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  1. Congrats guys! Hope you love them even 1% as much as I love mine. Just got them last week and they are so pure Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Played first round with C200s today and shot even par. I'm Wilsons newest fan. Absolutely love them Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Just went to Golfsmith store in Edina to try the new Wilson C200. I've always played Callaway or TaylorMade irons. Not anymore. Holy crap. The C200 was 5-10 yards longer than my 2015 Rsi 1 Taylormades but more importantly FELT so much better - like a forged club - and the forgiveness and consistency was better. Ball flight was higher with more spin. Love the look and feel. I got fit and ordered them on the spot. If I win this contest, I'll give the winning set to a friend. Don't care... HAVE to have these in my bag NOW. Well done Wilson. You have a new loyalist. #MyGolfSp
  4. Wow. Demo'd the Wilson C200's and these are the BEST feeling forgiving irons I've EVER hit. #MyGolfSpyC200 #C200 #GenFLX
  5. They do come with an optional back seat
  6. They do actually have a cooler with room for 3 drinks on the back! Love mine!!!
  7. I'm 44 and love to walk. When I play with buddies and drink I like to ride. I tried one of these, though, and absolutely loved it. I will ride this as often as I can when I play and now only go to courses that have them. Agree it's not for everyone. It does take some balance and is a decent workout. I've never enjoyed a round, more though, than when I rode this. Here's why: 1) Sped up the round. Was able to go right to my ball. I've played 18 holes twilight in 90 minutes...all for a $12 twilight fee! I've heard courses in California are sending out 6-somes who are finishing in unde
  8. I've played in them at 5 star courses and they were cool with them. If you have a collared shirt and golf shorts you'll probably be OK most places except snooty private clubs. They don't put any more pressure on your big toe than a regular shoe - it's cupped by the front of the sandal - great design!
  9. I tried these this weekend and loved them. Got my pair for pledging to their kickstarter. It was 90 degrees out so perfect day to help keep the feet cool. Traction as great and could still take full swings and felt supported. Will definitely wear them on hot days and around town - very classy and the memory foam is very comfy. Feet felt great during and after the round. I'm a fan! Going to order a different color.
  10. I actually had the chance to try these a couple of months ago when on a golf trip in Las Vegas. I'm 44, a 1 handicap and was skeptical. I played several holes in them and actually felt like it helped my swing - like I could feel the ground better. Traction was good and didn't feel any weird pressure anywhere on my toes or feet. Would I wear them if I was playing Pebble Beach? Probably not. But for my casual rounds when it's hot at my local muni, absolutely. My feet get really hot and sweaty in traditional golf shoes so this is a welcome relief. I just pledged and got a pair on their Ki
  11. Had a blast last night at Alot of Green Golf simulators. Let me know when the next tee time is!
  12. Would love to test the new Paderson shaft! I am currently writing an article titled "Why Every Golfer Needs to Be Custom Fit" and am visiting 5 different shops in Minnesota to go through their fitting processes. I've been able to gather data for dozens of different head/ shaft combinations and would be able to compare the Paderson shaft with many of the currently popular brands. I would put the shaft on a 2013 model Callaway head and have the shaft professionally installed to assure consistency with the clubs I would be comparing it to. Sounds like they have the technology to be t
  13. This one's easy. Showing the world how to build a culture centered around sporting events and big gaudy sporting arenas... Viva Colosseum
  14. As a father of a teenager, I think this will get more kids and young guns out. Athletic 20's-30's (especially former lacrosse players) I think will also give it a try. Courses should embrace it because it doesn't tear up the course with big holes or soccer cleats like footgolf. Footgolf has been VERY successful for par 3 and executive courses here in Minnesota. I showed the FlingGolf video to my 16 y.o. son and he said his friends (who don't golf) would love to do that. Best part: I could still play real golf while they are in the same group Flinging away. Win-Win. I'm 42 but t
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