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  1. So far, so good. I made it through the first round bruised and broken, but I think these clubs will work. I definitely need to dial them in. If anything, the first round taught me that I will never, ever start a season with brand new, untested clubs again...
  2. I haven't seen this. Can you post a pic?
  3. I've sold off all my other clubs, and my first day out is 3/31. My bag will continue to be set...
  4. Looks like your a bit of with some , , , and . Nice stew...
  5. With some thrown in for good measure...
  6. Agreed. However, my desktop computer crashed recently, so I can't post. If others can, please do...
  7. Did we do one of these already? We should. My bag is set and listed below. Me? I'm all
  8. Did you race when Grant Petersen was in charge of Bridgestone USA? The bikes from that era were great. They were functional, durable, and a bit quirky.
  9. I'm pretty brand loyal and have been playing PING irons, wedges, and putters my whole golf life. I recently dumped my Callaway fairway woods and I'm now back to a full bag of PING products. I play PING because of the aesthetic, the durability, the quality control, the fitting process, and the options available. I appreciate that they not as quick or eager to change as many companies and that, in my experience, they stand by their products. Bottom line, the brand speaks to me in ways that all others have not.
  10. My bag for this year: 10.5* PING G10, 45.5", D2, TFC 129D (S) 17.5* PING Rapture V2, 43", D2, TFC 939F (S) 20*/23* PING Rapture V2, 40"/39", D2, AWT (S) 5 - LW PING G10 XG, AWT (S) PING i-SERIES Craz-E
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