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  1. Does someone knows about the head weight stock of the Adams Super LS #3 fairway wood? Also wath really are doing the slots for the ball flight..? Thank you!
  2. You are wright ! * sorry my mistake * ....let's rather say 45.5
  3. Sorry "my mistake " it is rather 45.5 long.
  4. My fairway wood is a Adams "Super LS" that I will never get rid off because it is the perfect combination for me ,My shaft is a Kurocage 1 generation silver and black stiff 70. My swing is a 3/4 swing punch shot and I gain 198 yards with a perfect flight that stays still. Now wath would be you suggestion ? for a "up swing path" driver with a shaft that. " follow my swing ". I find my ball is to hi and has no roll. For the moment I found the evenflow performing well but not enough ,my actual Fujikura Blur red on an Ping Answer 10.5 is to inconsistent and not following my swing path we
  5. Fernand Longueuil Quebec,Canada Currently play Left Hand Ping Answer 10.5 driver,with red blur 57 grams. 11 89 mph TSi2
  6. My biggest golf achievement is having worked at the age of 15 washing balls at our local range for 2 seasons lifting 300 hundreds pound barels full of practice balls to fulfill the washing machine uppers , then at age 20 working for Chuck Brown Golf Canada again 2 seasons in the (1980's) selling first Hogan's radius soles clubs irons and Ping's eyes 2 ,,boxes of Persimmons oil hardened woods ,,fitting hundred sets and learn to be a humble gentlemen...
  7. Fern.. from ,Quebec ,Canada Daiwa pro balance 8511, / 34" long I would love it the Ketch model for me has been surprisingly good when I have tried it 2 years ago ,I had a old Ping answer for years and sadly got rid of it with regrets but I would certainly make a good review on a new be. I am always close from 22 to ,23 footers but only average of 20% are in..hope I could raise up a Little with these.... Thanks for letting me in .
  8. Has worked as a student job washing balls at my local range at the age 15 ,having a sandwich for lunch ,and driving a Velox taking a dangerous highway to get to my work everyday for 2 years without missing one.And later on Worked at Chuck Brown Golf Canada in st Hubert...also as a summer job for 2 years
  9. M.Duchesne /Canada 11 hdcp Currently play Left Hand Adams Super S ,KBS tour 90 stock shafts.
  10. 11 hdcp ,from Quebec ,Canada I am currently playing the Adams Super S Left Hand irons with KbS tour 90 shafts. My 8 irons does Carry 115 to 120 yards .I could eventually suggest more than 100 golfers every summer at the range , and at my hometown clubs to get them in their shop...because Sub 70 are serious contender to any high hand brand names no doubt..
  11. 13 hdcp , Longueuil, Quebec, Canada Twitter account #FernandDuchesne 12 to 15 rounds of 9 holes + few range sessions. My Bag is left handed clubs.... Taylormade driver ,3 wood Adams super LS stiff Kurokage. Hogan Hybrid, 5 to PW Adams super S, +56% and a 60% Wilson harmonized wedge.putter left hand probalance Daiwa 5811. ; Dream bag Speedzone mate black 9.5 driver with Kurocage Silver very light weight 50 grams regular flex shaft would be my dream driver,,, light weight stiff Flex for my Speedzone 3 wood and Baffler .then Catalyst light shaft in regular flex for my speedz
  12. Brandt Snedaker still has his old 20 years old Odyssey mallet in his bag,There has to be a reason for this .? I have met a guy with a "Heavy Putter" brand making excellent long puts.Good for.him.not for me ...the best would be to have 20 to 30 different models lenght and gripwise ,then put all day long to finally stick to one among them.. Science has not proven me anything yet abou microhindge,or elastomer inserts stuff etc...it doesn't come with a usage instructions booklet . Guidance is from up above I think.
  13. Great call NC ... Thanks! we all need scoop like this.
  14. Posture and stance is very important at 60 of age we naturally bending a little lower our spine is aging and we have to find our proper comfortable positioning with less effort ,ingured knees, back problems,,eyes sight and on and in senior golf is quiet different ask Bernarhd Langert he had to adjust for sure at least once in his career.You sit well you sleep well doctor's might suggest but on a green a good reading of the slopes and the speed of the ball has to be the first key elements to focus on in my point of view.
  15. Sorry for being late to answer you guys but I was very busy...
  16. Faces are funny these days ,sound and roll *systemic *to say ,it does this it does that bla blah blah .....it's ok if you beleive in it ,but in other end ,if you are in sudden death and the guy as the same distance as yours, and he has a gamer in his hands and has confidence the famous " five inches " most arguable imaginative distance to win a match ,is wath measure between our ears.Take 5 ! By the way thank you all of you guys for reading my post...love this sport as much as you do...
  17. This to say my gamer is.....roll drums.....This old Daiwa Toe balance. Swan neck is not bothering my up hill view at address. I also got a NOS Ping Answer 3 slight Arc toe balance still the closest .It is a very good feel but at 36" it is a little to long for me from short put aiming at the hole . This being said ,I have to admit that these Pings are of very good feel for those who like to ear the click of the ball..
  18. On fast green with a slight arc path the method is of no use for me ,can't control slope with curved puts reading. In other hand I use the pro balance Daiwa same lenght for speed control and a better reading.
  19. Fernand 89 mph Wilson staff Titanium Low Spin balls Tour
  20. I own a Nike Method 005 mallet with a 303 precision milled bloc ,but my gamer is a old Daiwa Probalance 8511 blade, Now here some pics of few other models , Your thought on them are welcome.. A Goliath 3 balls, Mizuno blade Taylormade Tc1 Daiwa
  21. Fernand Quebec,Canada 11 hdcp Adams Super S with KBS tour 90 steel shafts Carry 150 Thanks
  22. Mr.Duchesne /Canada Scottsdale Answer 2 strong arc 35" inches 11
  23. Hi Ben's I had a go to putter when I was in my 20s ,it was a "A" blade from Ping cut to 33 ,I could put from anywhere and do magics I got rid of it 12 years ago ,and only found my gamer 2 weeks ago ,guest wath it is still from Ping it is a Scotsdale answer 2 from 2010,11 model. Today I am 59 just learned how to rollover my ball using this " strong arc " path Scotsdale with a uptight 35" inches getting much older ,after trying so many models ,from big brands like Cameron select ,Odyssey pro, Taylormade ghost etc....,and it is very difficult without being properly fit from our stroke path, Ping
  24. Finaly it a 100% real....it was a quick verdict by Cameron experts Side by Side this model came out in 2010 and still be made today. Case is now close. Thanks to everyone.
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