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  1. Shawn / DuBois, PA first off, hello again everyone! It’s been a longggg time since I’ve been around these parts, life unfortunately has a habit of getting in the way like that! Haha. I’m popping back out of the woodwork due to the unique opportunity this test provides for myself and my dad. We are in the process of building an indoor area in his basement to hit balls during our Pennsylvania off-season and are heavily considering purchasing this net regardless of the testing opportunity. That said, I feel I could provide a solid testing experience with both of our feedback on the net itself as well as a thorough breakdown of the other items/build process itself. Hopefully other members would find this useful. We plan to pair this net with the Rapsodo launch monitor and currently have the Amazon basics net setup in our area that would be a great comparison for our feedback. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to hearing all testers feedback from those selected!
  2. Hey guys just an update. This putter has found a new home. Thread can be closed. Thanks!
  3. Bump. Willing to sell somewhere between $500-$550
  4. Hello everyone! Long time no talk. I am back with a putter for sale to the fine members of this community. I have a Scotty Cameron Concept X CX-02 Putter that measures 35" in length and runs at all of the stock measurements. No adjustments to loft or lie have been made to this putter. It comes with the stock head cover and grip and is in absolutely flawless condition. I am not in the market for trades in this situation. Pricing this putter correctly is a tough proposition for me, with this being a limited production model I know that it will only appreciate over time, however I don't like to keep extra gear around after I commit to something new. I have a new putter being built and sent to me as I type this that I expect to receive somewhere around the beginning of May. I am happy to come to an agreement with someone on a sale and will simply need to wait until I receive the new putter before I can ship. We can work out the terms of that side of things in a way that will work out well for both of us! These putters retailed at $599 MSRP and I would like to get somewhere close to that in the deal. I am not firm on that however and am willing to listen to reasonable offers from you. Please don't hesitate to message me to make an offer. I hope some familiar faces see this and have a chance to say hello. I plan on being involved in the community more in the future and hope everyone has been well!
  5. Happy to hear! Hope you enjoy it and can make some extra putts because of it!
  6. Bump! Looking to move this stuff!
  7. I really try to think through before I apply to be a tester. It's a HUGE commitment and one I take very seriously. Speed is one thing I desperately need in this game and I love the idea of trying to build on that. Good luck to all testers and I would love to join you! Your first name: Shawn Home state: Pennsylvania Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Titleist 917D3 / HZRDOUS Yellow / 63g Current swing speed: 95 MPH Thank you for the opportunity MGS!
  8. Ketsch and Tiba Putt are gone. I'm negotiable on all prices. Motivated to sell!
  9. Canada is definitely an option! I'll PM you!
  10. Bump! I am a motivated seller...
  11. Hello all! I have decided to unload some of my golf gear I have hanging around the house and also my current irons and wedges as I just received my new set. I take excellent care of all of my items. There is very little if any wear on most of these clubs, and I've done my best to document what there is. All grooves are pretty darn fresh. These clubs have plenty of play left! This is quite the inventory! I feel I am fair and reasonable with people and am willing to discuss deals on any of these items. All prices listed are rough. I don't really want to trade, but am willing to be somewhat flexible on pricing. All prices are as listed OBO. The wedges and irons were professionally built at Modern Golf. These are all frequency matched, SST Pured, have matched swing weights, pimped ferrules and paintfill and are generally built to the highest tolerances you will find in a set. If you are interested in multiple items that will help with shipping as well as your negotiating power. Please feel free to ask any questions! NEW! Bettinardi BB1 with SuperStroke MidSlim 2.0 in 34 inches. This putter was custom fit for me at Modern Golf in Toronto. It's a phenomenal putter, I just have moved to a different style. $200 Ozik Matrix Black Tie 60 S (plays standard length with a Titleist adapter) - $50 $35 Shipped ClicGear 3.5+ - $175 $140 Shipped Original Jones Bag - Stripeshow (vinyl) - $135 $100 Shipped Dynamic Gold DG Spinner wedge shafts (3) - $60 $40 Shipped Edel 50, 56, 60 wedges heads. DVR/DGR bounce configuration with custom stamping - $100 $75 Shipped Edel Willamette custom putter with Flatso 2.0 grip (this is one of a kind. Plays 32") - $350 $240 Shipped Edel Abomidable snowman headcover (limited edition) - $50 $30 Shipped Set of Black and Blue Toursticks - $15 $10 Shipped Bubba Watson Daphne headcover - $20 $15 Shipped 1.5 dozen BRAND NEW Titleist Pro V1x golf balls (includes four extra Pro V1/Pro V1x balls with some wear. Total of 22 balls) - $60 $40 Shipped Cleveland RTX-3 Raw Wedges with Limited Edition Nippon Modus3 115 wedge shafts and Best Grips Microperfs - $325 $200 Shipped 5-PW Callaway Apex CF16 irons with Fujikura MCI 80g S shafts and Best Grips Microperfs - $750 $600 Shipped
