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  1. Thanks for all the welcomes! Not sure what this is, but sounds fun, any more details? Do they allow bad golfers?
  2. Thanks for the welcome! Sorry, rookie mistake. I'm thinking a 35" will work for me, at least I believe that was the length in the store. I am not sure on the price, but would like to be be in under $85. Not sure how nice of a condition I can get for that.
  3. Looking to purchase a used, but in good condition, Odyssey White Hot Pro V-line Putter. Not sure on the shaft, or what type of shaft these typically come in, but I've used one recently at a local golf store, but don't wish to purchase a brand new club. Thanks!
  4. Just wanted to introduce myself as I've recently started lurking on the forums. Just getting back into golf from a long hiatus and realizing I'm nowhere near as good as I used to be. I've already been bitten by the golf bug again, didn't take long.
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