was no problem, but the site would freeze and not save information I had changed to a frustrating level. I forgot to tag a shot on hole 7, so I added it but it didn't take. So I did it again and again (each time the system just seemed to not save it). Eventually it took and 30 minutes later, with some other editing (that was my fault for lack of tagging) I was set. I signed the card and all three added shots (the one that should of and the two that "didn't take) were there also. Needless to say that my round showed a few shots higher than it needed to be. Of course with it being February it was already higher than it needed to be but game golf can't fix that . Even though the card was wrong, I was still excited to see how the stats were given in the system, as that is what I really bought it for. This took some figuring out, as some of you have seen. Finding the club distances is listed under profile on the drop down menu under my name. I searched forever for these, as I assumed profile meant name, age, sex ie... but there they were. The data is great, I've seen some people talk about chipping with an 8 iron (I do that to) and ruining the average, but what I've seen is that it is laid out visually so you can see the range of shots but the cluster of where the yardage is mainly per club. This will definitely help as more rounds are accumulated. I also love that I can see each hole on the course and where I got into trouble. This is great as my league plays near my house, so to see which holes are giving me trouble will be easier to analyze and hopefully correct with a lot of rounds at the same course. All the other statistics are useful and for me will be goal setting information, such as reducing my putts per hole by .5 by the end of the year. So what do I think of the system, it will be great and worth every penny as the issues get fixed and I believe they will shortly. My reasoning is this, customer service (although all by email) has been great at fixing issues and corresponding. I knew in the back of my mind that buying the unit right out of the gate might have some growing pains that go about it, but they seem to be very in tuned with their customers and realize that if these issues don't get fixed the bad publicity will kill the product. One of the things that they and I have figured out is that Internet Explorer does not work nearly as well as Chrome and Safari. The issues seem to be with there server and programming and they have fixed every issue that has come my way. By the way, they say that you cannot un-sign a card, but I emailed them explaining the problem and they unsigned it and let me reedit it with an apology, so this can be done. I figure that there will be more issues that arise, but I couldn't be happier at what I'll get out of the system when working perfectly. One last thing, the app for the ipad is in my opinion, a better set up to see your rounds and stats than the web version. It was much easier and user friendly. Unfortunately you can not upload to it, but for viewing its an A+ I hope this adds to the discussion and look forward to using the sight for many things. I'm happy to answer and question for golfers interested in buying and want to know specifics of what it does. I'm envious of all of you that live in warm weather states as it is 13 degrees here in Loveland, Ohio and not warming up again for the foreseeable future...
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