  12. Best Grips Microperf. Easily the best grips for all conditions. Seriously cannot recommend them enough!
  13. This is an interesting discussion. Price isn't everything, but I've found investing in quality gear (specifically well FIT gear is massively important. Props to Modern Golf) Driver: Titleist 917 D3 w/HZRDOUS Yellow 6.0 $800 (including the weight kit) Woods: Callaway XR16 3 & 5 Wood, both with HZRDOUS Red 6.0 shafts $500 each 4 Iron: Srixon U65 with Fujikura MCI Iron Shaft $300 5-PW: Callaway Apex CF16 with Fujikura MCI Iron shafts $1,800 Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges with Limited Edition Nippon Modus shafts $600 Putter: Bettinardi BB1 $400 Grips: Best Grips Microperfs on the set $300 Bag: Jones Utility Bag $225 Rangefinder: Bushnell Pro X2 $475 Fitting $400 (best investment of the entire bag) Total: $5,800. That's not including the balls, tees, headcovers, Seamus markers/bag tag, divot tool, scorecard holder, shoes, push cart, rain gear, training aids. Damn this is an expensive game.
  14. Isn't it crazy this was three years ago? Sure doesn't seem like it Rev!
  15. This thread is a classic. Bobcat, you are one consistent dude. Good for you! Hope the C is still working well for you.
  16. I think that's a great response and opening thoughts on this topic. Overall my question simply lies in the idea of not only tech vs no tech, but also whether or not specific tech makes a difference to a particular kind of player? Like would one type of golfer fit in Evnroll better, but another would benefit from ping grooves and yet another from Huntington Beach putters? Basically, how do we narrow this down to make the statement more specific and also more applicable to people on the forum/in our community?
  17. I don't think there is anything wrong at all with your questions! Asking questions is how we learn and grow. Without questions life becomes stagnant. My statement about convolution was alluding to a larger overall question that I think bears asking and answering. I understand that the consensus statement provided from MGS is that generally speaking each of us would benefit in performance when comparing tech vs no tech on a putter. From a statistical standpoint, I understand that it is able to be quantified using strokes gained that comparing tech vs no tech (say evnroll vs scotty cameron) in a GENERAL sense the Evnroll will outperform the Scotty consistently and over the course of a season lead to a lower net putt count over the Scotty. I understand that. My question lies in this. When you apply the individual golfer to the equation does this statement change? Do we each bring individual overriding factors that make one type of putter (tech or no tech) perform better for us than another? If that ISN'T the answer, then how can we not apply a blanket statement to the golfing population that every one of us should use the best performing tech equipped putter bar none? How could the Huntington beach #1 outperform the Evnroll for you personally, but yet statistically be the best putter for everyone? I am not saying those are the statements that are being made. I am simply stating the conclusions that are easy to come to from the idea that has been presented, and trying to frame it in a way that can lead to a positive discussion. Am I missing something?
  18. Also, I am about 99% sure I am purchasing an ER 1.2 for the start of the season. Perfect combo for me.
  19. I would certainly think the puck shaped device clips onto your belt like the original device for Game Golf. It will be the same overall idea but more than likely use some kind of NFC to determine which club you're using. For me, if this system is all that it's cracked up to be, sign me up! I prefer the overall aesthetic of Arccos more than this. But if the caddie feature is included at no cost versus the Arccos monthly subscription it's a no-brainer.
  20. Without making this more convoluted, was your top putter a tech or no tech putter? I would be intrigued to hear that answer.
  21. I've heard recommendations over the years for Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. It's one of those things on the backburner in my head, that WILL become reality one day for me to listen to. I'm very familiar with the long podcast format. If you're familiar with any of Tim Ferriss' work they are commonly 2-3 hours long. Fantastic stuff, always though. Also, it's extremely interesting to see the company take this direction! I'm thrilled it is going to become a real thing at this point, and continue to stand behind my idea that simply maintaining the perspective that MGS brings to the table every day (honest insight, power to the player, cut through the bullshit, etc.) is exactly how to structure it. Would be fantastic to see that happen! With the obvious player interviews, company interviews, product info/releases and maybe an "ask the member" segment where they interview some normal guy out of the forums to ask why they are so loyal to this community. Just my two cents!
  22. After reading through this thread I have a few observations. First off, this is a perfect example of why Adam is our fearless leader and this site has the best culture of any forum I've ever participated in. Being honest, straightforward and open is what it's all about. Second, I clearly need to analyze my putter selection. This BB1 may have to be replaced. Hmm...
  23. That thing is hilarious. Haha.
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